Connecticut Drought Information Center

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No advisories or declarations are currently in effect.  The Interagency Drought Work Group has canceled the meeting scheduled for 6/3/2021 and will meet again at 2:00 on 7/8/2021.

06/03/2021 meeting:  Canceled

05/06/2021 meeting:  Agenda  Handout  Draft Minutes  Recording

04/08/2021 meeting:  Canceled

03/04/2021 meeting:  Agenda   Handout  Minutes  Recording

02/04/2021 meeting:  Canceled

01/07/2021 meeting:  Agenda  Handout  Minutes  Recording

12/10/2020 meeting:  Agenda  Handout  Minutes  Recording

11/05/2020 meeting:  Agenda  Handout  Minutes  Recording

10/01/2020 meeting:  Agenda  Handout  Minutes  Recording

09/17/2020 meeting: Agenda  Handout  Minutes  Recording

09/03/2020 meeting: Agenda  Handout 1  Handout 2  Draft Minutes  Recording

08/20/2020 meeting: Agenda  Handout  Minutes  Recording

08/13/2020 meeting: Agenda  Handout 1  Handout 2  Minutes  Recording

07/23/2020 meeting: Agenda  Minutes  Recording

07/9/2020 meeting:   Agenda   Minutes   Recording

06/30/2020 meeting:  Agenda   Minutes    Recording


Drought Information Resources:

Visit Data and Reports for information on hydrologic conditions.