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FAIRFIELDFairfield County.--(Form of government, representative town meeting, selectmen, board of finance.)--Settled, 1639; named 1645; included in Connecticut Colony, May, 1685. Total area: 31.3 sq. miles; land area: 30.0 sq. miles. Population: est., 61,160. Voting districts: 10. Principal industries: Bigelow Tea Co., Fairfield Univ. and Sacred Heart Univ. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Metro North Commuter Railroad Co. and buses of the Bridgeport Transit Auth. Freight and Express: Served by numerous motor common carriers. U.S. Route 1, Merritt Parkway and Connecticut Turnpike pass through town, east and west. Post offices: Fairfield, Southport and rural free delivery.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Betsy P. Browne; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Old Town Hall, 611 Old Post Rd., 06824; Tel., (203) 256-3090; all other offices, (203) 256-3000. Website: E-mail: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Ann E. Roche, Angelina Valentino.--Moderator, Representative Town Meeting, Pamela Iacono.--Selectmen, 1st, Michael Tetreau (D), Tel., (203) 256-3030, Kevin Kiley (D), Christopher Tymniak (R).--Treas., Helen D'Avanzo.--Bd. of Ethics, Chris Brogan, Chm., David Bothwell, Janice Carpenter, Loretta Jay, Marguerite H. Toth.--Fiscal Officer, Robert Mayer.--Bd. of Finance, Thomas M. Flynn, Chm., David Becker, James R. Brown, Christopher Dewitt, Mary E. LeClerc, Sheila Marmion, John Mitola, James F. Walsh, Elizabeth Zezima.--Tax Collector, David Kluczwski.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Helene Daly, Carol Dipietro, Harold Zawadsk.--Assessor, Ross Murray.--Registrars of Voters, Matthew Waggner (D), Stephen C. Elworthy (R)--Supt. of Schools, Dr.Toni Jones.--Bd. of Education, Philip Dwyer, Chm., Nicholas Aysseh, Jessica Gerber, Jennifer Jacobsen, Jennifer Leeper, Jennifer Maxon-Kennelly, Jeff Peterson, Trisha Pytko, Christine Vitale.--Personnel Dir., Emmet Hibson.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Matthew C. Wagner, Chm., Mark Corcoran, Meg Francis, Steve Levy, Chris McAleese, Donan Meyer, Thomas Noonan; Alternates, Michael DiGiacomo, Peter Elliott, Fredda Gordon.--Town Planner, James R. Wendt.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Kevin S. Coyne, Chm., Terrence Keegan, Duncan Keith, Deborah Owens, Sharon Strelzer; Alternates, Faith Dillon, Daphne Dixon, Jane Nishball.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Matthew Decker.--Economic Development Comm., Peter Penczer, Chm., Maureen M. Abrahamson, Kevin Lesko, Raymond Meglio, Gregory Minsky, Donald Peterson, Keith Rhodes.--Housing Auth., Carol Landsman, Chm., Maureen Delaney, James D. Kelly, John Madeo, Rita Waterman.--Conservation and Inland Wetlands Comm., Kevin Gumpper, Chm., Richard D'Amico, Elizabeth Jones, Kathleen N. Maxham, Catherine O'Donnell, Charles Rowan, Felicia Watson; Alternates, Milan Bull, Jennifer Hauhuth, Nelson North.--Conservation Dir., Brian Carey.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., Richard Dmochowski, Chm., Rebecca Bunnell, Mary Susan Hunt, Donald Lamberty, Paul Landino.--Historic Dist. Comm., Chris Shea, Chm., Margaret Browning-Kufferman, Thomas Dailey, Adam Klyver, Timothy Smith; Alternates, Arthur Gravanis, Phoebe Kaylor, Rosina Negron.--Human Svs., Marc Andre, Bruce Carter, Selma Cohen, Linda Delorenzo, Nancy Legare, Bernard Lynch, Alicia Ward.--Dir. of Human and Social Svs., Theresa Geigengack.--Bd. of Health, Thomas Braun, Jacob Hen, D.E. Morocz, Denise Walsh, Henry Yoon; Sands Cleary, Dir.--Library Trustees, Joseph Rooney, Chm., Duncan Banfield, David Gray, Manyul Im, Janice Portentoso, Sonal Rajan.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Dorene Herron, Bridget McBride, Christopher McCoy, Alexa Mullady, Bryan Thompson, Mary VonConta, Scott Walker, David Weber.--Dir. of Public Works, Joseph Michelangelo.--Purchasing Agent, Gerald Foley.--Town Engineer, William Hurley.--Building Inspector, Thomas P. Conley.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Joseph D’Avanzo, Quinn Degner, Christian Dockum, Ronald Drew, Mark Elletson, Robert Scinto, Christopher Tymniak.--Tree Warden, Jeffrey Minder.--Chief of Police, Gary Macnamara.--Police Comm., Arthur Hersh, Chm., Susan P. Barrett, Joseph Cafferelli, Samuel J. Lazinger, Charlene Sabia Lebo, Norma Johnson Peterson, John Stone.--Constables, Harry Ackley, Mark Dunlevy, Kevin Flynn, Francis D. Rowe, Ruth A. Smey, Jay Wolk.--Chief of Fire Dept., Denis McCarthy.--Fire Marshal, Capt. William Kessler.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Dorothea Brennan, Chm., Frank Cieplinski, William J. Fitzpatrick III, Joseph Olzacki, Francis O'Reilly, Barbara Rifkin, Craig Vansteenbergen.--Town Atty., Stanton Lesser.--Justices of the Peace, Peter Ambrose, William M. Burke, Bryan Cafferelli, Richard S. Cellar, Patricia S. Como, Edward V. Crowley, Jr., Inni Dhingra, Howard W. Diamond, Denise Digrigoli, Philip Dwyer, Mary Jane Southouse Fast, Kevin Flynn, Thomas Flynn, Kyle Fournier, Meg Francis, Barbara Toth Garrison, Russell Green, Sheila W. Greenspan, Kenneth Gruder, John Harding, Jonathan Kantrowitz, Kevin P. Kiley, Brenda Kupchick, Holly Lanese, Charlene Sabia Lebo, Bryan L. LeClerc, Geraldine Levine, Patricia Lucas, Ronni I. Lustig, Frederick E. Miller, Jr., James Millington, Robert Ryffel, Joseph Saad, Eugene Short, Ruth A. Smey, Sharon Strelzer, Michael Tetreau, Felicia Watson.
