Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Press Release

Attorney General Applauds Obama Administration Order To Review Denial Of EPA Waiver Allowing State Regulation Of Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Pollution

January 26, 2009

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today applauded President Obama's order that the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) reconsider its denial of a waiver allowing California, Connecticut and other states to regulate greenhouse gas pollution emitted by vehicles.

Blumenthal and 18 other attorneys general sued the federal government last year after the Bush EPA denied California's request for the waiver under the Clean Air Act.

"The federal government is no longer fiddling while our planet threatens to burn," Blumenthal said. "The Obama administration's order that EPA reconsider its illegal, irrational waiver denial is a huge step forward in the fight against global warming. Empowering Connecticut and other states to regulate and rein in tailpipe CO2 emissions will enable long overdue, desperately needed reductions. Global warming poses a grave threat to our environment, economy and human health. This action demonstrates that President Obama is determined to act decisively and swiftly against this long-festering and vitally important problem.

"My office, working with other attorneys general, will await the outcome of the EPA's review to determine whether our pending legal action remains necessary. We will continue to push and cajole the federal government to act as quickly as possible to address the growing global warming crisis."

Connecticut has already adopted California's emission standard -- blocked by the Bush administration's refusal to grant a waiver -- which would reduce greenhouse gases from cars by 30 percent by 2016.