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THOMASTON. Litchfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Jul., 1875; taken from Plymouth. Total area: 12.2 sq. miles; land area: 12.0 sq. miles. Population: est., 7,621. Voting district: 1. Principal industries: injection molding, manufacture of wire, metal pressed sheets and rods, metal shears, electronic equipment and other metal fabrication. Transp.--Freight: Served by Boston and Maine Corporation and numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Thomaston; one rural free delivery route.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Catherine P. DuPont; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Wed.; 8:30 A.M.-6:00 P.M., Thurs.; 8:30 A.M.-Noon, Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 158 Main St., 06787; Tel., (860) 283-4141; FAX, (860) 283-1013. Website: E-mail: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Carol Hoebel, Rosemary L. Martin.--Selectmen, 1st, Edmond V. Mone (R), Tel., (860) 283-4421, Bruce J. Barrett, Sr. (D), Rogert Perreault (R).--Treas., Kenneth C. Hopkins.--Bd. of Finance, Thomas Duffany, Luke Freimuth, Michael S. Madow, George P. Seabourne, Richard Sileo, Stephen R. Turner.--Tax Collector, Peggy K. Duffy; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M, Mon.-Wed.; 8:30 A.M.-6:00 P.M., Thurs.; 8:30 A.M.-Noon, Fri.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Frederick H. Grohs, Matthew W. Kamens, Jeff Marcelynas.--Assessor, Robert A. Dudek.--Registrars of Voters, Carol J. Hoebel (D), Mary Butkevich (R).--Supt. of Schools, Francine Coss.--Bd. of Education, Beth Campbell, Ruthann H. Fainer, Kathleen Freimuth, Alexander Lee, Maureen McMahon, Anne Petrucci, Scott Theriault, Frank Treglia.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Ralph Celone, William Gloade, William Guerrera, Ron Gundersen, Jesse Judson; Alternates, Brian Davis, Marie Galbraith, Tom Mueller.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Robert Flanagan, Thomas Langlais, Rebecca Skinner, James Wilson, Christine Yoos; Alternates, Roland Cyr, Matthew Kamens, vacancy.--Town Planner/Zoning Enforcement Officer, Jeremy Leifert.--Inland Wetlands and Conservation Comm., Robin Capone, Joseph Fainer, Laura Fitch, Anthony Samela; Alternates, Robert Foster, Susan Pierpoint, vacancy.--Aquifer Protection Agency, William Guerrera, Chm., Ralph Celone, Vice Chm., William Gloade, Ron Gundersen, Jesse Judson; Alternates, Brian Davis, Marie Galbraith.--Cemetery Comm., Julie Ingham, Kris Nelson, Thomas Scully.--Economic Development Comm., Brian Davis, Jeffrey Dunn, Joseph Hartz, Susan Holway, Michael Madow, Matthew Stancavage.--Greenway Comm., Jim Abbott, Sue Abbott, Willard Cummings, Robert Dwan, Peter Kisselburgh, Maura Martin, Marty Stammer, Elizabeth Weeks, Gary Wilson.--Housing Auth., Catherine Darm, Cheryl Flanagan, Peter Foley, Patty Kelly, Virginia Valaitis.--Library Dirs., Patricia Brody, E. Linda Chandon, Melanie Dobos, Peter J. Foley, Jr., Maryann Hyres, Sarah Jackson, James Kaniewski, Phyllis Nardella, Karen G. O’Connell, Rita M. Ostrander, Kathleen Pesce, Maryann L. Sandford.--Thomaston Historical Comm., Elaine Dixon, Bethan Lydem, George Lush, Kelly Moffat, Kristin Mosimann, Alan Pfaefflin, Joseph F. Wassong.--Municipal Historian, Walter Robinson.--Opera House Comm., Michael Burr, David Calovecchio, Richard Chandon, Lucille G. Killany, Barbara Piscopo, Lisa Reardon, Maryann Sandford, Rebecca Skinner, David Verdosi.--Pension Bd., James Campbell, Manuel Gomes, William Guerrera, Stephen R. Turner, Jr.--Recreation Comm., Kenneth Benoit, Sean Czellecz, Larry Decker, Brian LaFontaine, Brian Mozelak, Matthew Stancavage.--Ambulance Comm., Michael Flaherty, Wayne Kamens, Richard A. O’Connell, Sharon Whalen.--Supt. of Highways, Glen Clark.--Building Inspector, Roger Natusch.--Pollution Control Auth., Thomas Ciarlo, Joseph Fainer, Mark Lascko, Veronica Leduc, Thomas Mueller, John Piscopo.--Tree Warden, Glen Clark.--Chief of Police, James Campbell.--Chief of Fire Dept., James O'Neil.--Fire Marshal, Robert Norton, Sr.; Deputy, James O’Neil.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Ken Koval, Henry McGee, Jon-Paul Oldham, Timothy J. Quinn, Jeremiah J. Scully, Thomas J. Scully, Sr.--Civil Preparedness Dir., vacancy. Town Atty., Michael Rybak.--Justices of the Peace, David Colavecchio, John Duffany, William Gloade, Wayne Kamens, Karen Lamy, Gail Lascko, John C. Rachuba, Nicholas Samela, George Seabourne, Ivelisse Varrone, Marjorie Wilson.