FARMINGTON. Hartford County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council, town meeting.)--Inc. and named, Dec., 1645. The Town of Farmington, Borough of Unionville and Borough of Farmington were consolidated in 1947. Total area: 28.8 sq. miles; land area: 28.1 sq. miles. Population: est., 25,524. Voting districts: 6. Principal industries: numerous national and international corporate facilities, banking, insurance, retail (West Farms Mall), John Dempsey Hospital, medical and dental schools, biomedical research and product development, aerospace engineering and products, laser research and production, precision and specialty manufacturing, manufacture of ball bearing spindles, springs, flow and level switches, fans, metals and plastics. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Connecticut Transit from Hartford. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Farmington and Unionville.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Paula B. Ray; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 1 Monteith Dr., 06032-1053; Tel., (860) 675-2380; FAX, (860) 675-2389. Website: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Maureen Frink, Tracy Morrocco, Cherrie Porter.--Town Mgr., Kathleen Eagen.--Town Council, At Large, Nancy Nickerson, Chm.; 1st Dist., Bruce Charette, Beth Kintner, C.J. Thomas; 2nd Dist., Patricia Boye-Williams, Paul Cianci, Edward Giannaros.--Treas., Joe Swetcky; Deputy, Julie Albert.--Tax Collector, vacancy.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Madelyn Colon, Elizabeth Giannaros, Christopher Mathieu, John Simoneau, Mark Simpson, Ronald White.--Assessor, Christine Barta.--Registrars of Voters, Barbara Brenneman (D), Edward J. Leary (R).--Supt. of Schools, Kathleen Greider.--Bd. of Education, Christopher J. Fagan, Chm., Christine Arnold, Bill Beckert, Mark A. Blore, Kristi Brouker, Liz Fitzsimmons, Mecheal Hamilton, Ellen Siuta, Andrea Sobinski.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Barbara Brenneman, Chm., Don Doeg, Hilary Donald, Michael Grabulis, Matthew Pogson, Diane Tucker; Alternates, Joel Nowakowski, Paula O’Brien, Mindy W. Ogan.--Town Planner, William Warner.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Jon L. Schoehorn, Chm., Kerry Callahan, Johnny Carrier, Ronald Llewellyn, Katy Perry, Robert Phillips; Alternates, Christopher D. Forster, Larry P. Levesque, John Tucker.--Housing Auth., John DeMeo, Gregory A. Hall, Sally G. Hatzenbuhler, Christian R. Hoheb, Cynthia D. Mason, Justin Pagano.--Conservation and Inland Wetlands Comm., John Hinze, Chm., Paul Amato, Robert Hannon, Robert Isner, Mark Simpson, Ned Statchen, Guy Wolf; Alternates, Inez St. James, vacancy.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Barbara Brenneman, Chm., Don Doeg, Hilary Donald, Michael Grabulis, Matthew Pogson, Diane Tucker; Alternates, Joel Nowakowski, Paula O’Brien, Mindy W. Ogan.--Farmington Historic Dist. Comm., John Bombara, Chm., James Calciano, Dorothy Haviland, Holly Holden, Jaye O’Leary; Alternates, Agostino F. Marchese, Edmund E. Sanford, vacancy.--Unionville Historic District Comm., Lisa Johnson, Chm., John W. Brockelman, Robert G. Hoffman, Sherryl Horton, Matthew Ross; Alternates, Christopher D. Forster, Howard E. Martin, Ann Wuelfing.--Municipal Historian, Betty Coykendall.--Svs. for the Elderly, Nancy Walker, Dir.--Human Relations Comm., Ruth Grobe, Chm., Toni Berlandy, Lisa Berzins, Donna Mambrino, Christine Mergenthaler, Zalman Nakhimovsky, Lisa E. Pawlik.--Dir. of Community and Recreational Svs., Nancy Parent.--Dir. of Public Works and Development Svs., Russell Arnold.--Building Official, Christopher Foryan.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Wilbur Charette, Todd Langston, George Santos, Ned Statchen, vacancy.--Water Pollution Control Auth., James Foote, Chm., Peter Bagdigian, Wilbur Charette, Kevin S. Ray, James Thompson.--Treatment Plant Supt., William Kaminski.--Chief of Police, Paul J. Melanson.--Constables, Geno J. Avenoso, Peter Bagdigian, Diane M. Rogers.--Chiefs of Fire Dept., East Farms: Russell Nelson; Farmington: Don Antigiovanni; Tunxis: Richard Higley, Sr.--Fire Marshal, Michael Gulino.--Town Atty., Duncan Forsyth.--Justices of the Peace, Lorraine H. Adamson, Patricia Bagdigian-Buttero, Linda Cavanaugh, Philip J. Chabot, Robert F. Deasy, Jr., Lynn Dzinski, Debbie D. Fiumara, Elizabeth S. Giannaros, Thomas J. Goz, Rodney A. Johnson, John P. Karwoski, Anita Krzykoski, Jon Landry, Theodore Lindquist III, Stewart J. Miller, Christopher L. Montes, Zalman Nakhimovsky, Brian E. Noe, Robert J. O'Meara, Justin J. Pagano, Sr., Charles O. Pickens, Sandra Rajan, Mary Grace Reed, Anita R. Schwager, Roberta R. Skripol, Dyke Spear, Ned T. Stachen, Alexandra Thomas, Tina Walts-Gilmore.
FENWICK.BOROUGH OFFICERS. Office Address: 580 Maple Ave., Old Saybrook 06475.--Warden, Newton C. Brainard.--Clerk, Julie G. LeBlanc.--Treas., Robert S. Gay.--Tax Collector, Matthew K. Myers.--Burgesses, Peter B. Brainard, Jr., Pamela Christensen, Jonathan Gengras, Frank D. Keeney, David L. Savin, Arthur W. Wright.
*See Town of Old Saybrook.
FRANKLINNew London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting.)--Inc., May, 1786; taken from Norwich. Total area: 19.6 sq. miles; land area: 19.5 sq. miles. Population: est., 1,955. Voting district: 1. Principal industries: agriculture, dairying and poultry products, egg processing plant, grain feed mills, truck terminals. Transp.--Freight: Served by Central Vermont Railway and numerous motor common carriers. Post office: North Franklin. Rural free delivery.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Debra S. Beisiegel; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M., Mon.-Thurs.; 6:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M., Tues.; Address, Franklin Town Hall, 7 Meeting House Hill Rd., 06254-9775; Tel., Lebanon, (860) 642-7352; FAX, (860) 642-6606. Website: E-mail: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Claire B. Glaude, Traci L. Hastings.--Selectmen, 1st, Charles W. Grant III (D), Tel., (860) 642-6055, Russell C. Beisiegel (R), Thomas A. Craney (D).--Treas., Karen M. Williams.--Bd. of Finance, Richard A. Handfield, Chm., Veronica E. Calvert, Calli Carboni, Susan M. Dombrowski, Joseph LeVasseur, Richard H. Weingart; Alternates, Wesley Crawford, Niels Jeppesen, Roland J. Mihok.--Tax Collector, Nancy Renshaw.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Peter A. Ballaro, Leo A. Bienvenue, Scott Tracey.--Assessor, Richard Lasky.--Registrars of Voters, Barbara Konow (D), Eleanor W. Dutcher (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. Larry Fenn.--Bd. of Education, Peter D. Calvert, Chm., Kimberly Benjamin, Alison Dvorak, Katherine Ericson, Christopher Frank, Andrea Reischerl, Scott Tracey.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Peter A. Ballaro, Matthew P. Calvert, John J. McGuire III, Patricia Osten, James Wheeler; Alternates, Leo A. Bienvenue, Niels Jeppesen, Don McClure.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Thomas A. Craney, A. Bruce Dougherty, Traci L. Hastings, Henry M. Konow, Jr., Alden A. Miner; Alternates, Todd Benjamin, Richard A. Friedrich, Richard H. Weingart.--Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Comm., Calli E. Carboni, Chm., Leo Bienvenue, Niels Jeppesen, Joseph P. Levasseur, Donald Smith; Alternates, Patrick Coleman, John J. McGuire III, vacancy; Thomas Weber, Enforcement Officer.--Municipal Agent on Aging, Laura Wheeler.--Dir. of Health, Uncas Health District.--Library Trustees, Matthew P. Calvert, Chm., Margaret S. Ayer, Denise M. Day, Barbara F. Dyer, Christine A. Friese, Marjorie J. Miner, Joan P. Seidel, Thomas Seidel, James Wheeler.--Recreation Comm., Patrick Jacksin, Chm., Rex Altomer, Roland Constant III, Wallace Gagnon, Jason Gooden, Todd Hastings, Richard R. Hiscox, Lee Johnson, Alden Miner, Josh Miner, Jeffrey Rathbun, three vacancies.--Tree Warden, David Gustafson.--Building Inspector, Thomas Weber.--Sanitation Engineer/Zoning Enforcement Officer, Ronald Chalecki.--Chief of Police, Troop K.--Chief of Fire Dept., Mark Nall.--Fire Marshal/Civil Preparedness Dir., William Eyberse.--Town Atty., Branse and Willis.--Justices of the Peace, Boris S. Avdevich, Debra S. Beisiegel, Leo A. Bienvenue, Calli E. Carboni, Thomas Craney, A. Bruce Dougherty, Joanne A. Glidden, Richard R. Hiscox, Barbara Konow, James Wheeler.
