In order to practice social distancing and slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), public access to our building, 165 Capitol Avenue, will be restricted. Although in-person interactions will be limited, our office staff will be available via email as normal. For the Business Services Division email and for the Legislative & Elections Administration Division email We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to return to normal business as soon as the immediate threat to public health has subsided.

THE ACORN CLUB. See Simsbury, The Acorn Club.
AMITY AND WOODBRIDGE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. See Woodbridge, Amity and Woodbridge Historical Society, Inc.
ANDOVER HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 3 Hebron Rd., 06232. Pres., Scott Yeomans; Vice Pres., Ed Shapiro; Treas., Irv Stanley. Website: E-mail:
ANTIQUARIAN AND LANDMARKS SOCIETY, INC., d.b.a. CONNECTICUT LANDMARKS. See Hartford, Antiquarian and Landmarks Society, Inc.
(ANSONIA) KOSCIUSZKO HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ANSONIA. Pres., vacancy; Vice Pres., vacancy; Secy., Helen Ptak; Treas., vacancy; Curator, Albert Kwaskiewicz. Website:
THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF CONNECTICUT, INC. See Norwalk, The Archaeological Society of Connecticut, Inc.
THE ASHFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Pres., Joan E. Bowley, 630 Westford Rd., 06278; Vice Pres., Gina Burnham; Secy., Kay Warren; Treas., Barbara B. Metsack. Website: E-mail:
AVON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 448, 06001-0448. Pres., Terri Wilson; Vice Pres., Helaine Bertsch; Secy., vacancy; Treas., Eric Throndson. Website:
BANTAM HISTORICAL SOCIETY.P.O. Box 436, 06750-0436. Pres., Richard Sheldon. E-mail:
BARKHAMSTED HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 100 East River Rd., P.O. Box 94, Pleasant Valley 06063-0094. Pres., Noreen Watson; Vice Pres., Paul Hart; Secy., Kristina Napolitano; Treas., Edward Bachman. Website: E-mail:
BEACON FALLS HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 171, 06403. Pres., Michael Krenesky; Vice Pres., Nancy Betkoski; Secy./Treas., Susan Gerchy; Town Historian, Steven Ruhl. Website: E-mail: Facebook:
BERLIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 305 Main St., Kensington 06037. Mailing address: P.O. Box 8192, Berlin 06037. Tel., (860) 828-5114. Pres., Sallie Caliandri; Vice Pres., Joe Kierwiak; Secy., Lorraine Stub, 2270 Chamberlain Hwy., Kensington 06037; Treas., Nancy Moran. Website:
BETHEL HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 40 Main St., 06801. Pres., Patricia Rist; 1st Vice Pres., Mary Ferri; 2nd Vice Pres., Molly Rollison; Secy., Kitty Grant, 23 Quaker Ridge Rd., 06801; Treas., Jeffrey Pagelson. Website:
(BETHLEHEM) OLD BETHLEM HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 132, 06751-0132. Pres., Jennifer Woodward; Vice Pres., Joseph Shupenis; Secy., Barbara Shupenis; Treas., Vincent Bove. Website: E-mail:
(BLOOMFIELD) WINTONBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 153 School St., P.O. Box 7454, 06002-7454. Tel., (860) 243-1531. Pres., William Weissenburger; Vice Pres., Ruthanne Marchetti, Elizabeth Merrow; Secy., Marilyn Johnston; Treas., Judy Dahlgren-Dechand. Old Farm School 1796 is open 1:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M., Sun., May-Oct. Website: E-mail:
BOLTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Pres., John B. Toomey, Jr.; Vice Pres./Acting Secy., Donna Tedford; Treas., Susan DePold; Town Historian, vacancy. Website:
BRANFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 124 Main St., P.O. Box 504, 06405-0504. Tel., (203) 488-4828 Pres., Matt Radulski; Vice Pres., John Daley; Cor. Secy., Susan Rood; Rec. Secy., Lexie Klarman; Treas., Josh Russo; Asst. Treas., Joe Naylor. Website: E-mail:
BRIDGEPORT COMMUNITY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Meetings are held at North Branch Library, 3455 Madison Ave., 06606. Mailing address: P.O. Box 1956, 06601-1956. Pres., Audrey Blair; Vice Pres., vacancy; Secy., Ann Martin; Treas., Audrey Blair. Website:
BRIDGEWATER HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Pres., Audrey Wilkicki; Vice Pres., Eileen M. Buchheit; Secy., Laura Shail; Treas., Alan Michener, 76 Hemlock Rd., 06752. Tel., (860) 354-7827.