THOMPSON. Windham County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1785; taken from Killingly. Total area: 48.7 sq. miles; land area: 46.9 sq. miles. Population: est., 9,290. Voting districts: 4. Principal industries: Manufacturing of electronic components, corrugated boxes, metal fabrication, machinery, tool and die, injection molding, well drilling bits/equip., lumber and milling, bakery, agriculture, farming, greenhouses, warehouse and distribution facilities. Numerous commercial, professional services, retail, equine activities, motor sports and recreation. Historic River Mill with nearly 500,000 sq. ft. of space for manufacturing, light industry, offices, and distribution; entire building accessible to loading docks. The Town is graced with a colonial era center and common with surrounding National Historic Register District. Three private schools in addition to recently expanded and modernized public school. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Railroad sidings available; served by Providence and Worcester RR. Post offices: Thompson, Grosvenor Dale, North Grosvenor Dale, and Quinebaug.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Renee Waldron; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Wed.; 9:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M., Thurs.; 9:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M., Fri.; Address, Town Office Bldg., 815 Riverside Dr., P.O. Box 899, No. Grosvenor Dale 06255-0899; Tel., Putnam, (860) 923-9900; FAX, (860) 923-7426. Website: E-mail: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Linda Paradise.--Selectmen, 1st, Ken Beausoleil (D), Tel., (860) 923-9561, Stephen Herbert (R), Shaina Smith (D).--Finance Dir., Orla McKiernan-Raftery.--Bd. of Finance, Aaron McGarry, Chm., James A. Bellavance, Raymond P. Faucher, Jr., Larry Groh, Jr., Rhonda A. Rooney, Susanne Witkowski.--Tax Collector, Rene J. Morin.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Erica Ellison-Groh, Chm., James Clark, Jr., Daniel W. Santerre.--Assessor, Diana Couture.--Registrars of Voters, A. Aileen Witkoski (D), Carolyn Werge (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. Michael W. Jolin.--Bd. of Education, William D. Witkowski, Chm., Thomas M. Angelo, Shawn Brissette, Christopher Eichner, Donna Godzik, Kathleen K. Herbert, Jody Houghton, Linda Jarmolowicz, Joseph J. Lindley.--Dir. of Planning and Development, Mary Ann Chinatti.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Greg S. Lee, Chm., Randolph C. Blackmer, Jr., Melissa Desrochers, John B. Lenky, Peter J. Nedzweckas, Christopher G. Nelson, Charles R. Paquette, Joseph A. Parodi, John J. Rice, Robert J. Werge, Sr.; Alternates, William A. Cacciapouti, Michael Krogul, Charlene Langlois.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Daniel P. Roy, Sr., Chm., A. David Babbitt, Kevin M. Beno, Kirby Cunha, John O'Connell; Alternates, Raymond P. Faucher, Sr., Leslie Lavallee.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, vacancy.--Building Inspector, vacancy.--Redevelopment Agency, Mercedes Robbins, Chm., Shirley J. Houle, two vacancies; Alternate, Barbara R. Pickett.--Housing Auth., Susanne Witkowski, Chm., Matilda Deotte, James Leite, Mary Poulin, James Sali.--Conservation Comm., Phil Thomas, Chm., Amy Coman-Hoenig, Bernard H. Davis, Kathryn Mitchell, Norma O'Leary, Carol A. Smith, Ronald J. Tillen; Carolyn Werge, Officer.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Francesca Morano, Acting Chm., H. Charles Obert, Jarrett Thomas, Ronald J. Tillen, two vacancies.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Gregory S. Lee, Chm., Randolph C. Blackmer, Vice Chm., Melissa Desrochers, John B. Lenky, Peter J. Nedzweckas, Christopher G. Nelson, Charles R. Paquette, Joseph A. Parodi, John J. Rice, Robert W. Werge, Sr.; Alternates, William A. Cocciapouti, Michael Krogul, Charlene Langlois.--Wetlands Enforcement Officer, Marla Butts.--Dir. of Social Svs./Agent for the Elderly, Jennifer Strong.--Dir. of Health, Susan Starkey (P.O. Brooklyn).--Small Cities Advisory Bd., Mercedes Robbins, Chm., Shirley J. Houle, two vacancies; Alternate, Barbara R. Pickett.--Library Trustees, Mary Fatsi, Chm., Kathleen Herbert, Robert A. LaChance, Michael A. Lajeunesse, Anna A. Naum, A. Aileen Witkowski.--Municipal Historian, Thompson Historical Society.--Recreation Comm., Stephen Bordua, Chm., Cynthia Antos, Thomas Jourdan, Diane Keefe, Robbie L. L’Heureux, Robert Monahan, Kimberly Prescott, two vacancies.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Edward J. Bibek, Jr., Roger C. Pelletier, Ricardo Rovero, Frederick E. Wojick.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Stanley B. Kruzel, Chm., Michael Krogul, Adrien LaPalme, Donald Morin, Victor Nizamoff.--Chief of Police, Ken Beausoleil.--Constables, Donald A. Brown, Joseph G. R. Garceau, George H. Mooney, Jr., Alan Pratt, Dennis A. Tackson.--Burning Officer, James Seney.--Chiefs of Fire Depts., Community Fire Co.: John Sharpe; East Thompson: Jeff Sheldon; Quinebaug: Steven Bodreau; Thompson: Holger Krohn; West Thompson: Michael Rivers.--Fire Marshal, Rick Hayes.--Emergency Mgmt. Dir., Stephen Benoit.--Town Atty., William H. St. Onge.--Justices of the Peace, Steven E. Antos, John L. Bell, Sr., Michelle Chapdelaine, Herbert E. Corttis, Christopher Eichner, Raymond P. Faucher, Sr., Ted A. Gagne, Larry Groh, Jr., Joseph Iamartino, Valentine Iamartino, Michael Krogul, Brian Lynch, Albert J. Marcoux, Jr., Joseph Parodi, Matthew Bailey Polsky, Jane D. Salce, Catherine A. Thomas, Marvin J. Wilbur, Douglas J. Williams.