GLASTONBURYHartford County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1693; taken from Wethersfield. Total area: 52.3 sq. miles; land area: 51.4 sq. miles. Population: est., 34,584. Voting districts: 7. Principal industries: insurance and financial services, technology and banking, computer services and agriculture. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Connecticut Transit from Hartford. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Glastonbury, East Glastonbury and South Glastonbury. Three rural free deliveries.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Joyce P. Mascena; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, 2155 Main St., P.O. Box 6523, 06033-6523; Tel., (860) 652-7616; FAX, (860) 652-7639. Website: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Lisa J. Bush, Marie T. Galanek, Wendy A. Mullaly.--Town Mgr., Richard J. Johnson.--Town Council, Thomas P. Gullotta, Chm., Jill Barry, Stewart “Chip” Beckett III, Deborah A. Carroll, Kurt P. Cavanaugh, Mary LaChance, Lawrence Niland, George P. Norman, Whit C. Osgood.--Treas./Dir. of Admin. Svs., Julie Twilley.--Bd. of Finance, Constantine Constantine, Chm., Walter J. Cusson, James R. McIntosh, Jennifer M. Sanford, Jared P. Soper, James R. Zeller.--Tax Collector, Denise Talbot.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, David Cordone, Chm., Michael C. Collins, Christopher M. Gallagher, Beth Hillson, Kim Perna, Manisha Srivastava, Forbes S. Warren.--Assessor, Nicole Lintereur.--Registrars of Voters, Charles F. Murray (D), Lisbeth Becker (R).--Supt. of Schools, Alan Bookman.--Bd. of Education, Susan Karp, Chm., Rosemary Coggeshall, Douglas C. Foyle, Jeremy Grieveson, David Peniston, Jr., Chittaranjan Sahay, Lillian Tanski, Julie Thompson.--Town Plan and Zoning Comm., Sharon H. Purtill, Chm., Michael Botelho, Raymond Hassett, Jacob McChesney, Keith S. Shaw, Robert J. Zanlungo, Jr.; Alternates, Christopher Griffin, Scott Miller, Matthew Saunig.--Dir. of Planning and Land Use Svs., Khara Dodds.--Ethics Comm., Angela Bull, Chm., James Estrada, James Hagen, Al Herzog, Brooke Oppenheimer; Alternates, Anthony Gesnaldo, Nancy Thomas.--Environmental Planner, Thomas Mocko.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Brian Smith, Chm., Nicholas Korns, Timothy Lamb, Sandra R. O'Leary, Jaye Winkler; Alternates, Michael Fitzpatrick, David Hoopes, vacancy.--Economic Development Comm., Raymond A. Dolan, Harold Harris, Harry Im, Sridhar Kadaba, David O’Connor, two vacancies.--Public Housing Auth., Zelda Lessne, Chm., Judith Jaskulski, James F. Noonan, Carl F. Stenman, Cathy Vacchelli; Neil J. Griffin, Exec. Dir.--Fair Rent Comm., Carol Ahlschlager, Elizabeth Catarius, Marti Curtiss, Allen Friedrich, Beth Guiles, Laura McConville, Judith A. Stearns.--Incorporators of the Free Academy, Richard Bowden, Karen Fecko, William Wulftange.--Insurance Advisory Committee, Woodrow Baird, Christopher Griffin, David Hoopes, Benjamin Kehl, Stephen J. Ludwig, Luther Weeks, William Wulftange.--Personnel Appeals Bd., Allen Friedrich, Lynn Onderko, Brian Youmatz, two vacancies.--Agricultural Advisory Committee, Andrew Reale, Chm., Chris Bassett, Hutchinson Bronzi, William Dufford, Kenneth Horton, Michael Longo, Donald Preli, Jr.--Great Pond Stewardship Committee, Whit C. Osgood, Chm., Deb Carroll, Thomas P. Gullotta, David Gumbart, Judy Harper, Paul Kehoe, Dennis McInerney, Mark Packard, Gerhard R. Schade.--Conservation Comm., Judith Harper, Chm., Brian L. Davis, Frank J. Kaputa, Kim McClain, Dennis McInerney, Helen D. Stern, Mark R. Temple.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Sharon H. Purtill, Chm., Michael Botelho, Raymond Hassett, Jacob McChesney, Keith S. Shaw, Robert J. Zanlungo, Jr.; Alternates, Christopher Griffin, Scott Miller, Matthew Saunig.--Historic Dist. Comm., Barbara Theurkauf, Chm., Geoffrey Dellenbaugh, Robyn Guimont, Cara T. Keefe, Henry Von Wodtke; Alternates, Brian Chiffer, Jane Fox, John Langmaid.--Library Bd., James Honiss, Sr., Jennifer Hudner, Henry Hunt, Irene Newquist, Susan Pearlman, Ellen Saunig.--Community Beautification Comm., Robert G. Shipman, Chm., Mark A. Babineau, Linda DeGroff, Debra DeVries-Dalton, Catherine Morgan, Jarrod Sansoucy, Della Winans.--Dir. of Human Svs., Durlene Mikkelson.--Comm. on Aging, Denise Weeks, Chm., Eva Bowden, Jennifer DiSette, Janeen Dolan, Nancy Goodwin, Darren Hill, Rosemary Hokanson.--Human Relations Comm., Patricia A. Darling, Nick Daukas, Leslie Ohta, Roberta Swafford, vacancy.--Dir. of Health, Wendy Mis.--Recreation Comm., Michael H. Clinton, Chm., Mario DiLoreto, Daniel Durso, John Langmaid, Yola Rondinelli, Jason Smith.--Dir. of Parks, Recreation and Facilities, Raymond Purtell.--Youth and Family Svs. Comm., Karen Boisvert, Tyler Booth, Natalie Cook, Bonnie Fierravanti, Bevan Moore, Ann Mount, Ann Purcell Murray, Angela Phelan, vacancy.--Purchasing Agent, Mary F. Visone.--Town Engineer/Mgr. of Physical Svs., Daniel A. Pennington; Asst., Stephen M. Braun.--Building Official, Peter Carey.--Building Bd. of Appeals/Code Review, James W. Dutton, Robyn Guimont, Robert Kaelin, Terence Sexton, Luther Weeks.--Housing Code of Appeals Comm., Adam Fleischer, Alice Sexton, two vacancies.--Public Buildings Comm., Charles I. Monzeglio, Chm., Lisbeth Becker, Bridget Gallagher, Michael Pellin, Matthew Saunig; Liaisons, Rosemary Coggeshall, Constantine Constantine.--Physical Svs. Operations Mgr., Charles Mahan.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Louis M. Accornero, Chm., Nils Carlson, John A. Davis, Jr., Richard Lawlor, James Parry, John Tanski, Edward Urbansky, Jr.--Supt. of Sanitation, Michael Bisi.--Sanitarian, John Deckert.--Chief of Police, Marshall Porter.--Chief of Fire Dept., Michael Thurz.--Fire Marshal, Christopher N. Siwy.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Charles A. Longo, Jr., Chm., John Cafazzo, James W. Dutton, Arnold H. Higgins, Richard P. Quagliaroli, Gilbert D. Spencer.--Civil Preparedness Dir., Robert F. DiBella.--Town Attys., Shipman and Goodwin LLC.--Justices of the Peace, W. Ludwell Baldwin, Lynne Anne Baronas, Lisbeth A. Becker, Christine C. Branning, Phyllis Carrier, Dennis C. Cavanaugh, Rosemary Coggeshall, Robert F. DiBella, Mary Foley, Joan Riley Hallberg, Kathryn A. Henry, Susan Karp, Thomas J. Kehoe, Richard A. Kunofsky, Dr. Michael F. Lepore, Glenn Lussier, Robert Lynn, Lorraine G. Marchetti, Kim McClain, Ann Marie Mount, David J. Obedzinski, Kathleen Whitman Plucker, Kala Prasad, Ann Purcell-Murray, Joan L. Saglio, Gary J. Samson, Susan Mary Sereno, Keith S. Shaw, Amrutur V. Srinivasan, Richard H. Turcott, Sr.
GOSHENLitchfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1739. Total area: 45.2 sq. miles; land area: 43.7 sq. miles. Population: est., 2,891. Voting District: 2. Dairy community, attractive lakes. Nearly 1,400 acres of Mohawk State Forest are situated in Goshen. The Appalachian Trail passes through this heavily wooded wildlife sanctuary. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Goshen; rural delivery from Norfolk and Litchfield.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Barbara L. Breor; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-Noon, 1:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Thurs.; 9:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M., Fri.; Address, 42C North St., 06756; Tel., Torrington, (860) 491-3647; FAX is not secure or in office, please call before you fax. Website: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Megan Scanlon.--Selectmen, 1st, Robert P. Valentine (R), 42A North St., Tel., (860) 491-2308, Dexter Kinsella (D), Steven Romano (R).--Treas., James A. Bernard; Asst. Treas., Anders A. Nygren.--Bd. of Finance, Allan D. Walker, Sr., Chm., Edward Lee Bixler, Edward B. Davidson, Russell B. Hurley, James P. Korner, Scott W. Tillmann; Alternates, Alan Booth, William P. Lane.--Tax Collector, Rebecca Juchert-Derungs.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Robert H. Harmon, Chm., Leya Edison, Donna Molon.--Assessor, Lucy Hussman.--Bd. of Assessors, Alan H. Booth, Jarrod J. Upton, Mary Wheeler.--Registrars of Voters, Nanci J. Howard (D), Susan D. V. Breakell (R).--Supt. of Schools, Chris Leone.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Don W. Wilkes, Chm., Cynthia A. Barrett, Mark S. Harris, Russell B. Hurley, Lu-Ann C. Zbinden; Alternates, Rick J. Boger-Hawkins, Thomas P. Carey, Laura J. Lemieux.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Daniel J. Kobylenski, Chm., Amanda Cannon, James F. Johnson IV, Gail J. Lavoie, Donald H. Moore; Alternates, Mark E. Beeman, Christopher C. Sanders, George Szydlowski.--Land Use Enforcement Officer, Martin J. Connor.--Conservation Comm., Anders A. Nygren, Chm., Paul B. Gallo, Iain M. Kinsella, Chris M. Marino, Jason A. Masi, Eugene L. Newell, Suzanne Newell.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Thomas R. Stansfield, Chm., Allen S. Kinsella, Lorraine M. Lucas, Johnathan H. Miller, Raymond A. Turri, Fredric W. Wadhams, Neal D. White.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Don W. Wilkes, Chm., Cynthia A. Barrett, Mark S. Harris, Russell B. Hurley, Lu-Ann C. Zbinden; Alternates, Rick J. Boger-Hawkins, Thomas P. Carey, Laura J. Lemieux.--Agent for the Elderly, Deb DiPietro.--Library Dirs., Patrick J. Reilly, Sr., Chm., Diana Y. Bernard, Darlene M. Demetri, Lucia L. Miller, Lynette A. Miller, Terri A. Truczinskas.--Municipal Historian, Henrietta C. Horvay.--Health Officer, Thomas A. Breakell.--Recreation Comm., Donald Patterson, Chm., Garret D. Harlow, Nanci J. Howard, Erin Hurlburt, Patrick Lucas, Al F. Torizzo.--Building Inspector, Chris Zibell.--Building Bd. of Appeals, Todd M. Carrusillo, Brandon W. Ives, Jeffrey D. Lindstrom, Theodore A. Panasci, Christopher J. Wright.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Christopher Zavagnin, Chm., Henrietta C. Horvay, Russell Hurley, Jeffrey D. Lindstrom, Theodore Panasci.--Animal Control Officer, Torrington Animal Control.--Tree Warden, Edward E. Perry, Jr.--Chief of Police, Robert P. Valentine.--Constables, Robert M. Goldberg, Peter A. Grusauskas, Henrietta C. Horvay, Brandon W. Ives, William P. Lane, Anders A. Nygren, Alfred L. Shull.--Chief of Fire Dept., R. Barry Hall.--Fire Marshal, William Baldwin.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Martin Connor, Chm., William P. Lane, Donald M. Sage; Alternate, Antonio F. Damiani.--Civil Preparedness Dir., R. Christopher Mitchell.--Town Attys., Roraback and Roraback.--Justices of the Peace, Suzette L. Barker, Diana Y. Bernard, Edward Bixler, Janice C. Connor, Stanley P. Danielczuk, Robert L. Fisher, Jr., Robert M. Goldberg, Maureen M. Goodhouse, Peter A. Grusauskas, Henrietta C. Horvay, Darlene A. Krukar, Ronald F. Nodine, Michelle J. Pannullo, Victoria B. Sansing.