BRISTOL HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 98 Summer St., 06010. Mailing address: P.O. Box 1393, 06011-1393. Tel., (860) 583-5309. Pres., Mike Saman; 1st Vice Pres., Andrea Kapchensky; 2nd Vice Pres., Mary Houle; Secy., Noreen Zurell; Treas., Maya Bringe. Website: E-mail:
BROOKFIELD MUSEUM & HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 165 Whisconier Rd., P.O. Box 5231, 06804. Tel., (203) 740-8140. Pres., Bob Brown; Vice Pres., John Furlong; Secy., Don Winkley; Treas., Charles Allen. Website: E-mail:
BROOKLYN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 90, 06234-0090. Pres., Mary Beth Leonard; Vice Pres., Arlene Baril; Secy., Diane Wimmer; Treas., Ann Barry; Asst. Treas., Daniel Piotrowski; Curator, Elaine R. Knowlton. Website:
BURLINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 1215, 06013-0215. Pres., Stacey Glastris; Vice Pres., John Parente; Secy., Laurie Arel; Treas., Georgia Riberdy. Website: E-Mail:
(CANAAN) CONNECTICUT RAILROAD HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. Box 255, 06018-0255. Pres., Douglas E. Humes, Jr.; Vice Pres./Dir., Robyn S.Walsh; Secy., Kevin M. Curtis; Treas., Edward H. Scott. Website:  
(CANAAN) FALLS VILLAGE-CANAAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 206, Falls Village 06031-0206. Pres., Richard Heinz; Vice Pres., Ruth Adotte, Judy Jacobs; Cor. Secy., Lillian Lovett; Rec. Secy., Kay Blass, 127 Barnes Rd., Falls Village, 06031; Treas., Charles Lemmen; Asst. Curator, Kay Blass; South Canaan Meeting House Curator, Cheryl Aeschliman; Archivist/Curator, Mary Margaret Cortesi; Beebe Hill Schoolhouse Curator, Lillian Lovett. Website: E-mail:
(CANTERBURY) FINNISH AMERICAN HERITAGE SOCIETY OF CONNECTICUT. P.O. Box 252, 06331-0252. Pres., Steven Bousquet; Vice Pres., Stan Karro; Cor. Secy., Laura Sasser-Cuff; Rec. Secy., Rachel Linkkila; Membership Secy., Steven Coupe; Treas., Jobina Miller; Trustees, Saul Ahola, Jonathan Audette, Sue Coupe, June Leiss, Sean Tate. Website: E-mail:
CANTERBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 2, Canterbury 06331. Pres., Amy Orlomoski; Vice Pres., Robert Blackard; Former Pres., Ellen Wilson; Cor. Secy., Susan Munhall; Rec. Secy., Emily Logee-Savoie; Treas., William Kivic; Curator, Rob Munhall; Program Chm., Linda Orlomoski; Member-at-Large, John Baldwin. Website: E-mail: Facebook: Twitter:
CANTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 11 Front St., Collinsville 06019. Pres., Donald Scott; Vice Pres., Jennifer Asaro; Secy., Carol Barlow; Treas., Lorinda Pane; Curator, vacancy. Website: E-mail:
CHATHAM HISTORICAL SOCIETY. See East Hampton, Chatham Historical Society.
THE CHESHIRE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 43 Church Dr., 06410. Pres., Diane Calabro; Vice Pres., Cara Luciani; Rec. Secy., Mitzi Romano; Membership Secy., Justin Navarro; Treas., Shirley Brady; Curator, Karenne Gionet-Zentek; Asst. Curator, Judy Kollias. Website:
CHESTER HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 204, 9 West Main St, Chester, CT 06412-0204. Pres., Cary Hull; Vice Pres., Jenny Kitsen, Ed Meehan, Sandy Senior-Dauer; Secy., Nancy Watkins; Treas., Jo Anne Park; Curator, Diane Lindsay; Historian, Rob Miceli; Website: E-mail:
COLCHESTER HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 13, 06415-0013. Tel., (860) 537-4230. Pres., Mary Tomasi; Vice Pres., Linda Stoddard; Secy., James Ciaglo; Treas., Steve Kane. E-mail:
(COLCHESTER) SHELDON'S HORSE, THE SECOND CONTINENTAL LIGHT DRAGOONS. 192 Prospect Hill Rd., 06415. Tel., (860) 537-1761. Pres./Treas./Comdr., Salvatore F. Tarantino; Adjutant/Vice Pres., Eric Chandler; Secy., Elizabeth Henderson. Website: E-mail:
COLEBROOK HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 85, 06021-0085. Pres., Carol Lord; Vice Pres., Jan Rathbun; Cor. Secy., Robin Tillotsen; Rec. Secy., Judy Kochey; Treas., Sue Bremmer; Curator, Geraldine Kassel; Nominating Chm., Norma Spada. Website:
COLUMBIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 551, 06237. Exec. Bd.: Pres., Judy Ortiz; Vice Pres., Millie Ramsey; Secy., Jeanne Nuhfer; Treas., Beverly Ciurylo; Bd. of Dirs., Claude Garritt, Justin Holbrook, Janice Knight, Thomas McGrath, Anita Ramm (Town Historian Emeritus for the Town of Columbia), Andrea Stannard, Kathy Tolsdorf, Carmen Vance, Ingrid Wood (Town Historian for the Town of Columbia), Walt Woodward (Connecticut State Historian).
CONNECTICUT AERONAUTICAL HISTORICAL ASSOC., INC. See Windsor Locks, Connecticut Aeronautical Historical Assoc., Inc. (New England Air Museum).
CONNECTICUT ANCESTRY SOCIETY, INC. See Stamford, Connecticut Ancestry Society, Inc.
THE CONNECTICUT ELECTRIC RAILWAY ASSOC., INC. See East Windsor, The Connecticut Electric Railway Assoc., Inc.
THE CONNECTICUT FIREMEN'S HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. See Manchester, The Connecticut Firemen's Historical Society, Inc.
CONNECTICUT HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM AND LIBRARY. See Hartford, Connecticut Historical Society Museum and Library.
CONNECTICUT IRISH AMERICAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. See New Haven, Connecticut Irish American Historical Society.