TOLLAND. Tolland County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council.)--Named, May 1715. Inc., May, 1722. Total area: 40.3 sq. miles; land area: 39.7 sq. miles. Population: est., 14,849. Voting districts: 2. Principal industry: manufacturing and professional services. Freight: Served by numerous motor carriers. Post office: Tolland.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Sheila M. Bailey; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Wed.; 8:00 A.M.-7:30 P.M., Thurs.; closed Fri.; Address, Hicks Memorial Municipal Center, 21 Tolland Green, 06084-9445; Tel., Rockville, (860) 871-3630; FAX, (860) 871-3663. Website: E-mail: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Suzanne M. Litwin.--Town Manager, Steven Werbner, Tel., (860) 871-3600.--Town Council, Rick Field, Chm., William Eccles, Vice Chm., Robert Green, Paul Krasusky, Kristen Morgan, Joseph F. Sce III, David Skoczulek.--Finance Dir., Lisa Hancock.--Asst. Finance Dir./Treas., vacancy.--Tax Collector, Michele Manas.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Kimberly Ravalese, Chm., Edward Dunn, Secy., Daniel Bracken; Alternate, Leslie Howlett III, Keith Schmeiske.--Assessor, Jason Lawrence.--Registrars of Voters, R. Michael Wyman (D), Leonard A. Bach (R).--Supt. of Schools, William Willett.--Bd. of Education, Sam Adlerstein, Chm., Patrick Doyle, Vice Chm., Kathy Gorsky, Secy., Michelle Harrold, Karen Moran, Robert P. Pagoni, Jeffrey Schroeder, Susan Seaver, Colleen Yudichak; Paul Krasusky, Kristen Morgan, Council Liaisons.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Susan K. Errickson, Chm., Bruce Mayer, Vice Chm., Andy Powell, Secy., Barbara Dimauro, John Hughes; Alternates, Katherine Murray, Laura Gregory Roberts; David Skoczulek, Council Liaison.--Town Planner, Heidi Samokar.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Peggy Boyajian, Chm., Marilee Beebe, Vice Chm., Stephen E. Caron, Secy., E. Steve Clark, Michael Pascuzzi; Alternates, David Morfit, vacancy.--Economic Development Comm., Gregory M. Williams, Chm., Kevin A. Bouley, Vice Chm., Richard C. Allen, Steven D. Hurlbut, Ernst Renner; Alternates, Markus Muhlhauser, vacancy; Kevin A. Bouley, TECDC Liaison; William Eccles, Council Liaison; Andy Powell, P&Z Liaison.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Lee A. Lafountain, Chm., Arden S. Tanner, Vice Chm., Elizabeth R. Banning, Todd Penney, vacancy; Alternates, Raymond Culver, Scott Tardif.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Susan K. Errickson, Chm., Bruce Mayer, Vice Chm., Andy Powell, Secy., Barbara Dimauro, John Hughes.--Housing Auth., Donald Miller, Chm., Carolyn Winans Mc Leod, Vice Chm., Frances O. Maynard, Secy., Marshall A. Atwater, Treas., Hilda Blade, Asst. Treas.--Dir. of Human Svs., Beverly Bellody.--Dir. of Health, Robert Miller.--Library Bd., Susan H. Simons, Chm., Lynn Caley, Bettye-Jo Pakulis, Marilyn Shirley, Jane F. Sutcliffe, two vacancies.--Municipal Historian, Peter Palmer.--Recreation Bd., Jeffrey A. Maron, Chm., David Boland, Anthony J. Ciccone, Jr., David Clokey, Lawrence J. Gramling, Nicholas Hany, Raymond M. Milvae; Bruce Watt, Rec. Dir.--Supt. of Highways, Scott Howe.--Tree Warden, William K. Pakulis.--Building Inspector, James Paquin.--Bd. of Building Appeals, Robert Cardin, James A. Kelley, three vacancies.--Sanitarian, Jody Schmidt.--Chief of Fire Dept., John Littell.--Fire Marshal, Robert DaBica.--Town Atty., Richard S. Conti.--Justices of the Peace, Ann Azevedo, Carolyn R. Bach, Kathleen W. Bach, Michelle Louise Bicking, Linda C. Calabrese, Donato T. DiGenova, Tara K. Dojan, Robert Green, Charles B. Higgins, Robert Johnson, Susan Luce, Carole L. Metcalf-Gordon, Patricia A. Micari, Katherine S. Murray, Bettye-Jo Pakulis, William K. Pakulis, Laura Gregory Roberts, Jan Rubino, Ester Sanches-Naek, Edward L. Sederquest, Arden S. Tanner, Susan C. Tanner, April C. Teveris, Roberta C. Villanova, Nancy S. Wyman.

TORRINGTON. Litchfield County.--(Form of government, mayor, city council.)--Inc. as a town, Oct. 1740; inc. as a city, Oct. 1, 1923. Town and city consolidated, 1923. Total area: 40.4 sq. miles; land area: 39.8 sq. miles. Population: est., 34,906. Voting districts: 8. Principal industries: health care services, construction, warehouse distribution, manufacture of ball bearings, machinery, injection molding. Transp.--Passenger: Served by The Kelley Transit Co., Inc., and Peter Pan Bus Lines. Local transportation furnished by Northwestern Connecticut Transit District. Post office: Torrington.