GRANBYHartford County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town manager.)--Inc., Oct., 1786; taken from Simsbury. Total area: 40.8 sq. miles; land area: 40.7 sq. miles. Population: est., 11,247. Voting districts: 2. Rural residential community with a variety of community retail, service and office commercial developments designed to meet the needs of the residential community. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of the Connecticut Transit from Hartford and Granby. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Granby 06035, North Granby 06060, and West Granby 06090.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Karen I. Hazen; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Wed.; 8:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M., Thurs.; 8:00 A.M.-12:30 P.M., Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 15 No. Granby Rd., 06035-2125; Tel., (860) 844-5308; FAX, (860) 653-4769. Website: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Susan Larson, Jini Ruscitti.--Selectmen, 1st, B. Scott Kuhnly (R), Sally S. King (D), James C. Lofink (D), Mark C. Neumann (R), Edward E. Ohannessian (R).--Town Mgr., John D. Ward.--Treas., John E. Adams.--Bd. of Finance, Michael B. Guarco, Jr., Chm., Gordon C. Bischoff, William J. Kennedy, Frederick A. Moffa, OD, Kelly O. Rome, Alfred G. Wilke.--Tax Collector, Lauren C. Stuck.--Agricultural Comm., Michelle A. Niedermeyer, Chm., Annie Hornish, John D. O'Brien, Willian P. O’Leary, Erin S. Pirro, Timothy J. Squier, Ellen L. Whitlow.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Lowell C. Johnson, Chm., Daniel Chapple, Celia Eggert.--Assessor, Susan J. Altieri.--Registrars of Voters, Laura A. Wolfe (D), Paul R. Willis (R).--Town Moderator, John E. Adams.--Supt. of Schools, Alan Addley.--Bd. of Education, Melissa E. Migliaccio, Chm., Jenny Emery, Mark Fiorentino, Lynn Guelzow, Sarah Thrall, Rosemarie T. Weber, Brandon C. Webster.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Paula H. Johnson, Chm., Jonathan T. Boardman, Margaret Q. Chapple, Charles O. Kraiza, Eric Lukingbeal, Eric W. Myers, James R. Sansone; Alternates, Christine L. Chinni, Brennan J. Sheahan.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Wayne E. Chapple, Chm., Ann Crimmins, Judy A. Goff, Robert M. Lindeyer, William L. Percival; Alternates, David J. Hennessey, William P. O'Leary, Suzanne L. Yucha.--Development Comm., Martin F. Schwager, Chm., James K. Caldwell, Henry "Matt" F. Garrett, Jr., Kenneth O. Kuhl, Daniel O'Connell, Robert J. Rome.--Conservation Comm., Victoria K. Dirienzo, Chm., Barry K. Avery, Matt Brady, Lana M. Ferguson, Peter L. Jalbert, Kent R. McCord, William J. Sleavin.--Inland Wetlands Comm., David W. Tolli, Chm., Wayne J. Cahoon, Frederic B. Jones, John L. Laudati, Aurelle Locke, Richard J. Van Nostrand, Ronald W. Winsor.--Comm. on Aging, Patricia E. Sansone, Chm., Mae L. Collins, Jean A. Donihee-Perron, Philip D. Main, Kathryn M. Miller, Shirley W. Ryan, Susan M. Schoepflin, Donna Snyder, David L. Watkins; Sandra Yost, Municipal Agent for Elderly.--Library Bd., Judith A. Guarco, Chm., Carol Y. Bressor, Robert P. Donna, Valerie J. Eastwood, Matthew R. Hamer, Patricia "Pam" M. Jones, Patricia L. Kennedy, Lynn G. Lochhead, Elizabeth E. Nichols-Newman; Kathleen "Kelly" Marszycki, Dir. of Library Svs.--Park and Recreation Bd., Suzanne L. Yucha, Chm., Jennifer P. Bilodeau, Peter Gunn, Sheryl Litchfield, Saverio Mancini, Kathy D. Ungerleider, vacancy.--Dir. of Recreation and Leisure Svs., Thomas J. Tyburski.--Dir. of Public Works, Kirk A. Severance.--Town Engineer, Kevin Clark.--Building Official, William R. Volovski.--Sanitarian, Jennifer Kertanis.--Dir. of Community Development, Abigail E. St. Peter Kenyon.--Chief of Police, Carl G. Rosensweig.--Chief of Fire Dept., John E. Horr.--Fire Marshal, Richard Jones, Jr.--Dir. of Emergency Mgmt., Richard Jones, Jr.--Town Atty., Richard P. Roberts.--Justices of the Peace, John E. Adams, June E. Ashworth, Florence Bischoff, Margaret Q. Chapple, Nancy B. Colton, Norman Council, Fred B. Feins, Brita L. Gotberg, Barbara A. Healy, Michelle G. Hebert, Lowell C. Johnson, Sally S. King, B. Scott Kuhnly, Celia R. Lofink, William J. Simanski, William F. Smith, Jr., Steven C. Vernale.
GREENWICHFairfield County.--(Form of government, representative town meeting, selectmen, board of finance.)--Settled, 1640, submitted to Connecticut, Oct. 6, 1656. Total area: 67.2 sq. miles; land area: 47.8 sq. miles. Population: est., 62,359. Voting districts: 21. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Metro North Commuter Railroad Co. and buses of Connecticut Transit between Old Greenwich and Stamford; from Stamford and Port Chester, NY, and buses of Greyhound and Trailways. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices: Greenwich, Cos Cob, Glenville, Old Greenwich, and Riverside.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Carmella C. Budkins; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 101 Field Point Rd., P.O. Box 2540, 06836-2540; Tel., (203) 622-7897; FAX, (203) 622-3767. Website: Clerk, Kimberley D. Jordan.--Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Barbara Lowden.--Moderator, Representative Town Meeting, Thomas J. Byrne.--Selectmen, 1st, Peter J. Tesei (R), Tel., (203) 622-7710, (203) 622-7711, Sanford "Sandy" Litvack (D), John F. Toner (R).--Town Admin., Benjamin Branyan.--Treas., Kathleen Murphy.--Bd. of Ethics, Paul DeBary, Chm., Robert Grele, Rev. Ian Jeremiah, John Margenot, Robert Sisca.--Comptroller, Peter Mynarski.--Tax Collector, Howard Richman.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Richard F. Kriskey, Mary B. McNamee, Mark Pruner, Jeff F. Reardon, Laurence Simon.--Bd. of Estimate and Taxation, Michael S. Mason, Chm., John Blankley, Bill Drake, Mary Lee Kiernan, Elizabeth Krumeich, Jim Lash, Leslie Moriarty, Arthur D. Norton, Jill Oberlander, Jeffrey S. Ramer, Leslie L. Tarkington, Nancy Weissler.--Assessor, Lauren Elliott.--Registrars of Voters, Michael Auriela (D), Fred Decaro (R).--Supt. of Schools, Jill Gildea.--Bd. of Education, Peter Bernstein, Chm., Jennifer Dayton, Gaetane Francis, Meghan Olsson, Barbara O’Neill, Lauren Rabin, Peter Sherr, Kathleen Stowe.--Town Planner, Katie DeLuca.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Richard Maitland, Chm., Margarita Alban, H. Andrew Fox, Peter Levy, Nicholas Macri.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Patricia Kirkpatrick, Chm., Arthur Delmhorst, Lawrence Larsen, Wayne Sullivan.--Housing Auth., Sam Romeo, Chm., James Boutelle, Abe Curdumi, Vincent Defina, Cathy Landy, Angelo Pucci.--Conservation Comm., William C. Rutherford, Chm., Sue Baker, Eric V. P. Brower, Nancy S. Dickinson, Lisette Henrey, Urling Searle, Gary Silberberg.--Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency, Brian Harris, Chm., Elliot Benton, William W. Galvin, Norma Kerlin, Joseph E. L. Rogers, Jay Schondorf, Stephana Skouralos.--Historic Dist. Comm., Stephen Bishop, Chm., Serena Bechtel, Katie Brown, Artis Crist, Martin Kagan, Phyllis Sheridan, Darius Torbay.--Municipal Historian, vacancy.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., Peter Finkbeiner, Aubrey Mead, Jr., Edward J. Schmeltz, John Stankunas.--Comm. on Aging, Patricia Burns, Chm., Francis Burgweger, Carol A. Burns, James Dougherty, Anne Marie Hynes, Steven Katz, Ellen M. Wolfson.--Bd. Of Human Svs., Annalisa Fernandez, Alan Gunzburg, Abbott Jones, Jeffrey Medina, Barbara Nolan, Natalie Queen, Winston Robinson; Alan Barry, Comr.--Dir. of Health, Caroline Baisley.--Bd. of Health, Robert Carangelo, Chm., Mark Armstrong, Andrew Bronin, Dr. Marilyn R. Cahn, Julia Chiappetta, Vick S. Sandhu, Kurt Schaffir.--Library Dirs., Greenwich: Barbara Ormerod-Glynn; Perrot Memorial: Kevin McCarthy.--Bd. of Parks and Recreation, Nancy Caplan, Gary P. Dell'Abate, Frank D. DiVencenzo, John Hartwell, Scott Johnson, Rick Loh, Thomas McGarrity, Patrick Slyne.--Harbor Mgmt. Comm., Frank Mazza, Chm., Bruce Angiolillo, Bernard Armstrong, Lile R. Gibbons, Stephen Kinner, Peter J. Quigley, Gary Silberberg, Michal J. VonOss, vacancy.--Dir. of Public Works, Amy Siebert.--Town Traffic Engineer, vacancy.--Supt. of Highways, Joseph Roberto.--Tree Warden, Bruce Spaman.--Purchasing Agent, Charles Zsebik.--Building Inspector, William Marr.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Thomas Cholnoky, Karen Cuscina, Michael Franco, William Lavalette.--Supt. of Sanitation, Sewer Div., vacancy.--Nuisance Abatement Officer, vacancy.--Chief of Police, James Heavey.--Constables, James J. Fahy, Donna Maloney, Michael Pittocco, Siegrun G. Pottgen, Dominick R. Romeo, Jr., Tony Stelutti, John Thompson.--Chief of Fire Dept., Peter Siecienski.--Town Atty., J. Wayne Fox.--Justices of the Peace, Fred Baker, Bill Bambrick, Louise Bavis, Jesus Bojorquez, Elizabeth Bonsal, John P. Booth, Jr., Suzanne Cahill, Glen Canner, Carl G. R. Carlson, Jr., James Clifford, Jeffrey A. Cooper, Edward Dadakis, Richard A. Delman, C. Nick Edwards III, James Fahy, Frank Farricker, Karen Fassuliotis, Diane Chiappetta Fox, Laura G. Grad, John E. Harkins, Jonathan D. Hunt, Richard Kriskey, Lawrence Larson, Linda A. Lavery, David M. Lehn, Emily Mommsen, Penny Monahan, Jeffrey S. Ramer, Heather Reed, Stuart Reider, Carol Grey Romaine, Dominick Romeo, Mary B. Romeo, David Stich, Frank Trotta, George Von Tobel, John K. Wetmore, Lily Wong.