THE CONNECTICUT LEAGUE OF HISTORICAL SOCIETIES, INC. See Middletown, The Connecticut League of Historical Societies, Inc.
CONNECTICUT RAILROAD HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION, INC. See Canaan, Connecticut Railroad Historical Assoc., Inc.
CONNECTICUT SOCIETY OF GENEALOGISTS, INC. See East Hartford, Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc.
CORNWALL HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 7 Pine St., P.O. Box 115, 06753-0115. Pres., Lisa Lansing-Simont; Vice Pres., Jill Cutler; Secy., Cindy Kirk; Treas., John Coffin. Website: E-mail:
COVENTRY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 534, 06238-0534. Pres., James Murphy; Vice Pres., Robert Visny; Secy., Daniel Gorka; Treas., Joyce Wicks. Website: E-mail:
CROMWELL HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 146, Cromwell 06416. Pres., Richard Franklin Donohue; Vice Pres., Barbara Grotheer; Cor. Secy., Cynthia Delaney; Rec. Secy., Gerald Seagrave; Treas., Barbara Lesi. Website: E-mail:
DANBURY MUSEUM AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY AUTHORITY. 43 Main St., 06810. Pres., Geoff Herald; Vice Pres., Paul Valeri; Secy., Marian Hesemeyer; Treas., Elizabeth Hudson; Exec. Dir., Brigid Guertin. Website: E:mail:
DARIEN HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 45 Old Kings Hwy., North, 06820. Pres., Robert Pascal, Jr.; Exec. Dir., Maggie McIntire. Website: E-mail:
THE DEEP RIVER HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Stone House, 245 Main St., 06417, P.O. Box 151, 06417-0151. Pres., Jeffrey D. Hostetler; Vice Pres. Historian/Curator, Rhonda Forristall; Secy., Sue Wisner; Treas., Cindi Stannard. Website:
DERBY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 331, 06418-0331. Pres., Albert Misiewicz, Jr., Derby; Secy., Dorothy Gleason, Beacon Falls; Treas., Michael Hokanson, Ansonia; Exec. Dir., Daniel L. Bosques, Ansonia. Website:  
THE DOROTHY WHITFIELD HISTORIC SOCIETY, INC. See Guilford, The Dorothy Whitfield Historic Society, Inc.
DURHAM HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 345, 06422-0345. Pres., Sarah Atwell; Vice Pres., John Miller; Secy., Margaret Atwell; Treas., Francis Korn. Website:
EAST GRANBY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 188, 06026-0188. Pres., Nancy Moody; Vice Pres., John Rusnock; Secy., Richard Woods; Treas., Philippe "Phil" Fontaine. Website:
THE EAST HADDAM HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 264 Town St., P.O. Box 27, 06423-0027. Tel., (860) 873-3944. Pres., Bruce Sievers; Vice Pres., Laurie Alt; Cor. Secy., Phil Piccola; Treas., Bill Barney; Exec. Dir., Marianne Halpin; Museum Staffing Dir., June Plecan. Open 12:30 P.M.-4:00 P.M., Sat.-Sun., Memorial Day-Columbus Day, Admission: $5.00 at door. Children under 12 and East Haddam Historical Society members free. Website: E-mail: Facebook:
(EAST HAMPTON) CHATHAM HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 6 Bevin Blvd., 06424. Pres., Sandra Doran, 60 Colchester Ave., 06424; Vice Pres., Carol Morris; Secy., Shirley Brooks; Treas., Michael Doran, 60 Colchester Ave., 06424. One room schoolhouse (1840) and museum open to public 2:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M. on the first Sun. of each month.
(EAST HARTFORD) CONNECTICUT SOCIETY OF GENEALOGISTS, INC. 175 Maple St., 06118. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 435, Glastonbury 06033-0435. Tel., (860) 569-0002. Pres., Richard C. Roberts; Vice Pres., Jenny Hawran; Secy., vacancy; Treas., Margaret "Peg" Limbacher; Asst. Treas., Diane LeMay; Office Mgr., Stephanie Hyland. Website: E-mail:
(EAST HARTFORD) THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF EAST HARTFORD, INC. P.O. Box 380166, 06138. Pres., Steven Strange; Vice Pres., Craig R. Johnson; Rec. Secy., Eileen Driscoll; Treas., Joyce Yoo. Website:
THE EAST HAVEN HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. One Maple St., P.O. Box 120052, 06512-0052. Tel., (203) 467-1766. Pres., vacancy; Vice Pres., vacancy; Cor. Secy., Barbara Esposito; Treas., Paul Garneau; Curator., Melanie Johnson; Dirs., Nicholas Bagnoli, David Campbell.
(EAST WINDSOR) THE CONNECTICUT ELECTRIC RAILWAY ASSOC., INC. 58 North Rd., P.O. Box 360, 06088-0360. Chm., Timothy P. Lesniak; Vice Chm., Christopher Shaw; Pres., Robert Brogle; Vice Pres., Lawrence J. Bryan; Corp. Secy., Sara Garthwait; Treas., Stephen Taylor; Business Mgr., Gina Maria Alimberti. Website: E-mail:
EAST WINDSOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Pres., Michael Hunt; Vice Pres., John Bajumpaa; Rec. Secy., Diane Lajoie; Cor. Secy., Beverly Titus; Treas., Larry Tribble. E-mail:
(EASTON) HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF EASTON, INC. P.O. Box 121, 06612-0121. Pres., Chester Burley; Vice Pres./Treas., Michael Howard; Secy., Elizabeth Boyce. Website: E-mail:
ELLINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 73, 06029-0073. Pres., Mark Maciolek; Vice Pres., Diane Trueb; Secy., Wanda DeLand; Treas., Marie Bedor. Website:
THE ENFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 1294 Enfield St., P.O. Box 586, 06083-0586. Pres., Bill Friday; Secy., Michael Miller; Treas., Paul D. Batchelder. Website: E-mail:
ESSEX HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 123, 06426-0123. Pres., Hank McInerney; Vice Pres., Theresa Sistare; Secy., Robin Chapin; Treas., John Bauer. Website:
ETHNIC HISTORICAL ARCHIVES CENTER OF NEW HAVEN. See New Haven, Ethnic Historical Archives Center of New Haven.
