Other Important Records

What to KnowWhat to Do

Medical Records

  • Make sure you read the HIPAA privacy notice given to you by your doctors and pharmacies. It should say who they can share your information with and for what purposes. 

  • If you have concerns about your rights under HIPAA being violated, you can contact the Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights or the Connecticut Office of the Attorney General 

  • The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) has a database of medical information about millions of Americans. If you have applied for an inpidual life or health insurance product in the last seven years, MIB will have a consumer file for your information.

  • To review your medical information with the MIB, you can request your file or by phone (866) 692-6901 Monday through Friday from 6am until 12am. For more information, check their website.

Social Security Number

  • Always ask if you can use a different kind of identification when asked to provide your social security number

  • If someone asks you to share your or your child’s Social Security Number, ask why they need it and how it will be used. Often other forms of identification are acceptable.

  • Always ask the person or company receiving your social security number what their procedure is for protecting social security numbers and what, if any, consequences there will be if you don’t share it.

Sometimes you will have to share your number. Your employer and financial institutions need your Social Security Number for wage and tax reporting purposes. A business may ask for your Social Security Number so they can check your credit when you apply for a loan, rent an apartment, or sign up for utility service. A business may not be able to provide you with a service or benefit if you don't provide your number.

Education Records

  • As a parent or as an eligible student (over 18 or out of high school), you have the right to limit the amount of information published in a directory. 

  • Usually the school's registrar or administrative office handles the directory information release form. You should review this release form. 

  • You should also ask the school for a copy of their policy about accessing education records.