2021 Workers' Compensation Act


Connecticut's Workers' Compensation Act, or Chapter 568 of the Connecticut General Statutes, is the body of law that specifically addresses issues of workplace injury and disease, benefits for which injured or ill employees may be eligible, insurance requirements to provide for benefits, how benefits are best to be provided to eligible employees, how disputes between various parties are handled, and the rights and responsibilities of all parties within the state's workers' compensation system.


Workers’ Compensation Act — Part A
I: Workers’ Compensation Commission. Compensation Commissioners.

Sec. 31-275. Definitions.

Secs. 31-275a and 31-275b. District defined; continuation of commissioners in office. Workers’ compensation districts. Sections 31-275a and 31-275b are repealed.

Sec. 31-275c. Officers of fraternal organizations.

Sec. 31-276. Workers’ Compensation Commission. Compensation commissioners. Nomination by Governor. Appointment by General Assembly. Terms of office. Removal. Selection of chairman.

Sec. 31-276a. Commissioners and commission to be within Labor Department for administrative purposes only.

Sec. 31-277. Salary of compensation commissioners. Longevity payments.

Sec. 31-278. Powers and duties of commissioners.

Sec. 31-279. Notice of availability of compensation. Uniform system for determination of degree of physical impairment. Employer-sponsored plan for medical care and treatment. Indemnification of medical advisory panel members.

Sec. 31-279a. Booklet to be distributed explaining act.

Sec. 31-279b. Notice of availability of coverage under act. Content. Posting. Section 31-279b is repealed.

Sec. 31-280. Chairman of the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Powers and duties. Budget. Report of expenses.

Sec. 31-280a. Advisory Board of the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Sec. 31-280b. Compensation Review Board.

Sec. 31-281. Designation of commissioner to act in another district. Section 31-281 is repealed.

Sec. 31-282. Successor may complete acts when commissioner dies.

Sec. 31-283. Annual pension upon retirement of commissioner.

Sec. 31-283a. Rehabilitation programs for employees suffering compensable injuries.

Secs. 31-283b and 31-283c. Financing of division and programs. Agreements with other state or federal agencies. Sections 31-283b and 31-283c are repealed.

Sec. 31-283d. Adjustment of salary of certain retired commissioners.

Sec. 31-283e. Election of retirement benefits.

Sec. 31-283f. Statistical division.

Sec. 31-283g. Education services for employees concerning the prevention of occupational diseases and injuries.

Sec. 31-283h. Financing of Division of Worker Education. Section 31-283h is repealed.


Workers’ Compensation Act — Part A
II: Employers’ Liability.

Sec. 31-284. Basic rights and liabilities. Civil action to enjoin noncomplying employer from entering into employment contracts. Notice of availability of compensation.

Sec. 31-284a. State contracting with private insurance carrier. Duties and powers of Commissioner of Administrative Services.

Sec. 31-284b. Employer to continue insurance coverage or welfare plan payments for employees eligible to receive workers’ compensation. Use of Second Injury Fund.

Sec. 31-284c. Complaints of violations. Hearing. Findings and award. Appeal.

Sec. 31-285. Substitute systems of compensation.

Sec. 31-286. Certificate of employer’s compliance.

Sec. 31-286a. Insurance requirements for contractors on public works projects and renewals of state business licenses.

Sec. 31-286b. Proof of workers’ compensation coverage prior to issuance of building permit, condition.

Sec. 31-287. Provisions required in liability insurance policies.

Sec. 31-288. Additional liability. Penalty for undue delay, noncompliance with insurance requirements and for defrauding workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Notice of penalty to Attorney General and State Treasurer. Payment. Civil action for nonpayment.

Sec. 31-289. Disposition of fines and penalties.

Sec. 31-289a. Civil action to recover civil penalties. Privileged assignment for trial.

Sec. 31-289b. Civil action to enjoin noncomplying employer from conducting business in the state.

Sec. 31-290. Obligations not to be evaded.

Sec. 31-290a. Discharge or discrimination prohibited. Right of action.

Sec. 31-290b. Penalty for false statement. Section 31-290b is repealed.

Sec. 31-290c. Fraudulent claim or receipt of benefits. Penalties.

Sec. 31-290d. Workers’ compensation fraud unit.


Workers’ Compensation Act — Part B
Workers’ Compensation.

Sec. 31-291. Principal employer, contractor and subcontractor.

Sec. 31-291a. Method of computing workers’ compensation premiums for construction contractors.

Sec. 31-291b. Method of computing workers’ compensation premiums for volunteer staff of municipality or volunteer ambulance service.

Sec. 31-292. Liability of employer for worker lent to or employed by another.

