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Normal Retirement

Active Teacher

Normal Retirement

In order to be eligible for a normal retirement benefit you must meet either of the following requirements:

  • 20 years of Connecticut service and be at least age 60

  • 35 years of service (minimum 25 years CT) at any age

Normal retirement benefits are calculated as follows:  

2% X Credited Service X FTE X Average Salary = Annual Benefit.

The maximum benefit a member may receive from this system is 75% of average annual salary.

Normal retirement examples:

Member D retires at age 63 with 22.5 years of full-time CT service:

2% X 22.5 = 45% of average salary.

Member Q retires at age 59 with 35 years of service at 85% FTE:

2% X 35.0 X .85 = 59.5% of average salary.