Drought conditions persist across portions of Connecticut. Residents and businesses are urged to conserve water.  Visit the Drought Information Center to learn more.

Connecticut Drought Information Center

A service of the Connecticut Water Planning Council

STAGE 3 -- MODERATE DROUGHT for Hartford, Tolland, Windham, New London counties

Residents and businesses in Stage 3 locations are urged to:

• End irrigation of established lawns and limit other outdoor water uses;
• Prepare for using alternative water sources in the event wells, farm ponds, fire suppression supplies, or other critical water sources become depleted;
• Avoid burning in or near woodlands or brushlands, and obey any municipal or state orders for outdoor burning bans; and
• For those on private wells, limit water use to only essential needs to reduce the chance of well depletion (see guidance for private well users)

STAGE 2 -- INCIPIENT DROUGHT for Litchfield, Middlesex counties

Residents and businesses in Stage 2 locations are urged to:

• Reduce outdoor irrigation and other non-essential outdoor uses of water;
• Postpone the planting of any new lawns or vegetation (if new plantings cannot be postponed, consider drought-tolerant species); and
• Minimize overall water use by fixing leaky plumbing and fixtures 

STAGE 1 -- BELOW NORMAL CONDITIONS for Fairfield, New Haven counties

Residents and businesses in Stage 1 locations are urged to:

• Follow best practices for water conservation and wise water use; and
• Be alert to the potential for worsening conditions and follow conservation requests or mandates issued by public water systems, municipalities, or state agencies 

The Interagency Drought Work Group is meeting regularly to review conditions and make preparations in accordance with the Connecticut Drought Preparedness and Response Plan.  Some public water utilities have reached drought thresholds and have issued voluntary or mandatory conservation alerts.  Plan to conserve water and follow state or local conservation guidelines if issued.

The Interagency Drought Work Group met on 11/5/2020.  Conditions were noted to have improved in many areas, but significant impacts remain in places.  The group decided to maintain the status of each county, especially given the outlook for weather likely to be warmer and potentially drier than normal.  The group's next meeting is scheduled for 12/10/2020.

The next update to this website is expected on or before 12/17/2020.


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The CT Interagency Drought Work Group is scheduled to meet again 12/10/2020

12/10/2020 meeting:  Agenda

11/5/2020 meeting:  Agenda  Handout  Draft Minutes  Recording

10/1/2020 meeting:   Agenda  Handout  Minutes  Recording

9/17/2020 meeting:   Agenda  Handout  Minutes  Recording

9/03/2020 meeting:   Agenda  Handout 1  Handout 2  Draft Minutes  Recording

8/20/2020 meeting:   Agenda  Handout  Minutes  Recording

8/13/2020 meeting:  Agenda  Handout 1  Handout 2  Minutes  Recording 

7/23/2020 meeting:  Agenda  Minutes  Recording

7/9/2020 meeting:  Agenda   Minutes   Recording

6/30/2020 meeting:  Agenda   Minutes    Recording


Drought Information Resources:

Visit Data and Reports for information on hydrologic conditions.