FAIRFIELD MUSEUM AND HISTORY CENTER. 370 Beach Rd., 06824-6639. Pres., Tom Kreitler; Vice Pres., Sharon Lauer; Secy., Thomas J. Walsh Jr.; Treas., Chris Daley; Exhibitions Curator, Laurie Pasteryak; Exec. Dir., Michael Jehle; Library Dir., Elizabeth Rose. Website: E-mail: 
FALLS VILLAGE-CANAAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. See Canaan, Falls Village-Canaan Historical Society.
FARMINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 1645, 06034-1645. Pres., Portia Corbett; Vice Pres., Nancy Nickerson; Secy., Ann Newbury; Treas., Fred Mullen. Website: E-mail:
FINNISH AMERICAN HERITAGE SOCIETY OF CONNECTICUT. See Canterbury, Finnish American Heritage Society of Connecticut.
FRANKLIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Mailing address: c/o Irene Morgan, 470 Pond Rd., North Franklin 06254. Pres., Irene Morgan; Vice Pres., vacancy; Secy., vacancy; Treas., Susan Allen Conow; Town Historian, Timothy Ayer. E-mail:
FRENCH-CANADIAN GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF CONNECTICUT, INC. See Tolland, French-Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut, Inc.
GAYLORDSVILLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 25, 06755-0025. Tel., (860) 355-0351. Pres., Aline Flynn; Vice Pres., Michael Flynn; Secy., Barbara D. Thorland; Treas., Celeste Bellemare. Website:
(GLASTONBURY) HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF GLASTONBURY, INC. P.O. Box 46, 06033-0046. Tel., (860) 633-6890. Pres., Donna Henrikson; Vice Pres., Julie Thompson; Secy., Debora Duch; Treas., Kathleen Pfeffer; Exec. Dir., vacancy; Dirs., Mike Berdan, Judy Harper, Mark Packard, Robert Shipman. Website: E-mail:
GOSHEN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 21 Old Middle St., P.O. Box 457, 06756-0457. Pres./Curator, Henrietta C. Horvay; Vice Pres., Marcia Barker; Secy., Theresa Walla Kelly; Treas., Cynthia Harmon. Website:
(GRANBY) SALMON BROOK HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Pres., Todd Vibert; Vice Pres., Richard Zlotnick; Secy., vacancy; Treas., Roger Hayes; Archivist/Curator, Carol Laun. Website:
THE GREENWICH HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Bush-Holley Historic Site, 47 Strickland Rd., Cos Cob, 06807. Co-chm., Haley Elmlinger; Co-chm., Catherine Tompkins; Co-Vice Chm., Barbara MacDonald, Co-Vice Chm., Anne Ogilvy; Cor. Secy., Isabel Malkin; Secy., David G. Ormsby; Treas., Leigh Ann Ryan; Exec. Dir., Debra L. Mecky. Website:
(GROTON) NOANK HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 17 Sylvan St., P.O. Box 9454, Noank 06340-9454. Pres., Deborah Bates; Vice Pres., Tim Pratt; Cor. Secy., Chris Lane; Rec. Secy., Shirley McFadden; Membership Secy., Andrea Lithgow; Treas., Stephen A. Anderson; Curator, Mary C. Anderson.
(GUILFORD) THE DOROTHY WHITFIELD HISTORIC SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 229, 06437-0229. Pres., Bob Donahue; Treas., Mairi Graham Bryan; Curators, Pamela M. Besse, Sandra Flatow. Website: E-mail:
GUILFORD KEEPING SOCIETY. Thomas Griswold House and Medad Stone Tavern, P.O. Box 363, 06437-0363. Pres., Robert Hartmann, Jr.; Vice Pres., Fran Swietlicki; Cor. Secy., Hope Ryan; Rec. Secy., Susan Stoddard; Treas., Thomas Black. Website:
THE HADDAM HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 97, 06438-0097. Pres., Terry Smith; Vice Pres., William Schneider; Secy., Emily Smith; Treas., Carl Conrad; Exec. Dir., Elizabeth Hart Malloy. Website: E-mail:
HAMDEN HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 185512, 06518-5512. Pres., Ken Minkema; Vice Pres., Eric Lehman; Municipal Historian, Dave Johnson; Rec. Secy., Betsy Gorman; Treas., Joseph J. Pepe. Website:
HAMPTON ANTIQUARIAN AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 12, 06247-0012. Pres., Susan Hochstetter; Vice Pres., Laura Petix; Cor. Secy., Angelika Hansen; Rec. Secy., Matt Flegert; Treas., Peter Witkowski.