Sec. 31-293. Liability of third persons to employer and employee. Limitations on liability of architects and engineers. Limitations on liability of insurers, self-insurance service organizations and unions relating to safety matters.

Sec. 31-293a. No right against fellow employee; exception.

Sec. 31-294. Notice of injury and of claim for compensation. Section 31-294 is repealed.

Sec. 31-294a. Eligibility for podiatric care.

Sec. 31-294b. Report of injury to employer. Notice of claim form provided by commission.

Sec. 31-294c. Notice of claim for compensation. Notice contesting liability. Exception for dependents of certain deceased employees.

Sec. 31-294d. Medical and surgical aid. Hospital, ambulatory surgical center and nursing service.

Sec. 31-294e. Employee’s option to obtain medical care at employee’s expense. Refusal of employee to accept or obtain reasonable medical care.

Sec. 31-294f. Medical examination of injured employee. Medical reports.

Sec. 31-294g. State employee notice of claim for compensation.

Sec. 31-294h. Benefits for police officers and firefighters suffering mental or emotional impairment.

Sec. 31-294i. Municipal firefighters and police officers. Employer presumption of liability for cardiac emergencies.

Sec. 31-294j. Eligibility of municipal firefighters, police officers, constables and volunteer ambulance service members re benefits for diseases arising out of and in the course of employment.

Sec. 31-294k. Benefits for police officer, parole officer or firefighter suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. Eligibility.

Sec. 31-295. Waiting period. When compensation begins. Penalty for late payment of permanent partial disability benefits.

Sec. 31-296. Voluntary agreements.

Sec. 31-296a. Discontinuance or reduction of payments under oral agreements.

Sec. 31-297. Hearing of claims.

Sec. 31-297a. Informal hearings.

Sec. 31-298. Conduct of hearings.

Sec. 31-298a. Use of medical panel. Duties of commissioner and panel. Appeal. Regulations.

Sec. 31-299. Prior statements of parties as evidence at hearings before commissioners.

Sec. 31-299a. Payments under group medical policy not defense to claim for benefits. Health insurer’s duty to pay. Lien.

Sec. 31-299b. Initial liability of last employer. Reimbursement.

Sec. 31-300. Award as judgment. Interest. Attorney’s fee. Procedure on discontinuance or reduction.

Sec. 31-301. Appeals to the Compensation Review Board. Payment of award during pendency of appeal.

Sec. 31-301a. Decision of Compensation Review Board.

Sec. 31-301b. Appeal of decision of Compensation Review Board.

Sec. 31-301c. Costs of appeal. Interest added to award affirmed on appeal.

Sec. 31-301d. Power of Compensation Review Board re witnesses and production of evidence. Enforcement of order.

Sec. 31-302. Payment of compensation. Commutation into monthly, quarterly or lump sums.

Sec. 31-303. Day when compensation payments become due. Penalty for late payments.

Sec. 31-304. Destruction of agreement.

Sec. 31-305. Medical examinations. Section 31-305 is repealed.

Sec. 31-306. Death resulting from accident or occupational disease. Dependents. Compensation.

Sec. 31-306a. Payments due children committed to the Commissioner of Social Services or the Commissioner of Children and Families.

Sec. 31-306b. Written notice of potential eligibility for death benefits.

Sec. 31-307. Compensation for total incapacity.

Sec. 31-307a. Cost-of-living adjustment in compensation rates.

Sec. 31-307b. Benefits after relapse from recovery. Recurrent injuries.

Sec. 31-307c. Compensation under agreements or awards effected prior to October 1, 1953.

Sec. 31-308. Compensation for partial incapacity.

Sec. 31-308a. Additional benefits for partial permanent disability.

Sec. 31-308b. Dependency allowance. Section 31-308b is repealed.

Sec. 31-309. Maximum weekly compensation. Determination of average weekly earnings of state workers and production and related workers in manufacturing.

Sec. 31-310. Determination of average weekly wage of injured worker. Concurrent employment. Payments from Second Injury Fund. Publication of wage tables.

Sec. 31-310a. Average weekly wage of supernumerary policemen and volunteer police officers.

Sec. 31-310b. Average weekly wage of General Assembly member.

Sec. 31-310c. Average weekly wage of worker with an occupational disease.

Sec. 31-311. Replacement of artificial aids.

Sec. 31-312. Compensation for time lost during and expense of medical treatment. Reimbursement of wages lost due to appearance at informal hearing. Payments to prevailing claimants in contested cases. Medical attention outside regular work hours.

Sec. 31-313. Transfer to suitable work during period of treatment or rehabilitation or because of physical incapacity. Civil penalty for failure of employer to comply.

Sec. 31-314. Allowance for advance payments.

Sec. 31-315. Modification of award or voluntary agreement.

