Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Press Release

Attorney General, 15 Other States Seek To Intervene In Support Of EPA Finding That CO2 Is Health Hazard

January 22, 2010

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today intervened in a court action to defend the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) finding that carbon dioxide endangers public health, the first step toward regulating the gas which causes global warming.

Blumenthal was joined by 15 other states and New York City.

In response to an action filed by Blumenthal and other state attorneys general, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that CO2 is a pollutant under the Clean Air Act. The decision required EPA to regulate CO2 if the agency formally determined that the gas endangers public health.

The EPA found last year that greenhouse gas emissions cause global warming and therefore endanger public health and welfare. The EPA published its finding in December in response to the Supreme Court decision, the first step toward regulating greenhouse gas pollution under the Clean Air Act.

Blumenthal and other attorneys general today asked the court to allow them to intervene in defense of EPA's ruling, which is being challenged by industry groups.

"I will fight to defend this vital ruling -- rooted in firm fact and sound science -- that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and must be regulated," Blumenthal said. "Global warming endangers human health, the environment and our economy. Industry must accept reality and begin reducing greenhouse gas pollution before it's too late. Inaction and indecision are potentially catastrophic.

"I will continue battling for commonsense greenhouse gas pollution caps to slow dangerous global warming."