Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Press Release

Attorney General To Continue Fight In Wake Of New England Pellet Bankruptcy

January 14, 2009

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said today that he will fight an attempt by New England Pellet, LLC and its owners to use the company's recent bankruptcy to halt his lawsuit seeking significant penalties, injunctions and consumer restitution.

Blumenthal's office filed an objection yesterday to the company's motion to stay his lawsuit because of its bankruptcy filing last week.

"I will fight any attempt to stay our lawsuit," Blumenthal said. "This company and its owners are seeking to evade their legal duty and obligations to consumers. My office has filed an objection to New England Pellet's attempt to shut down our lawsuit, which I will vigorously and aggressively oppose.

"Companies that stiff consumers should not be allowed to use bankruptcy to frustrate and forestall restitution. This company owes hundreds of consumers thousands of dollars. Bankruptcy or no bankruptcy, I will battle to hold the company and its owners accountable to consumers."