Sec. 31-316. Employer to record and report employees’ injuries and report insurance coverage or welfare plan payments provided to employees. Increased award due to employer’s failure to file.

Sec. 31-317. Claims against the state. Section 31-317 is repealed.

Sec. 31-318. Action for minor or mentally incompetent person.

Sec. 31-319. Fees to be approved. Section 31-319 is repealed.

Sec. 31-320. Exemption and preference of compensation.

Sec. 31-321. Manner of serving notices.

Sec. 31-322. Injuries received in interstate commerce. Section 31-322 is repealed.

Sec. 31-323. Attachments to secure payment of compensation.

Sec. 31-324. Reservation of cases for the Appellate Court.

Sec. 31-325. Acknowledgment by employees having certain physical conditions. Section 31-325 is repealed, effective June 29, 1995.

Sec. 31-326. Proceedings against delinquent insurance companies or employers.

Sec. 31-327. Award of fees and expenses.


Workers’ Compensation Act — Part C
Employers’ Mutual Insurance.

Sec. 31-328. Mutual associations authorized.

Sec. 31-329. Approval by Insurance Commissioner.

Sec. 31-330. Membership.

Sec. 31-331. Control of associations. Insurance Commissioner authorized to accept statement of financial condition by certain employers’ mutual associations organized before June 6, 1996.

Sec. 31-332. Policies. Number of members required.

Sec. 31-333. Officers and voting.

Sec. 31-334. Safety rules.

Sec. 31-335. Premium rates. Reserve notes.

Sec. 31-336. Assessments.

Sec. 31-337. Investments.

Sec. 31-338. Bylaws and regulations.

Sec. 31-339. Appeals to Superior Court.


Workers’ Compensation Act — Part D
Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Sec. 31-340. Insurer directly liable to employee or dependent.

Sec. 31-341. Notice to insurer.

Sec. 31-342. Award; enforcement.

Sec. 31-343. Certain defenses not available against employee or dependent.

Sec. 31-344. When representations avoid policy.

Sec. 31-344a. Workers’ Compensation Administration Fund established.

Sec. 31-345. Insurance Commissioner to approve form of policy. Assessments against employers for administrative costs. Surpluses.

Sec. 31-345a. Deductibles in workers’ compensation coverage. Approval of Insurance Commissioner.

Sec. 31-346. Damages for material misstatements.

Sec. 31-347. Experience in compensation insurance.

Sec. 31-348. Compensation insurance companies to report their risks.

Sec. 31-348a. Compensation insurers to reduce premiums.


Workers’ Compensation Act — Part E
Second Injury Fund.

Sec. 31-349. Compensation for second disability. Payment of insurance coverage. Second Injury Fund closed July 1, 1995, to new claims. Procedure.

Sec. 31-349a. Powers of investigators in the office of the State Treasurer.

Sec. 31-349b. Certificate for permanent vocational disability. Employer reimbursed by Second Injury Fund for insurance premiums for certified employees.

Sec. 31-349c. Controverted issues of previous disability. Physician panel established.

Sec. 31-349d. Treasurer to solicit proposals for the managing of Second Injury Fund claims.

Sec. 31-349e. Advisory board for the Second Injury Fund.

Sec. 31-349f. Condition of the Second Injury Fund. Report to the Governor and General Assembly.

Sec. 31-349g. Method of assessing all employers for liabilities of Second Injury Fund. Reporting. Audits. Insurance companies deemed collection agents.

Sec. 31-349h. Transfer of claims. Claims not transferred.

Sec. 31-349i. Cost-saving methodologies.

Sec. 31-349j. Appeal of decision by State Treasurer concerning the method of assessing the employer for the liabilities of the Second Injury Fund.

Secs. 31-350 and 31-351. Notice to commissioner of second injury. Hearings; awards. Sections 31-350 and 31-351 are repealed.

Sec. 31-352. Enforcement of liability of third person.

Sec. 31-353. Voluntary agreements and stipulated settlements; approval.

Sec. 31-354. Second Injury Fund contributions. Duties and powers of State Treasurer.

Sec. 31-354a. Assistant administrators of the Second Injury Fund.

Sec. 31-354b. Finance account within Second Injury Fund. Subaccounts. Duties of State Treasurer.

Sec. 31-355. Hearings; awards. Payments from Second Injury Fund on employer’s failure to comply with award. Civil action for reimbursement. Insolvent insurer. Settlements and agreements. Failure of uninsured employer to pay.

Sec. 31-355a. Collection of moneys owed to the Second Injury Fund. Tax warrants. Lien. Foreclosure.

Sec. 31-355b. Actions against entities failing to comply with Second Injury Fund reporting requirements.