GRISWOLDNew London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, board of finance, town meeting.)--Inc., Oct., 1815; taken from Preston. Total area: 37.1 sq. miles; land area: 35.0 sq. miles. Population: est., 11,719. Voting districts: 2. Principal industries: antiques, tourism, warehousing, agriculture and poultry farming. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Southeast Area Transit (SEAT). Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Jewett City/Griswold.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Valerie A. Pudvah; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon.-Wed.; 8:30 A.M.-6:30 P.M., Thurs.; 8:30 A.M.-1:00 P.M., Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 28 Main St., P.O. Box 369, 06351; Tel., (860) 376-7060, ext. 2100; FAX, (860) 376-7070. Website: E-mail: Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Jaimee O'Neill-Eaton.--Selectmen, 1st, Todd Babbitt (D), Tel., (860) 376-7060, ext. 2201, Ed Burke (R), Steven H. Merchant, Sr. (D).--Treas., Linda Cote.--Bd. of Finance, Scott M. Davis, Chm., Brian Baker, Valerie Grills, Gary S. Levy, Steve Mikutel, Gail J. Rooke-Norman, Daniel E. Webster.--Tax Collector, Leona Sharkey.--Assessor, Evelyn Spagnolo.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Carl R. Brown, Lewis A. Button III, Fred Marzec.--Registrars of Voters, Indigo Cohen (D), Brooke Deiger (R).--Supt. of Schools, Sean McKenna.--Bd. of Education, Franklin Everett, Theresa Madonna, Mary Elizabeth Malin, Jennifer Norman, Stuart R. Norman, Jr., Yvonne Palasky, Laurie Sorder.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Charlotte Geer, Courtland Kinnie, James Krueger, Erik Kudlis, Martin McKinney; Alternates, Frank Imperato, John Michels, Peter Zvingilas.--Town Planner, Mario Tristany.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Theodore A. Faulise, Dorothy Faulise-Doucette, Theresa Madonna, Mary Ann Manning, William J. Przylucki; Alternates, Duane Button, Gordon Santerre, Joseph Savino.--Housing Auth., Paul J. Brycki, Tina Falck, Richard Grabowski, Judith Merrill, Charles Sabrowski, Donald Walsh.--Conservation and Inland Wetlands Comm., Courtland Kinnie, Chm., Lauren Churchill, Lawrence Laidley, Clarence Merrill, Glen Norman, Robert Parrette, Gary Serdechny; Alternates, Martin McKinney, two vacancies.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Courtland Kinnie, Chm., Lauren Churchill, Lawrence Laidley, Clarence Merrill, Glen Norman, Robert Parrette, Gary Serdechny; Alternates, Martin McKinney, two vacancies.--Municipal Historian, Mary Rose Deveau.--Comm. on Aging, Tina Falck, Agent.--Dir. of Health, Uncas Heath Dist.--Recreation Comm., Darren Drobiak, Kristin Goodwin, Retina Luft, Carol Mauro, Jay Rainier; Alternates, Ericka Bevis, Ken Willey, vacancy; Ryan Aubin, Dir.--Dir. of Public Works, Todd Babbitt.--Tree Warden, Paul Brycki.--Building Inspector, Jack Cipriano.--Sanitarian, Uncas Health District.--Sewer Auth., Paul Brycki, Chester Greczkowski, Monique Manuzzi, Elinor Rix-Greczkowski.--Chief, Griswold Volunteer Fire Dept., Thomas Holowaty.--Fire Marshal/Civil Preparedness Dir., Fred Marzec.--Town Atty., Suisman and Shapiro.--Justices of the Peace, Gina Barber, Gary Beaulac, Joyce Brewster, Cathlene D. Briody, Bruce Cadieux, Patrick Chao, Christine M. Cote, William Czmyr, Brooke Deiger, Dorothy F. Doucette, Richard Eighme, Joann Girard, Heather Glover, James Jennerwein, Joanne Kerr, James Krueger, Marjorie H. Lang, Theresa Madonna, Maryann Manning, Cynthia Martin, Sally Ann Mattera, Michelle M. Morris, Stuart R. Norman, Jr., John Nyszczy III, Sylvia Nyszczy, Carol A. Ouillette, Marie Quinn, Gerald Robb, Jr., Kevin Skulczyck, Richard Smith, William D. Stetson, Suzanne T. Wilson, Jacalyn Yonts.