(HARTFORD) ANTIQUARIAN AND LANDMARKS SOCIETY, INC., d.b.a. CONNECTICUT LANDMARKS. Amos Bull House, 59 South Prospect St., 06106. Co-Chm., James Parry, Co-Chm., Deborah Ullman; Vice Chm., Cornelius O'Leary; Secy., Susan Horn; Interim Exec. Dir., Beth Iacampo. Website: E-mail:
(HARTFORD) CONNECTICUT HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM AND LIBRARY. One Elizabeth St., 06105. Tel., (860) 236-5621. From programs for adults and kids to award-winning exhibits to a nationally significant research collection, the Connecticut Historical Society provides countless opportunities to actively explore Connecticut's diverse history. The permanent exhibit Making Connecticut displays over 500 historic objects, documents, and images spanning more than 400 years of our state's history and traces themes like immigration, social change, fashion, transportation, recreation, home life, and Connecticut at war. Hands-on activities throughout help kids of all ages connect to the big ideas. The CHS also features a permanent display of the nation's largest collection of early American inn and tavern signs and additional changing exhibits. The store offers Connecticut-made gifts, books, souvenirs, and refreshments. Museum and Research Center hours: Noon-5:00 P.M., Tues.-Thurs.; 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Fri. and Sat. Closed major holidays. Museum and Research Center admission: adults $12.00, seniors $10.00, students $8.00, and children 5 and under are free. Annual memberships start at $50.00. Group tours available for students and adults by reservation. Ample free parking. Check the website for directions, current exhibits, program listings, admission fees, and more information about the research center. Website:
(HARTFORD) CONNECTICUT'S OLD STATE HOUSE. 800 Main St., Hartford 06103. Tel., (860) 522-6766; FAX, (860) 522-2812. Website: E-mail: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Operated by the Connecticut General Assembly. Begin your visit to Hartford with a self-guided tour of this 1796 National Historic Landmark, one of the nation's oldest state houses. Hands-on and family-friendly activities can be found throughout the building. Explore the exciting 6,800-sq.-ft. multimedia exhibit, History Is All Around Us, in the Mortensen Gallery, which tells the story of Hartford and the importance of history in our lives. Also, check out oddities in our always-popular re-creation of Joseph Steward's Museum of Curiosities, located on the second floor near the historically restored legislative chambers. The Old State House is open 10:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. (with the last ticket sold at 4:00 P.M.), Tues.-Sat., Independence Day-Columbus Day (Summer Schedule); 10:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. (with the last ticket sold at 4:00 P.M.), Mon.-Fri., following Columbus Day weekend-July 3 (Regular Schedule). Admission (unless otherwise noted): $6.00 adults; $3.00 seniors, students and youths (6-17) and AAA members (with card); free for children (5 and under), U.S. Military Veterans (with VA card) and active military members (with military ID). Adult Group Admission available for $5 per person with minimum charge of $50 (must call ahead). Open year round. Building is closed on state holidays. The building is air conditioned/heated and handicapped accessible. Exec. Dir., Sally Whipple.
HARTLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 221, East Hartland 06027-0221. Pres./Curator, Joanne Groth; Secy., Susan Napierata; Treas., Bud Groth; Librarian, Martha Walsh. E-mail:
HARWINTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 84, 06791-0084. Pres., Bonnie Andrews; Vice Pres., Nancy Lyons; Immediate Past Pres., vacancy; Secy., Elaine Sederquist; Treas., Harry Schuh; Curator, Bonnie Andrews; Auditor, Marilyn Mitchell; Building Supvr., Dennis Andrews; Legal Counsel, Patrick Wall; Historian, Roger Plaskett; Bd. of Dirs., Bruce Burnett, Shirley Gay, Carol Kearns, Everett Lyons, Michael Orefice, David Ryan. E-mail:
HEBRON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 43, 06248-0043. Pres., Anne Marie Piggott; Vice Pres., Nicholas Healy; Secy., vacancy; Treas., Jean Cyr; Historian, Mary Ann Foote. Website: E-mail:
INDIAN AND COLONIAL RESEARCH CENTER, INC. See Stonington, Indian and Colonial Research Center, Inc.
ITALIAN AMERICAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF CONNECTICUT. See New Haven, Italian American Historical Society of Connecticut.
JEWISH GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF CONNECTICUT. See Newington, Jewish Genealogical Society of Connecticut.
KENT HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 4 Studio Hill Rd., P.O. Box, 651, 06757. Tel., (860) 927-4587. Pres., vacancy; Vice Pres., Jeffrey Morgan; Secy., Catherine Sweet; Treas., Sharon Cipolla. Website: E-mail:
KILLINGLY HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY. 196 Main St., P.O. Box 265, Danielson 06239. Tel., (860) 779-7250. Biographical and Genealogical Library, est. 1972. Pres., Bernie Mitchell; Vice Pres., Kira Holmes; Secy., vacancy; Treas., Ida Ransom; Exec. Dir., Elaine Tenis. Website: E-mail:
KILLINGWORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 707, 06419. Pres., Linda Dudek; Vice Pres., Cynthia Rich; Treas., Deborah Dekkers; Rec. Secy., Katrin Walton; Membership Chm., Regina Regolo. E-mail:  
KOSCIUSZKO HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ANSONIA. See Ansonia, Kosciuszko Historical Society of Ansonia.
