Phone Scams

What to KnowWhat to Do

Most phone scams involve someone asking you for money or personal and financial information. They often tell you to wire the money or send cash, and to send it immediately.
Be aware of someone telling you that:
  • You just won a prize, but you have to pay money to get the prize.
  • You won the lottery, but you have to pay taxes first.
  • A friend or relative is in trouble and needs your help.
  • You have been selected to be part of a once-in-a-lifetime investment and need to send money before the offer ends.
  • Your services or utilities will be shut off if you don’t wire money immediately. Utility companies do not do that.
  • You owe money to the IRS, and must wire it immediately. The IRS does not do that.
These are tricks. If you send money, the scammer will keep it. You will not get your money back.