GROTON. New London County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council, representative town meeting.)--Inc., May 10, 1705; taken from New London. Total area: 45.2 sq. miles; land area: 31.3 sq. miles. Population: est., 39,261. Voting districts: 7. Principal industries: construction of submarines, pharmaceutical research and development, precision castings, Naval Submarine Base/School, shipbuilding, tourism. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Amtrak and by buses of Southeast Area Transit (SEAT) from New London and Norwich. Freight: Served by numerous common carriers. Airplane service, Groton-New London Airport. Post offices: Groton, West Mystic, Noank, Groton Long Point, City of Groton, Old Mystic, Mystic, Submarine Base.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Betsy Moukawsher; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 45 Fort Hill Rd., 06340-4394; Tel., (860) 441-6640; FAX, (860) 441-6703. Website: E-mail: Town Clerk, Dawn Rahilly.--Asst. Town Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Nathan Caron, Michael Thorpe.--Town Mgr., John Burt.--Assistant Town Mgr., Robert Zagami.--Town Council, David Atwater, Rachael Franco, Mayor Patrice Granatosky, Conrad F. Heede, Rich Moravsik, Lian Obrey, Juliette Parker, Rita Schmidt, Joe Zeppieri.--Representative Town Meeting, Moderator Syma Ebbin; Karin Adams, Robert Bailey, Alicia T. Bauer, Portia Borderlon, Clarence Casper, Kathy Chase, Mallory Doyle, Thomas Frickman, James Gustavson, Autumn Hanscom, Bobbi Jo Cini, Rosanne Kotowski, Brandon Marley, Douglas R. Marshall, Robert Martin, Jackie Massett, Bruce A. McDermott, Juan Melendez, Roscoe Merritt, Nancy Mello Miller, Doug Monaghan, Scott L. Newsome, Cutter Oliver, Richard Pasqualini, Shelia Perry, Shawn Powers, Carolann Quinn, Kate Richards, Anni Rodgers, Reginald Stanford, Irma Streeter, James Streeter, Judith N. Strode, Patricia Wagner, Beverly Washington, Gary Welles, Michael Whitehouse, Michael Whitney, two vacancies.--Dir. of Finance, Cindy R. Landry.--Town Tax Collector, Melissa McGuire.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Charles E. Stevens, Chm., James R. Mitchell, John W. Parfitt, Jr.; Alternates, Randy Atkinson, John F. Piacenza, vacancy.--City and Town Assessor, Mary Gardner.--Registrars of Voters, Paul Duarte (D), Kristen D. Venditti (R).--Supt. of Schools, Michael H. Graner, Ph.D.--Bd. of Education, Kim Shepardson Watson, Chm., Andrea L. Ackerman, Vice Chm., Katrina Fitzgerald, Jane Giulini, Gretchen Z. Newsome, Rosemary Robertson, Rita Volkmann, Jay Weitlauf, Lee White.--Planning Comm., Jeffrey C. Pritchard, Chm., Hal Zod, Vice Chm./Secy., Michael D. Kane, Margil L. Steinford, Barbara Tarbox; Alternates, three vacancies.--Zoning Comm., Susan K. Sutherland, Chm., Stephen Hudecek, Vice Chm., Susan Marquardt, Secy., Susan Sayer, Douglas A. Smith; Alternates, Susan Archer, Mike Edgerton.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Edward Stebbins, Chm., Floyd Kravits, Vice Chm., Tom Manning, Secy., Richard Fitzgerald, Scott Russotto; Alternates, William Mencer, two vacancies.--Economic Development Comm., Catherine Young, Chm., Craig Melin, Vice Chm., Dave Cote, Secy., Marc Denno, Susan M. Dowling, William Groves, Karen Hatcher, Peter Legnos, George W. Mathanool, David Preka; Aaron Brooks, Groton Utilities Liaison.--Housing Auth./Redevelopment Agency, Nancy S. Codeanne, Chm., Robert Frink, Vice Chm., Alma Margaret Burns, John P. Casey, Paul Filippetti; Robert Cappeletti, Exec. Dir.--Fair Rent Comm., Robert A. Deveau, Jr., Michael J. Kindle, three vacancies; Alternates, two vacancies.--Harbor Mgmt., Paul Bates, Chm., Francis L. Crowley, William G. Gaynor, Ann Sloan Rankin, Kenneth Steere; Alternate, Frederick L. Allen.--Retirement Bd., John Burt Chm., Robin Moulding, Denis M. O'Brien, Mark R. Oefinger, Carol W. Pratt, vacancy.--Conservation Comm., Brae Rafferty, Chm., Chad Frost, Vice Chm., Michael J. Dunphy, Larry Dunn, Deborah Finco, Michele Fitzpatrick, Penny Newbury.--Inland Wetlands Agency, David Scott, Chm., Eunice Sutphen, Vice Chm., Barbara Block, Secy., Robert L. Ashworth, Barbara Williams; Alternates, William Beglau, vacancy.--Permanent School Building Comm., Michael Doyle, Jamie Giordano, Douglas Manfred, Christina Post, David E. Russell, Kevin Trejo.--Historic Dist. Comm., Sarah D. Moriarty, Chm., Mark J. Somers, Vice Chm., Todd F. Brady, Donna Brewer, William C. Everett; Alternates, Donald Levenson, two vacancies.--Municipal Historian, James L. Streeter.--Agent for the Children/Agent for the Elderly/Dir. of Social Svs., Marjorie D. Fondulas.--Dir. of Ledge Light Health Dist., Stephen Mansfield.--Library Bd., Marie C. Shaw, Chm., Katherine Brighty, Laurel Butler, Marilyn Comrie, Rosemary E. Duval-Arnould, Hali Keeler, Barbara Nagy, Carl Strand III, vacancy; Betty Anne Reiter, Dir.--Parks and Recreation Comm., James Kamercia, Chm., June I. Evered, Steven D. Peirce, two vacancies; Mark T. Berry, Dir.--Dir. of Public Works, Gary J. Schneider.--Purchasing Agent, Eileen Cardillo.--Tree Warden, vacancy.--Building Inspector, Kevin Quinn.--Water Pollution Control Auth., David G. Williams, Chm., Laura Baller, Edward H. Eckelmeyer, John Wirzbicki, vacancy.--Shellfish Comm., Edward Martin, Chm., A. Neil Brown, Jr., Secy., Stephen P. Jones, Roger Sherman, Paul Watts; Alternates, Jean-Claude Ambroise, Joseph Kane, Robert R. Occhialini.--Chief of Police, Louis J. Fusaro, Jr.--Fire Depts., Center Groton: Derek Fauntleroy, Chief; Richard Branche, Marshal. City of Groton: Nicholas Delia, Chief/Marshal. Groton Long Point: Mark DeBiasi, Chief; Charles Chaffee, Marshal. Mystic: Frank C. Hilbert, Chief/Marshal. Noank: David M. Steel, Chief; Charles Chaffee, Marshal. Old Mystic: Ken Richards, Jr., Chief/Marshal. Poquonnock Bridge: Joseph W. Winski, Chief; Kale Kiely, Marshal. West Pleasant Valley: Nicholas Delia, Fire Marshal. Civil Preparedness Dir., vacancy.--Town Atty., Eileen M. Duggan.--Justices of the Peace, Sultan Ahamed, Krystal R. Alexander, Dean G. Antipas, Diane Barber, Nancy S. Codeanne, Wanda L. DeCoteau, Richard D. Dixon, Marian K. Galbraith, Christopher Grasso, Joyce K. Hedrick, Frederick L. Jackson, Jim Loughlin, Bruce McDermott, Kevin McMahon, James M. Morgan, Lian Obrey, John F. Scott IV, James R. Sherrard, Matthew H. Shulman, Susan S. Slusarz, Heather Somers, Reginald C. Stanford, Barbara Tarbox, Harry Watson, Marie T. Wiley, Chaz Zezulka.
CITY OFFICERS. For recording of all legal instruments see Town of Groton above. (Form of government, mayor, council.) Inc. as a borough, Jan., 1903; inc. as a city, May 4, 1964. Voting districts, 2.--City Clerk, Debra J. Patrick; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, 295 Meridian St., 06340; Tel., (860) 446-4102; FAX, (860) 446-4109.--Mayor, Keith Hedrick (D).--Councilors, Jamal Beckford, Rashaad Carter, Gweneviere Depot, Lawrence Gerrish, Jill Rusk, Stephen T. Sheffield.--Dir. of Finance, Ronald Yuhas.--Retirement Bd., Mayor Keith Hedrick, Chm., Martin Artale, David Collard, Lawrence Gerrish, Patricia Leiteau, Duane Rush, George Scully, Dan Tompkins, vacancy.--City Planner, Barbara Goodrich.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Paul Kunkemoeller, Chm., Susan Bergeron, Aundre Bumgardner, Michael Collins, Girard Keeler, William Robarge, Irma Streeter; Alternate, vacancy.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Kathleen Harkins, Chm., Susan Bennett, Barbara Frucht, Robert Walker; Alternates, David Hale, Nolan Nixon.--Rental Housing Code Bd. of Appeals, Michael Coleman, Beverly Frattali, Allen Palmer, two vacancies; Alternates, two vacancies.--Eastern Point Historic Dist. Comm., Mark Whalen, Chm., Cheryl Auerbach, Marcia Gipstein, Mark Granatosky, Bernadette Kunkemoeller; Alternate, Lawrence Taylor.--Conservation and Inland Wetlands Comm., Richard Palmieri, Chm., Anthony Chirillo, Richard Mears, Karen Valente; Alternate, Kimberly Estep.--Utility Comm., Keith Hedrick, Chm., Paul Duarte, Jeff Godley, George Scully.--Bozrah Utility Comm., Mayor Keith Hedrick, Chm., Seymour Adelman, Scott Barber, Paul Duarte, Jeff Godley, George Scully, Richard Tanger, Ralph Winslow.--Bd. of Ethics, Robert Zuliani, Chm., Barbara Dutton, Lori Hellum, Jackie Massett, Mark Whalen.--Beach and Park Comm., Alfred Restivo, Chm., William Borysewicz, Gail Kelly, Lori McClain, Scott Nadeau, Mary Pratt, Janet Romanelli, Edith Williams.--Parks and Recreation Dir., Mary K. Hill.--Purchasing Agent, David McCord.--Harbor Mgmt. Comm., Robert Austin-LaFrance, Chm., Richard Burke, William Gaynor, Mark Maugle; Alternates, Girard Keeler, two vacancies.--Zoning and Building Official, Carlton Smith.--Ledge Light Health Dist. Dir., Baker Salsbury.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Andrew Walz, four vacancies; Alternates, two vacancies.--Chief of Police, Michael Spellman; Deputy Chief of Police, Michael Guillot.--Chief of Fire Dept./Fire Marshal, Nicholas DeLia; Deputy Chief, Robert Tompkins.--Civil Preparedness Dir., Michael Spellman.
