Message from Attorney General

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Most reports of fraud and antitrust violations come from tips!  We want to hear from you if you suspect fraud in Medicaid or any other state healthcare program or if you have information about price fixing or other antitrust violations.

Health care fraud against the State of Connecticut siphons money from every taxpayer and from important programs that protect our most vulnerable citizens.  The Office of the Attorney General will utilize all available legal tools, including the Connecticut False Claims Act (“CT FCA”), to stop health care fraud and recover civil damages from those who cheat the state.

In addition to the CT FCA, the Office of the Attorney General enforces Connecticut's antitrust laws. Connecticut consumers and businesses have the right to expect the benefits of free and open competition, i.e., the best goods and services at the lowest prices.  Competition functions properly only when competitors set prices honestly and independently. When competitors collude, prices are inflated and the customer - - businesses and individual consumers - - are cheated.  

The Office of the Connecticut Attorney General's Fraud/Antitrust Hotline accepts tips and complaints from all sources about:

(a) Potential fraud, waste, or abuse that affects Connecticut state government, including Connecticut government healthcare programs.

(b) Potential antitrust violations, such as price fixing or collusion among competitors. Your information will be reviewed promptly by an attorney or investigator.

If you suspect FRAUD affecting Connecticut government healthcare programs, please report it by clicking here.

If you suspect ANTITRUST VIOLATIONS, programs, please report it by clicking here.

Thank you for your help in combatting fraud and maintaining competitive markets in Connecticut.