CITY AND TOWN OFFICERS. City Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Joseph L. Quartiero; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Wed.; 8:30 A.M.-6:30 P.M., Thurs.; 8:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M., Fri.; Address, Municipal Bldg., 140 Main St., 06790; Tel., (860) 489-2236; FAX, (860) 489-2548. Website: City Clerk, Carol Anderson.--Asst. Town Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Ruth Febbroriello, Lynn A. Florio, Pam Prevuznak.--Mayor, Elinor C. Carbone (R).--Bd. of Councilmen, Mayor Elinor C. Carbone, Chm., Paul Cavagnero, Gregg G. Cogswell, Daniel T. Farley, Luisa E. Cheij Noujaim, Anne L. Ruwet, Drake L. Waldron.--Selectmen, Danielle Palladino, two vacancies.--Comptroller, Alice Proulx.--Treas., Arthur E. Mattiello.--Bd. of Finance, Mayor, Elinor C. Carbone, Chm., Christopher Anderson, Mark B. Bushka, JoAnn Fenty, Joshua Ferreira, Laurene McCaffrey Pesce, Frank Rubino.--Tax Collector, Launa Goslee.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, George Noujaim, Chm., Suzane Emmons, Tom Gluz; Alternates, Eric Scoville, Patricia Ward.--Assessor, Donna Patchen.--Registrars of Voters, John C. Ciesco (D), Edward Wilmot (R).--Supt. of Schools, Denise L. Clemons.--Bd. of Education, Fiona Capabianca, Chm., Jeremy Hinman, Ellen G. Hoehne, John Kissko, William Knight, James C. Lamoin, Armand Maniccia, Jr., Jessica S. Richardson, Daniel Thibault, Kenneth P. Traub.--Planning and Zoning Comm./Flood and Erosion Control Bd., Richard Calkins, Chm., Gregory Mele, Vice Chm., James Bobinski, Paul Summers; Alternates, Donna Greco, Melanie McMillian, Gregory Perosino, Jon A. Sheaffer, Jr.--City Planner, Martin Connor.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, David Moraghan, Chm., Kathleen Perrotti, Vice Chm., Mark Trivella, Alternates, Alan Diulio, Kenneth Edwards, James P. Steck, Carrie Vibert.--Zoning and Inland Wetlands Enforcement Officer, Rista Malanca.--Economic Development Coordinator, Erin Wilson.--Economic Development Comm., William Battle, Christopher Beyus, Lance Boynton, John Giansanti, Fred Lopez, JoAnn Ryan, Jonathon Ryan, Nancy Sieller, Lisa A. Soliani.--Housing Auth., David Murelli, Chm., Dr. Mario J. D'Angelo, Vice Chm., Charles Marciano, Robert Milano, Ruth Tedesco, Claudia A. Sweeney, Exec. Dir.--Inland Wetlands Comm., John Bate, Jr., Chm., Christine Altman, Jonathan B. Andrews, Jane Bakker, William Storti, Thomas Telman; Doris Murphy, Planning & Zoning Rep.--Municipal Historian, Kenneth Buckbee.--Svs. for the Elderly Comm., Carol Buice, Chm., Ray Aeschliman, Annette Caputi, Dora LeMere, Sandy Richard, Jean Rochelt, vacancy; Alternates, Arthur Mattiello, Gloria Novak, John Silano; Candy Perez, Rep.--Municipal Agent for the Elderly, Joel Sekorski.--Veterans' Service Office, Bud Atwood, Admin.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Patricia Fairchild, Chm., Francis Du Cotey, Vice Chm., Gerard Carbone, Daniel Lovallo, James Pescatore.--Dir. of Public Works/Tree Warden, Gerald Rollett.--Acting Supt. of Streets, Edward Nuzinski.--Purchasing Agent, Pennie Zucco.--Sealer of Weights and Measures, Fletcher Waldron.--Building Official, Brett Zuraitis.--City Engineer, Edward Fabbri.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Raymond Drew, Admin.--Personnel Dir., Thomas Gritt.--Police Chief, Michael Maniago; Deputy Police Chief, Christopher Smedick.--Bd. of Public Safety, Mayor, Elinor C. Carbone, Chm., Darlene Battle, Douglas J. Benedetto, Robert Conforti, Angelo LaMonica, Glenn McLeod, Richard L. Zaharek.--Constables, Edward M. Corey, John Giansanti, Donna L. Isely, Ronald Raymond, Jr., Jim Reginatto, Robert K. Schuyler.--Fire Chief, Gary Brunoli; Deputy Fire Chief, Chris Pepler.--Fire Marshal, Edward Bascetta.--Emergency Mgmt. Coord., Fire Chief Gary Brunoli.--Corporation Counsel, Jamie LaMere.--Justices of the Peace, Joseph M. Albanese, Jr., David M. Bascetta, Ryan J. Bingham, Addo E. Bonetti, Kenneth A. Buckbee, John F. Busa, Susan M. Canciani, Diana M. Carroll, Lisa Clark, Gregg Cogswell, Michael D. Considine, Michelle Cook, Rick E. Dalla Valle, Paula Dante, Daniel DiGiovanni, John A. Jack Dillon, Dee Donne, John F. Fabiaschi, Eugene S. Farley, Maria Gonzalez, Stephen M. Gromko, Paul B. Hamlin, Tim Hemnenway, Keri Lee Hoehne, Donna L. Isely, John M. Kissko, William Knight, Heidi E. Laus, Lucille E. Maniago, John D. Jack McKeon, Glenn McLeod, Marco A.Monroy, Arell S. Nankervis, Cathy L. Neller, Lucille A. Paige, Kathleen H. Perrotti, Laurene McCaffrey Pesce, Marilyn Plaskiewicz, Joseph L. Quartiero, Owen J. Quinn, Jr., Eugene T. Redmond, Freda Rogers-Shaw, Osvaldo Rosado, Frank J. Rubino, Anne L. Ruwet, Todd M. Sachaller, Hansel Schneider, Blance I. Sewell, Desaree L. Sikora, Marie P. Soliani, Deana M. Wellnitz, Edward C. Wilmot, Mary E. Yorker.