GUILFORDNew Haven County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Settled, 1639; named, July 6, 1643. Total area: 49.7 sq. miles; land area: 47.1 sq. miles. Population: est., 22,277. Voting districts: 4. Principal industries: agriculture and manufacturing. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Connecticut Transit from New Haven, and by Greyhound and Trailways. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post office: Guilford. Eleven rural free delivery routes.
TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Anna J. Dwyer; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 31 Park St., 06437-2629; Tel., (203) 453-8001. Website: Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Paula Wilson, Elisa C. Young.--Selectmen, 1st, Matthew T. Hoey III (R), Tel., (203) 453-8015; FAX, (203) 453-8467, Louis M. Federici (D), Charles Havrda (R), Susan K. Renner (R), Sandra Ruoff (D).--Finance Officer, Maryjane Malavasi.--Bd. of Finance, Michael Ayles, Chm., Jeffrey Beatty, Kenneth Gamerman, Ken McKenzie, Meghan Scanlon, Jonathan Trotta, Veronica Wallace.--Tax Collector, Debi Milano.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Dennis Dostert, Amanda Sansone Popplewell, Arnold Skreha; Alternates, Carol Cusano, Kathy Mitchell.--Assessor, Edmund A. Corapinski.--Registrars of Voters, Louise Graver (D), Gloria Nemczuk (R).--Supt. of Schools, Paul Freeman, Ed.D.--Bd. of Education, William M. Bloss, Chm., Gary Kaisen, Vice Chm., Vincent Baglio, Kathleen Balestracci, Christine Cohen, Moira Rader, Ted Sands, Amy Sullivan.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Francesco Michael D'Andrea, Chm., Allyn Brown, Sean Cosgrove, Joshua Hershman, Philip Johnson, Matthew Yorsinski; Alternates, Scott Edmund, two vacancies.--Town Planner, George Kral.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Gregory Lattanzi, Chm., Joseph Ametrano, Jr., Michael Basso, Dennis Postert, vacancy; Alternates, Brittany Mirles, vacancy.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Erin Mannix.--Historic Dist. Comm., Ann Street, Chm., John Cunningham, Randall McCartney, Reno Migani, Jr., Susanna Smith; Alternates, Teresa Buchanan, Michael Philip Mancini, Michael Sulzbach.--Economic Development Comm., Mark Wasserman, Chm., Robert Cuozzo, Damian Gunningsmith, Michael Meisel, Michael Orce, Fran Peranto, Mark White, Theodore Sands; Alternates, Michael Demeo, Wendy Dockray, David Egan.--Housing Auth., Peter Palumbo, Chm., Patricia Casey, Laurie Desmet, Peter Muszynski, Colleen Otis.--Conservation Comm., Laura Collins, Chm., Emily Chello, Patrizia DiLonardo, Laura Malis, Paul Mei, Sarah Torff; Alternates, Janet Ainsworth, Jaime Mastrobuoni, two vacancies.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Kevin Clark, Chm., Eva Besmer, Paul Mei, Richard Meier, Calvin Page, Jeffrey Parker, David Williams; Alternates, Susan Anderheggen, two vacancies.--Aquifer Protection Agency, Francesco Michael D'Andrea, Chm., Allyn Brown, Sean Cosgrove, Joshua Hershman, Philip Johnson, Matthew Yorsinski; Alternates, Scott Edmund, George Underhill, vacancy.--Harbor Mgmt. Comm., K. J. Lee, Clifford McGuire, Jr., John Thommen, Chris Tietjen; Alternates, Peter Beauvais, Theresa Hedleston.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., Louis Federici, Charles Harvda, Charles E. Herrschaft, Matthew T. Hoey III, James Portley, Susan Renner, Sandra Ruoff.--Shellfish Comm., Stephen Goldschmidt, Chm., Peter Charland, Anthony Delucia, John Hall, Keith Harvey, Edwin Lombard, John Sieviec; Alternate, Robert Berger.--Social Svs. Dir., Tammy C. DeFrancesco.--Human Svs. Council, Terry Bergantino, Chm., Paula Baraket, Claire Kincade Dunn, Pamela Ellman, Nora Frado, Catherine O'Keefe, Liza Petra, Chris Ruser, vacancy.--Dir. of Health, Dennis Johnson.--Library Dirs., Bonnie Garmisa, Pres., Jeffrey Beatty, Maureen Belden, Wendy Bluemling, Dennis Culliton, Rob Curry, Gerard DeNegre, Catherine Dinauer, Susan Gibbons, Julie McSweet, Helen Rizzo, Marta Slattery, Carl Zimmer.--Municipal Historian, Joel E. Helander.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Rose Dostert, Chm., Mark Coppola, Claire Kincaid Dunn, John Jagielski, Suzanne McDermott, Tara Hunt Melvin, Lawrence Rooney, Judy Sullivan, Diane Vansteerbergen; Rick Maynard, Dir.--Dir. of Youth and Family Svs., Lynn Landry.--Town Engineer/Dir. of Public Works, James Portley.--Tree Warden, Kevin Magee.--Building Inspector, William Thody.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Charles Alberico, Chris Anderheggen, Russell Campaigne, Bernie Lombardi, Gary M. Tierney.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Joseph Nugent, Chm., Barry Stratton, Vice Chm., Lawrence Marcik, Brendan Mauer, two vacancies.--Marina Comm., Bernie Lombardi, Chm., Roger Celesk, Michael Crossley, Al Dimarzio, Clifford McGuire, Jr.; Alternate, Stephen Goldschmidt.--Chief of Police, Jeffrey Hutchinson; Deputy, Warren Hyatt.--Police Comm., Jeffrey Hedberg, Chm., P. Martha Carlson, Paul Chello, Michael Mikolay, Fred Trotta.--Chief of Fire Dept./Fire Marshal/Civil Preparedness Dir., Charles E. Herrschaft, Jr.--Asst. Fire Chief, Mike Shove.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Kenneth Wilson, Jr., Chm., Anita Catardi, Gary Gilbert, Barbara Hemming, Dean Mitchell.--Town Atty., Michael Dorney.--Justices of the Peace, Cynthia M. Cartier, Paul Chello, Robert A. Decesare, Jr., Rose A. Dostert, Theresa Garceau, Barbara A. Hammarlund, Matthew T. Hoey III, Peter Hawley Johnson, Kevin Lembo, Gloria Nemczuk, Colleen A. Otis, Robert J. Robinson, Richard W. Steeves, Jonathan Trotta, Veronica Wallace.