LEBANON HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM AND VISITORS' CENTER. 856 Trumbull Hwy., Rte. 87, 06249. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 151, 06249-0151. Owned and operated by the Lebanon Historical Society, Inc. Explore Lebanon's rich history at this modern museum located on the historic Lebanon Green. The museum includes several rotating exhibits, a permanent exhibit on Lebanon’s diverse history, as well as a children’s hands-on exhibit focused on Lebanon in the American Revolution. In addition to visitor services, the museum offers a library/genealogical research center. The Beaumont House and the Pastor's Library, located on our campus, are opened seasonally for guided tours on most Saturdays. Public programs are offered on a regular basis. Open Noon-4:00 P.M., Wed.-Sat., year-round. The genealogical research center is open Noon-4:00 P.M., Wed.-Fri., and most Saturdays. Appointments appreciated. For information, contact the Lebanon Historical Society Museum, Tel., (860) 642-6579. Dir., Donna Baron. Website: E-mail:
LEDYARD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Pres., Kit Foster, 1102 Long Cove Rd., Gales Ferry 06335; Vice Pres., Vin Godino; Secy., Keli Levine; Treas., Neal Ganz; Curator, Amanda Williams. Website:
LISBON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Pres., Paula Adams, 60 Kinsman Hill Rd., 06351; Vice Pres., Sharon Gabiga; Rec. Secy., Marcia Shafer; Treas., Kenneth Mahler. E-mail:
LITCHFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 7 South St., 06759. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 385, 06759-0385. Tel., (860) 567-4501. The Litchfield History Museum and Tapping Reeve House and Law School are open 11:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Tues.-Sat.; 1:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M., Sun., mid-Apr.-Nov. The Ingraham Memorial Research Library is open 10:00 A.M.-Noon and 1:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M., Tues.-Fri., year-round. Educator, Kate Zullo; Curator, Alexander DuBois; Archivist, Linda Hocking; Exec. Dir., Catherine Keene Fields. Website: E-mail:
MADISON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Allis-Bushnell House, 853 Post Rd., P.O. Box 17, 06443-0017. Tel., (203) 245-4567. Office Location: 14 Meeting House Ln., 06443. Pres., Jim Matteson; Dir., Jennifer Simpson. Hours: 9:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M., Wed.-Fri.; Allis-Bushnell House, by appointment.
(MANCHESTER) THE CONNECTICUT FIREMEN'S HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 230 Pine St., 06040-5829. Pres., Wayne Crossman; Vice Pres., Justin Ford; Cor. Secy., Laurette Luzusky; Rec. Secy., Lucy Crossman; Treas., Henry R. Palmer. Website: E-mail:
MANCHESTER HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 175 Pine St., 06040. Tel., (860) 647-9983. Pres., John T. Prior III; Vice Pres., Peter Millett; Secy., Carol Cafazzo; Treas., Richard Borden. Website: E-mail:
MANSFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 145, Storrs 06268-0145. Pres., David Landry; Vice Pres., Donna Clouette; Secy., Stephanie Huber Bouchey; Treas., Scott Dunstan; Museum Dir., Ann Galonska. Website: E-mail:
MERIDEN HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 3005, 06450-9305. Tel., (203) 639-1913. Pres., Sherwin Borsuk; Vice Pres., Lesley Solkoske; Secy., Deborah Patterson; Treas., Paul Butkus; Curator, Allen Weathers; Immediate Past Pres., Mertha Colaresi. Website: E-mail:
MIDDLEBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 4 Library Rd., P.O. Box 104, 06762-0104. Tel., (203) 206-4717. Pres., Robert L. Rafford; Vice Pres., Agnes Lutes; Secy., Robert L. Rafford, pro tem; Treas., Terrence McAuliffe. Website: E-mail:
MIDDLEFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 405 Main St., 06455. Tel., (860) 349-0665. Pres., William Konefal; Secy., Fran Gudelski; Treas., Annetta E. O'Connor.
MIDDLESEX COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Mansfield House, 151 Main St., Middletown 06457-3409. Tel., (860) 346-0746. Pres., Joseph Samolis; Vice Pres., vacancy; Secy., Krishna Winston; Treas., Richard Adelstein; Dir., Maria Weinberger. Website: E-mail:
THE MILFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Eells-Stow House, 34 High St., P.O. Box 337, 06460-4732. Pres., Lloyd Jacobs; 1st Vice Pres., Chris Bishop; 2nd Vice Pres., Ron Fontaine; Cor. Secy., Martha Merk; Rec. Secy., Rosanne Hoagland; Treas., Helen LaPlant. Website:
MONROE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 212, 06468. Tel., (203) 261-1383. Pres., Vida Stone; Vice Pres., Mary Kellogg; Secy., Mary Kellogg; Treas., Deb Heim. Website: E-mail:
MONTVILLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 51, 06353-0051. Pres., John F. Geary; Vice Pres., Jon B. Chase; Cor. Secy., Sharon Land; Rec. Secy., Ellen Lakowsky; Treas., Laurie Chidester; Custodian of Records, Jon B. Chase.
MORRIS HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 234, 06763-0234. Pres., Jamie T. Keppler; Vice Pres., David Coutu; Rec. Secy., Carrie Keppler; Treas., Denise Weik.