TRUMBULL. Fairfield County.--(Form of government, first selectman, town council, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1797; taken from Stratford. Total area: 23.5 sq. miles; land area: 23.3 sq. miles. Population: est., 36,628. Voting districts: 4. Principal industry: real estate; largely a residential area. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of the Greater Bridgeport Transit Dist. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Trumbull; house deliveries by carriers.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Suzanne Burr Monaco; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Recordings accepted 9:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 5866 Main St., 06611-3193; Tel., (203) 452-5035; FAX, (203) 452-5094. Website: E-mail: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Susan M. Cole, Gloria S. Murphy; Office Clerk, Marilou Mangiamele.--Selectman, 1st, Timothy M. Herbst (R) Tel., (203) 452-5006.--Town Council, Carl A. Massaro, Jr., Chm., Dist. 1, Dawn Cantafio, Vincent DiMasi, Jr., Bill Mecca, Donna M. Seidell, Jack Testani; Dist. 2, Edna Colucci, Richard Kascak, Jr., Tony J. Scinto, Mary Beth Thornton, Thomas Whitmoyer; Dist. 3, Mark Block, Michael J. London, Jason Marsh, Carl A. Massaro, Jr., Lori Rosasco Schwartz; Dist. 4, Matt Caron, Rick Costantini, Ann Marie Evangelista, Mark S. LeClair, Joseph G. Pifko, Lisa Valenti.--Ethics Comm., Thomas Lee, Chm., William Brown, Eric Gross, Mark Gurevitz, Robert C. Miller, Sr.; Alternates, Sami Bal, Larry Fullerton.--Treas., Anthony Musto.--Bd. of Finance, Elaine Hammers, Chm., Bill Haberlin, Roy Molgard, Andrew Edward Palo, Jr., Vicki Tesoro, Scott Zimov; Alternates, Ted Chase, Vincent DeGennaro, Karen Egri.--Finance Dir./Purchasing Auth., Maria Pires.--Tax Collector, Donna M. Pellitteri.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Timothy Cantafio, Jeffrey Craw, Justin Rice; Alternates, Matthew Reale, vacancy.--Tax Assessor, Mark DeVestern.--Registrars of Voters, Laurel Anderson (D), William S. Holden (R).--Supt. of Schools, Gary A. Cialfi, Ed.D.--Bd. of Education, Loretta Chory, Chm., Suzanne Testani, Vice Chm., Jeffrey M. Donofrio, Paul S. Lavoie, Marie Petitti, Lucinda Timpanelli, Michael C. Ward.--Dir. of Planning and Dev., Rob Libandi.--Planning and Zoning Comm., David Preusch, Chm., Anthony G. Chory, Vice Chm., Frederick T. Garrity, Jr., Daniel Helfrich, Larry LaConte, Sr., Anthony Silber; Alternates, Richard Deecken, Donald J. Scinto, vacancy.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Steve A. Elbaum, Richard Mayo, Dennis Miko, Rob Saunders, Carl Scarpelli; Alternates, Blore Ann Boveroux, Brian Reilly, Joseph Rescsanski.--Dir. of Economic and Community Dev., Rina Bakalar.--Economic Dev. Comm., Ralph Sather, Chm., Jacqueline Galiani, Thomas Ginis, Michael Iaccarino, Beryl Kaufman, Christopher J. Looram, Eric Michel, Mark Smith, Evelyn Zamary.--Dir. of Housing Auth., Harriet Polansky.--Housing Auth., Suzanne Donofrio, Deborah Dowd, Susan Fatse, Janet Kopchik, Paul Niebuhr.--Inland Wetlands and Water Course Comm., Richard Girouard, Chm., John Lauria, Vice Chm., Richard Deecken, Carmine DeFeo, Ennio DeVita, Mark Mackeil, Guido Picarrazi; Alternates, Andrew Lubin, David Molgard, David Verespy.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Fred Palmieri, Vice Chm., Timothy Hampford, Laura Pulie, vacancy; Alternates, Richard Boggs, Paul Whetstone.--Dir. of Senior Center, Michele Jakab.--Senior Citizens Comm., Roberta Bellows, Diane Chiota, Gail D'Elia, Amy D. DeZenzo, Ron Foligno, Dorothy Merritt, Mary Moran, vacancy; Alternates, Evelyn Weisner, vacancy.--Dir. of Social Svs., Jennifer Gillis.--Dir. of Emergency Medical Svs. Comm., Joe Laucella.--Emergency Medical Svs. Comm., William Schietinger, Chm., Shae Gregg, Joel Hirshfield, Thomas J. Kiely, Jr., Phil Lukianuk, Diane Mayo, Matthew Wheeler.--Dir. of Health, Rhonda Capuano.--Trumbull Health Bd., Richard Bellow, Chm., Nancy Busch, Deborah Cavaliere, Debbie Charles, vacancy.--Librarian, Stefan Lyhne-Nielsen.--Library Bd. of Dirs., Jeannine Stauder, Chm., Joan Hammill, Vice Chm., Rachel Branyan, John Breedis, James J. Cebulski, Tara Prather Liskov, Laura Ponzio, Rosemary Seaman, vacancy.--Municipal Historian, Trumbull Historical Society.--Coordinator of Arts Comm., Emily Areson.--Arts Comm., Rosalie Anzalone, Regina Butler, Alison Corda, Andrea Endresz-Vlachos, three vacancies.--Dir. of Parks and Recreation., Stuart S. McCarthy.--Supt. of Parks, Dmitri Paris.--Dir. of Recreation, Stuart McCarthy.--Bd. of Parks and Recreation, Robert Ferrigno, Chm., Kevin Bellows, Vice Chm., Lee Defusco, Brian LeClerc, Vin Lipinski, Ken Martin, Sr., Richard F. Moore III, Michael Traviason, Nancy Walsh.