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Proratable Retirement

You may qualify for a proratable retirement if you:

  • Resign at age 60 or older

  • Have a minimum of 10 years of Connecticut service but fewer than 20 years of total service

  • File an Application for Retirement Benefits with this office.

Proratable retirement benefits are calculated as follows:

CT Service/10 = CT Service %
CT Service % X CT Years of Service X FTE plus 1% per year of non-CT Service = Total Service %
Total Service % X Final Average Salary X FTE = Proratable Retirement Benefit.

Proratable retirement example:

Member G retires age 62 with 15.2 years of full-time Connecticut service:

15.2/10 = 1.52%
1.52% X 15.2 X FTE =  23.104% of Final Average Salary