MYSTIC RIVER HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 245, Mystic 06355-0245. Pres., Steven Menno; Vice Pres., Margaret Austin; Secy., Liz Holland; Treas., Louis Allyn. Website: E-mail:
NAUGATUCK HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 380 Church St., P.O. Box 317, 06770. Pres., Chris Ritton-Stokes; Vice Pres., Mary Mazeiko; Secy., Kathy Swartzbaugh; Treas., Marty Lee Fenton. Open 11:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. the first Saturdays of the month and by appointment. Website: E-mail:
(NEW BRITAIN) THE CONNECTICUT LEAGUE OF HISTORY ORGANIZATIONS, INC. Central Connecticut State University, History Department, 1615 Stanley St., 06050. Tel., (860) 832-2674. Pres., Elizabeth Rose; Vice Pres., Megan Olver; Secy., Nick Foster; Treas., Leslie Evans; Exec. Dir., Amrys O. Williams. Website: E-mail:
NEW CANAAN MUSEUM AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 13 Oenoke Ridge, 06840. Pres., Lawrence Caldwell; Vice Pres., Robert Mallozzi III; Secy., Claire Foster; Treas., Thomas Monahan; Exec. Dir., Nancy Geary. Website: E-mail:
NEW FAIRFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 2 Brush Hill Rd., 06812-2619. Pres., Linda Fox; Vice Pres., Keith Marotta; Secy., Carol Ballard; Treas., Barbara Ballard.
NEW HARTFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 41, 06057-0041. Pres., Patrick Casey; Vice Pres., Christopher Sihpol; Secy., Anne C. Hall; Treas., Natalie Sihpol. Website:
NEW HAVEN COLONY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, d.b.a. NEW HAVEN MUSEUM. 114 Whitney Ave., 06510. Pres., Francis J. Broderick; Treas., Erin McAvoy; Exec. Dir., Margaret Anne Tockarshewsky. Website: E-mail:
(NEW HAVEN) CONNECTICUT IRISH AMERICAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Southern Connecticut State University, 270 Fitch St., @ SCSU Campus, 201 Crescent St., 06515. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 185833, Hamden 06518-5833. Pres., George Waldron; Vice Pres., Vincent McMahon; Secy., Patricia Heslin; Treas., Mary McMahon; Membership Chm., Joan Murphy; Historian, Neil Hogan, Wallingford. Website:
(NEW HAVEN) ETHNIC HISTORICAL ARCHIVES CENTER OF NEW HAVEN A.K.A. ETHNIC HERITAGE CENTER. Southern Connecticut State University, 270 Fitch St., 06515. Tel., (203) 392-6126. Pres., Gloria Horbaty; 1st Vice Pres., Pat Heslin; 2nd Vice Pres., Aaron Goode; Secy., Diane Petaway; Treas., Donald Horbaty; Archivist, vacancy. Website: E-mail:; Facebook: @EthnicHeritageCenter.
(NEW HAVEN) ITALIAN AMERICAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF CONNECTICUT. Southern Connecticut State University, 270 Fitch St., 06515. Pres., Laura Sabatino Parisi; Vice Pres., vacancy; Co-Secy., Wanda Velez; Co-Secy., Jon Pilla; Treas., Gayle Logan.
NEW LONDON COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Shaw Mansion, 11 Blinman St., 06320. Tel., (860) 443-1209. Pres., Joseph J. Selinger; Vice Pres., Edward Chmielewski; Secy., Emily Winters; Treas., Jayne Michalek; Bd. of Dirs., Edward Chmielewski, Daniel Connors, Bob Farwell, Aileen Novick, Anthony Sabilia, Katrina Zickwulf; Exec. Dir., Steven Manuel. Website: E-mail:
NEW MILFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 6 Aspetuck Ave., 06776. Pres., Joseph Cats; 1st Vice Pres., Kathy Kelly-Koch; 2nd Vice Pres., Loretta Kretchko; Secy., Anita Regan; Treas., Pat Hembrook; Curator, Lisa D. Roush. Website:
NEWINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY & TRUST, INC. 679 Willard Ave., 06111. Pres., Linda Crawford; Vice Pres., Marguerite Kennedy; Secy., David Goodale; Treas., Gail Kelly; Asst. Treas., Patricia Tanger. Website: E-mail:
(NEWINGTON) JEWISH GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF CONNECTICUT, JGSCT. Meetings are held at 41 West Hartford Rd., 06111. Mailing Address: 76 Vernon St., Hamden 06518. Pres./Webmaster, Doris Loeb Nabel; Vice Pres., Howard Siegel; Secy., Monica Talmor; Treas., Lewis Goldfarb; Membership Chm., Linda Winkleman; Publicity Chm., Gail Kalison Reynolds; Newsletter Co-Editors, Deborah Holman, Gail Kalison Reynolds; Librarian, Janet Carlson; Members-at-Large, Becky Anderson, Linda Carlson, Barney Miller. Website: E-mail:
NEWTOWN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 189, 06470-0189. Pres., Alice Cooney; Vice Pres., Dan Cruson; Secy., Grant Ossendryver; Treas., Charlie Godfrey. Website:
NOAH WEBSTER HOUSE & WEST HARTFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. See West Hartford, Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society.