--Dir. of Public Works, John Marsilio.--Animal Control Officer, Lynn Dellabianca; Asst., Brian Walker.--Tree Warden, Warren Jacques.--Purchasing Agent, Kevin Bova.--Building Official, Robert Dunn.--Pension Bd., James Lavin, Chm., Patrick Clark, James R. Daly, James Meisner, Anthony Musto, Donna Pellitteri, Maria Pires.--Building Code Appeals Bd., four vacancies.--Chief of Police, Michael Lombardo.--Police Comm., Angelo Magliocco, Daniel Portanova, Chris Trefz, John Vazano, Albert Zamary, vacancy.--Constables, Raymond Baldwin, James J. Battistelli, Sr., Victor Pioli.--Chiefs of Fire Depts., Long Hill: Doug Bogen; Nichols: Andrew Kingsbury; Trumbull Center: Eric Levin.--Fire Marshal, Megan Murphy; Deputies, Steve Pihonak, Alex Rauso.--Emergency Mgmt. Comm., Timothy M. Herbst, 1st Selectman, Lynn Arnow, Chief of Staff, Dianne Auger, Doug Bogen, John Butz, Rhonda Capuano, William Chiarenzelli, Gary A. Cialfi, Lynn Dellabianca, Robert Dunn, Joe Laucella, Eric Levin, John Marsilio, Brian McGovern, Megan Murphy, Maria Pires, Thomas Saverese, vacancy; Chief, Michael Lombardo; Deputy Chiefs, Glenn Byrnes, Ronald Kirby.--Conservation Comm., Timothy Coughlin, Kim DiCorpo, Lars Jorgenson, Mary Ellen Lemay, Dale Parsons, Joanne Parsons, Richard Post.--Town Attys., Darrin Callahan, Mario Coppola, Dennis Kokenos, Vincent Marino, Robert J. Nicola.--Justices of the Peace, Raymond G. Baldwin, Jr., Michael C. Bisciglia, Carol Danenberg, Richard C. Deecken, Celia Diemunsch, Nancy DiNardo, Dominick S. Diemunsch, Karen Egri, Richard H. Girouard, Sr., Jeffrey A. Goldwasser, Deborah Herbst, Lauren I. Kali, David W. Kayne, Martin J. Kentosh, Rose Lodice, Sonia I. Lofton, Rosemary Malik, Mary Markham, Ronald E. Mills, Mary C. Moran, Anne M. Pearson, Stacy Pearson, Diane Pomposello, Silvino Rio, Stuart Schwartz, Laurie Saad Shepard, Thomas Tesoro, David A. Wilson.

UNION. Tolland County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1734. Total area: 29.8 sq. miles; land area: 28.7 sq. miles. Population: est., 843. Voting district: 1. Principal industries: agriculture and forestry. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Greyhound and Trailways. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Rural free delivery from Stafford Springs.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Heidi O. Bradrick; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-Noon, Tues., Thurs.; 9:00 A.M.-Noon, 1:00 P.M.-3:00 P.M., Wed.; Address, Rte. 171, 1043 Buckley Highway, 06076-9520; Tel., (860) 684-3770. Website: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Donna M. S. Jellen.--Selectmen, 1st, David D. Eaton (R), Tel., (860) 684-3812, David Heck (D), Mary M. Huda (R).--Treas., Amanda Gaug.--Bd. of Finance, Christopher Santucci, Chm., Scott J. Crevier, Dennis Sienna, Timothy M. Vennart, vacancy; Alternates, Roger W. Bragdon, Nathan B. Swift, vacancy.--Tax Collector, Maureen M. Eaton.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Herbert R. Kingsbury III, Chm., Charles M. Sweetland, vacancy.--Assessor, Mary Huda.--Registrars of Voters, Joshua Lambert (D), Heidi Lambert (R).--Supt. of Schools, Joseph Reardon.--Bd. of Education, Andrea Estell, Chm., Amy D. Blank, Heidi Bradway, Jessica S. Garden, Jonathan Petersen, Lisa Roberts.--Planning, Zoning, and Inland Wetlands Comm., Mathieu J. Silbermann Chm., Lee Ann Fitzgerald, Brian K. Lambert, Joseph W. Popovitch, Barry Kapplan; Alternates, Carol A. Berner, Kenneth Braithwaite, Michael Kneeland.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Eric P. Emhoff, Arthur E. Murdock, Charles M. Sweetland, Nathan B. Swift; Alternates, Jessica Garden, James George, Joseph Kratochvil.--Conservation Officer, vacancy.--Comm. on Aging/Agent for the Elderly, Karen Johnson.--Dir. of Health/Sanitarian, Northeast Dist. Dept. of Health.--Library Dirs., Ellen D. Silbermann, Chm., Jacqueline Capomacchio, Rose Novak, Rose-Marie Pellerin, two vacancies.--Municipal Historian, Jeannine M. Upson.--Public Safety Liaison, State Police Troop C.--Public Works Dir., David D. Eaton.--Burning Official/Fire Marshal, Charles Sweetland.--Building Inspector, Joseph Pajak.--Constables, Bonnie L. Dabrowski, Albert L. Goodhall, Albert L. Goodhall, Jr, Joshua Lambert.--Chief of Fire Dept., David D. Eaton; Deputy, Clinton Roberts.--Emergency Mgmt. Dir., Stuart Cobb; Asst., Paul Wentworth.--Town Atty., Michael Devlin.--Justices of the Peace, Bonnie Dabrowski, Carol B. Denning, David D. Eaton, Jessica Garden, Albert L. Goodhall, Heather Murdock, Mathieu J. Silbermann, Robert E. Tyler, Jr.

