Homemaker Companion Agencies

What to KnowWhat to Do
Check Registration & Requirements
  • All Homemaker – Companion agencies must be registered with the Department of Consumer Protection before engaging in business in Connecticut. To verify registrations, you may visit www.elicense.ct.gov.
  • All Homemaker-Companion agencies must conduct comprehensive background checks on their potential employees.
  • Client Service Agreements, service plans and contracts must be in writing, and provided to the client, with a copy kept by the agency. The agency should not provide services until the contract is signed by both parties.
Read Over Your Contract
Written contracts or service plans must: 
  • Provide a list of the anticipated services to be provided by the agency to the client;
  • Clearly state the terms and cost of said services;
  • Provide a clear definition of the employee, provider and client employment relationship;
  • Provide safeguards for securing personal client information;
  • Provide a list of provider job categories such as “live-in” or “daily call,” and job duties;
  • Contain the homemaker-companion agency policy for the acceptance of gratuities and gifts by the homemaker-companion agency’s employees and independent contractors on behalf of the client; and
  • Contain a process for the client to file a complaint with the homemaker-companion agency. A process shall be made available for individuals other than a client to file a complaint.
Get the Additional Information You’re Need
  • The homemaker-companion agency should also provide the client with a contact phone number and address for the agency and an authorized representative to discuss the service being provided.
  • Narrative notes of a substantive nature shall be kept with each client’s file and should include observations, problems, complaints, plans of action, telephone contacts, reports of in home visits by supervisors, and the findings of all investigations.
  • When deciding between agencies, it is best to interview several agencies and ask them to provide multiple references from customers whose situations resembles yours.