Connecticut Attorney General's Office

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Attorney General Calls On Insurance Commissioner To Reject Anthem Request For 22 To 30 Percent Premium Increases On Health Insurance Policies

July 7, 2009

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today called on state Insurance Commissioner Thomas R. Sullivan to reject Anthem's request to increase premiums 22 to 30 percent for health insurance policies sold to individuals.

Sullivan has until tomorrow to reject the premium increase request or it automatically goes into effect.

"I am writing to urge that you solidly and soundly reject by tomorrow the proposed Anthem individual health insurance rate increase of 22 to 30 percent, which is outrageous," Blumenthal said in a letter to Sullivan. "Equally unconscionable is proposed effective date of October 1, giving consumers less than three months to find less expensive, viable alternatives.

"Publicly available information indicates that a rate increase of this humungous magnitude under these circumstances clearly violates the statutory standard because it is 'excessive.' The law certainly mandates rejection of such an egregiously excessive rate hike request, especially given the financial challenges faced by most Connecticut families.

"Many Connecticut consumers who depend on Anthem individual health insurance to pay for critical and vital medical services cannot afford a huge increase in health insurance costs while coping with declining real wages and job losses. Lacking insurance, these consumers soon must choose between paying for food and housing or a medical procedure. Often, these consumers will forego important medical treatment because they simply cannot afford it.

"Under state law, the Anthem proposal will be deemed approved if you do not disapprove the rate within 30 days of the June 9th filing. I urge your immediate rejection of this stratospheric rate increase."

View entire letter to Commissioner Sullivan - (PDF-55KB)