VERNON. Tolland County.--(Form of government, mayor, town council.)--Town inc., Oct., 1808; taken from Bolton. City of Rockville inc., Jan., 1889. Town of Vernon and City of Rockville consolidated, July 1, 1965. Total area: 18.1 sq. miles; land area: 17.7 sq. miles. Population: est., 28,959. Voting districts: 4. Principal industries: anodizing, metal surface treatments, bacteriological media production, communications equipment, fire retardant paints, dyeing and finishing of fabrics, plastics, tools and dies, woodworking. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Connecticut Transit from Hartford and Post Road Stages, Inc. from Hartford and Stafford Springs. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Vernon-Rockville and Talcottville.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Bernice K. Dixon; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Wed.; 8:30 A.M.-7:00 P.M., Thurs.; 8:30 A.M.-1:00 P.M., Fri.; Address, Memorial Bldg., 14 Park Pl., 06066; Tel., (860) 870-3662; FAX, (860) 870-3623. Website: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Karen C. Daigle, Sonia Burgos.--Mayor, Daniel A. Champagne (R).--Town Council, Mayor Daniel A. Champagne, Presiding Officer, Kimberly Appleyard, Laura B. Bush, Bill F. Campbell, Julie Clay, Thomas DiDio, Virginia M. Gingras, Ann C. Lentendre, Brian R. Motola, Steven C. Peterson, Pauline A. Schaefer, Jim Tedford, Steve Wakefield; Bernice K. Dixon, Council Clerk.--Town Admin., John Ward; Asst., Dawn Maselek.--Finance Officer and Treas., James M. Luddecke; Frank Zitkus, Controller.--Bd. of Ethics, Carl F. Bard, Gordon Gibson, David Herrman, Pierre Lisee, Christy N. Vale; Alternates, Andrew Halpryn, vacancy.--Collector of Revenue, Terry A. Hjarne; Asst., Amy Walker.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Eleanor Bellemore, Irma Carter, Bill Francis, Carole Guttman.--Assessor, David A. Wheeler; Deputy, Christine M. Clarke.--Registrars of Voters, Chris Prue (D), John Anderson (R).--Supt. of Schools, Joseph P. Macary.--Bd. of Education, Michele B. Arn, Laurie Bajorek, Anne H. Fischer, Linda B. Gessay, Mark J. Kalina, David G. Kemp, John C. Kopec, Steven Linton, Thomasina Russell.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Charles R. Bardes, Roland Klee, Susan Reudgan, Hector Reveron, Ronald J. Scussel, Wes Shorts, vacancy; Alternates, Joseph Miller, two vacancies--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Jason Cormier, Marisa Roy, Donald S. Schubert, Bruce P. Skivington, Carl H. Slusarczyk; Alternates, Carmen Melaragno, Howard Steinberg, vacancy.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Andrew Marchese.--Conservation Comm., Richard M. Clark, C. Ryan Goad, James Simon; Alternates, two vacancies.--Inland Wetlands Regulatory Comm., Frank Galat, Ronald Kane, Robert Lewis, Lynda Morhardt, vacancy; Alternates, Jeffrey Pescosodido, vacancy.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Charles R. Bardes, Roland Klee, Susan Reudgan, Hector Reveron, Victor Riscassi, Ronald J. Scussel, Wes Shorts; Alternates, Joseph Miller, two vacancies.--Town Planner, Marina Rodriguez.--Town Engineer, David Smith.--Economic Development Comm., Jeffrey L. Cohen, Chm., Jeff Adamson, William E. Breslau, Bruce Kellogg, Daniel Kennedy, Bruce Kloter, William J. McGurk, Peter F. Olson, Meghan Scranton, James Sendrak.--Housing Auth., J. Michael O'Neil, Raymond W. Powers, Karen L. Roy-Guglielmi, Glenn Tarro; Jeffrey Arn, Exec. Dir.--Vernon Arts Comm., Vincent J. Bologna, Sandra M. Justin, Anne Kuntz, Roberta Orne, Conan A. Schreyer, vacancy.--Municipal Historian, S. Ardis Abbott.--Local Historic Properties Comm., Robert B. Hurd, Chm., Richard J. Quinn, Vice Chm., Carol S. Nelson, William J. Nicholson, Sarah J. Olsen, Melissa S. Saucier; Alternates, Donald W. Sierakowski, Tara Trapp, vacancy.--Agent for the Elderly, Edward Slattery.--Dir. of Social Svs., Chrystine Longley.--Dir. of Health, Michael Pirro.--Purchasing Agent, James M. Luddecke.--Permanent Municipal Building Comm., John P. Leary, Chm., Jose D. Correia, George G. Greco, Joseph Greco, Ralph E. Zahner, vacancy.--Building Inspector, John LaBossiere; Asst., Lawrence Machia II.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Kenneth J. Boynton, William Dowty, Jason Hahn, Robert Hurd, Scott Tedeschi; Alternates, three vacancies.