NORFOLK HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 288, 06058-0288. Pres., Robert Dance; 1st Vice Pres., Richard Byrne; 2nd Vice Pres., Eric Anderson; Secy., Linda Perkins; Treas., Caryn Trager; Curator, Ann Havemeyer; Exec. Dir., Barry Webber. Website: E-mail:
(NORTH BRANFORD) THE TOTOKET HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 1740 Foxon Rd., Rte. 80, 06471. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 491, Northford 06472. Tel., (203) 488-0423. Pres., Dorothy Savastano; Vice Pres., Suzanne Teixeira; Rec. Secy., Helen Glassen; Treas., Brenda DeMaio. Website: E-mail:
THE NORTH HAVEN HISTORICAL SOCIETY AND MUSEUMS. 27 Broadway, 06473. Tel., (203) 239-7722. Pres., Patricia Buonpane; Vice Pres., Ann Clark; Secy., Barbara Davis; Treas., Walter Brockett; Curator, Robert Iverson; Archives Mgr., Susan Iverson. Open Tues. and Thurs. 2:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M. Website: E-mail:
NORTH STONINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. One Wyassup Rd., P.O Box 134, 06359-0134. Tel., (860) 599-3239. Pres., William Douglas; Vice Pres., Tobias Goodman; Secy., Gladys Chase; Treas., Terry Malaghan. Website:
(NORWALK) THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF CONNECTICUT, INC. c/o One Roscoe St., 06851. Pres., vacancy; Vice Pres., Dan Cruson; Secy., Sarah Sportman; Treas., Ernest Wiegand; Editor, Sarah Sportman; Newsletter Editor, Lee West. Website: E-mail:
NORWALK HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 1640, 06852-1640. Tel., (203) 846-0525. Pres., Jo-Anne Schultz; Vice Pres., Khalaf Jerry; Secy., Jane Broome; Treas., Thomas Schierloh; Exec. Dir., Diane Jellerette. Website: E-mail:
(NORWICH) SOCIETY OF THE FOUNDERS OF NORWICH, CONNECTICUT, INC. 348 Washington St., P.O. Box 62, 06360. Tel., (860) 889-9440. Pres., Dayne Rugh; Vice Pres., Greg Farlow; Secy., Joann Merolla-Martin; Treas., Camilla Farlow. Website: E-mail:
OLD BETHLEHEM HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. See Bethlehem, Old Bethlehem Historical Society, Inc.
OLD SAYBROOK HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 4, 06475-0004. Pres., Marie McFarlin; Vice Pres., Wayne Harms; Rec. Secy., Theodora Kopcha; Treas., Stephan Brodeur. Website:
THE OLD WOODBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. See Woodbury, The Old Woodbury Historical Society.
ORANGE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 605 Orange Center Rd., P.O. Box 784, 06477-0784. Pres., Ginny Reinhard; Vice Pres., vacancy; Cor. Secy., Nina Ruckes; Secy., Priscilla Searles; Treas., Marlene Silverstein. Website: E-mail:
OXFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 582, 06478-0582. Pres., Louise Burr; 1st Vice Pres., Rob Buck; 2nd Vice Pres./Webmaster, Dorothy A. DeBisschop; Cor. Secy., Barbara Robinson; Rec. Secy., Chris Lesko; Secy., Chris Lesko; Treas., Essie Lydon; Historian, Nancy Farnum; Membership, vacancy; Bd. Members, Richard Crane, Jane Hulbert. Website: E-mail:
PLAINFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 104, Central Village 06332-0104. Pres., Ruth Bergeron; Vice Pres., Sylvia Wielk; Secy., Dan DiTullio; Treas., Arthur Nicol. Website:
THE PLAINVILLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 29 Pierce St., 06062. Pres., Nancy Eberhardt; Co-Pres., Gertrude LaCombe; Vice Pres., Rose Stanley; Cor. Secy., Candance Hall; Rec. Secy., Rosemary Morante; Treas., Edna Pires; Asst. Treas., Sal Santacroce. Website: E-mail:
PORTLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 98, 06480-0098. Pres., George Gilbert; 1st Vice Pres., John Peterson; 2nd Vice Pres., Julie Macksoud; Cor. Secy., Shelli Nolan; Rec. Secy., Deborah Ellsworth; Treas., James McCabe; Dirs., Alexia Belperron, Martha Lutecki, Amy Knous. Website:  
PRESTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 123 Parks Rd., Preston 06365. Pres., Bridget Park; Vice Pres., Pat Macek; Secy., Linda Christensen; Treas., Mark Christensen
THE PROSPECT HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 7335, 06712-0335. Pres., Carol Brooks; Vice Pres., Carmen Jacobs; Secy., Blanche Ranaudo; Treas., Elizabeth Guevin. Members-at-Large, Christopher Lynch, Nancy Via, Elizabeth Whelan, two vacancies.
(PUTNAM) ASPINOCK HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF PUTNAM, INC. P.O. Box 465, 06260-0465. Pres., William Pearsall; Vice Pres., Joe Peterson; Secy., Sandra Beccia; Treas., Joy Lizotte; Archivist, Fabiola Cutler; Dirs., Jeannie Benoit, Susan Mior, Dr. Louise Pempek, Kathleen Zamagni, two vacancies. Website: E-mail:
REDDING HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 1023, 06875-1023. Pres., Joe Bonomo; Vice Pres., Janice Dimon; Secy., Helen Gore; Treas., Denise Jankovic.
RIDGEFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 4 Sunset Ln., 06877. Pres., Sara Champion; 1st Vice Pres., Sharon Dunphy; 2nd Vice Pres., Geoff Harrington; Rec. Secy., Michele Mahland; Co-Treas., Georgianne Kasuli, Nancy Selander. Website: E-mail:
ROCKY HILL HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 185, 06067-0185. Pres., Edward Chiucarello; