Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Press Release

Attorney General Applauds General Assembly Passage Of His Proposal For Bi-State Long Island Sound Commission

June 2, 2009

"I am pleased that the legislature has given final approval to my proposal for a Connecticut-New York commission to coordinate energy and environmental policy for Long Island Sound. I call on the governor to sign the bill and New York to follow our example.

"The joint effort enabled by this commission prevents divide and conquer -- greedy energy companies purposely pitting Connecticut and New York against each other to maximize profits and weaken environmental protections. The bi-state commission will allow Connecticut and New York to resolve differences, balance needs and reach compromises, avoiding contentious and extended conflict.

"A few simple rules should be applied to proposed energy projects in the Sound: Build only when absolutely necessary; assure the project benefits both states and site to provide the greatest benefit with the least environmental impact.

"I thank lawmakers and advocates for their hard work in winning approval of this vital legislation protecting and providing for the future of Long Island Sound. I will continue to fight to protect Long Island Sound, assuring that the only projects built are absolutely necessary and cause the least environmental damage."