Student Loan Repayment Guide

Welcome to the Student Loan Repayment Guide, a collection of helpful information for current college students, recent graduates, parents and anyone seeking to repay student loans.

This guide will help you understand your loans, rights, responsibilities, repayment options and where to get more information. It also explains how your loan servicer can help you and how you should avoid being a victim of scams. The information in this guide applies to borrowers with federal loans. Private loans, such as those issued by a bank, credit union, or school, may be subject to different rules.

Student loan repayment can be difficult to understand. To help you, we have included a useful Glossary of Terms used in this guide. We have also included a Web Address Index with full web addresses from the guide. Although some general borrower tips are included, those looking for information on how to pay for college should visit Student Financial Aid on the State of Connecticut website.

Finally, the guide is intended as a helpful starting point rather than a comprehensive and definitive source for all information that may be relevant to a particular student loan borrower. The information provided in here is current as of January 2016.

The guide may be used as an online tool using the embedded links to sources of information. If you choose to print it out, an index of web addresses used is included at the end of the publication.

This guide is a consumer education project by the:
Office of the Attorney General
Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection
Connecticut Department of Banking

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