--Water Pollution Control Auth., John K. Anderson, Andrew J. Tedford, Everett Ray Weaver, Qilin Elizabeth Yang, Ralph E. Zahner.--Water Pollution Control Dir., Robert Grasis; Asst., Steven Boske.--Data Processing Dir., Robert Sigan.--Parks and Recreation Dir., Martin Siller; Asst. Stephen Krajewski.--Youth Svs. Dir., Michelle Hill.--Pension Bd., John J. Lillis III, Joseph Miller, Gary P. Ruchin.--Cemetery Comm., Norine Edwards, Stuart I. Edwards, Judy Hany, Jean Luddy, Lois-Jane Cratty Tonski.--Traffic Auth., Charles E. Bettinger, James Kenny, Robert Kleinhans, Robert D. O'Gara, Jon-Paul Roden, E. Mason Thrall III, Ray Walker.--Dir. of Public Works, Robert Kleinhans.--Tree Warden, Jeffrey Schambach.--Animal Control Officer, Craig P. Segar; Asst., Jerold W. Casida II.--Chief of Police, James Kenny.--Fire Chief, Steve Eppler.--Fire Marshal, Raymond Walker; Deputies William M. Call, Stanley D. Landry, Walter N. Summers.--Town Atty., Louis A. Spadaccini; Assts., Mark K. Branse, Martin B. Burke.--Justices of the Peace, Laura Bush, Amarjit S. Buttar, Thomas DiDio, Bill Francis, Patricia Z. Gargano, Carole Guttman, Frances Bruno Hobbs, David G. Kemp, John P. Leary, John W. Lockwood, Lori S. Merker-Chapman, Mary A. Oliver, Chris Prue, Teri Lynn Rogers, Pauline A. Schaefer, Linda Shivers, John T. Swanson, Harry Thomas, Steven L. Wakefield, Robert F. Warner, Diane Wheelock, Phyllis Winkler.

VOLUNTOWN. New London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting.)--Inc., May, 1721. Total area: 39.8 sq. miles; land area: 38.9 sq. miles. Population: est., 2,579. Voting district: 1. Principal industries: agriculture, recreation. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Voluntown. Rural free delivery.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Pamela Theroux; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Thur.; 6:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M., Tues.; Address, Town Hall, 115 Main St., P.O. Box 96, 06384-0096; Tel., Jewett City, (860) 376-4089; FAX, (860) 376-3295. Website: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Beth A. Taylor.--Selectmen, 1st, Robert A. Sirpenski (D), Tel., (860) 376-5880, Tracey L. Hanson (D), Jack Wesa (R).--Treas., Richard A. Osga.--Tax Collector, Maria E. Morell.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Gilbert G. Grimm, Tracey Logan Hanson, Christopher Wilson.--Assessor, Paige Walton.--Registrars of Voters, Diana M. Ingraham (D), Deborah Fletcher (R).--Supt. of Schools, Adam Burrows.--Bd. of Education, Diana M. Ingraham, Chm., Barbara Gileau, Catherine A. Grant, James Hutchins, Flo Harman, Victoria S. Smith, Kristen Trahan.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Scott Davidson, Chm., Carl M. Grenier, Arthur J. Nieminen, James Hutchins, Thomas M. Sweet; Alternates, Ronald Millovitch, David Nieminen, Patricia Wray.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Wendy K. Gauthier, Chm., Karen Anderson, Michael E. Blanchette, Edward W. Grenier, Arthur Ivanick; Alternates, Shirley Broadnax, Maria French, vacancy.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Thomas M. Sweet, Chm., Lester K. Davis, Andrew McLallen, David C. Miner, John O. Moran; Alternates, Tammy Daigneault, Robert A. Panko.--Voluntown/Sterling Transfer Station Comm., Deborah Fletcher, John Gileau; Alternates, Ronald Millovitsch, vacancy.--Economic Development Comm., Jack Wesa, Chm., Janet Cool, Tracey Hanson, Neftali Soto, vacancy; Alternates, Pam Delaney, Mary Papenfoth, vacancy.--Housing Auth., Beth Taylor, Chm., Debra Grenier, Joyce Melgey, Sharon Ruppel; Dottie Klemchuk, Tenant Rep.--Elderly Comm., Vivian Roode, Arthur Roode--Health Dept., Uncas Health Dist.--Sanitarian, Albert G. Gosselin, Jr., R.S.--Library Trustees, Tracey Dineen-Hutchins, Susan Donnel, Gloria J. Matthews, Sandra Pellinen, Rachel Ricard, Martha J. Wittwer.--Zoning Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector, Peter Zvingilas.--Chief of Fire Dept./Fire Marshal, Joseph H. Grenier.--Civil Preparedness Dir., Joseph H. Grenier.--Town Atty., Suisman, Shapiro.--Justices of the Peace, Judith P. Allik, Karen A. Anderson, Ryan J. Bridgham, Wendy K. Gauthier, Carl Grenier, Tracey Logan Hanson, Hyde A. Harman III, Christelle Lachapelle, Marc Robert Ledoux, Sr., Mary Anne Nieminen, Cheryl A. Sadowski, Paul Whitehead, Thomas H. Wilber.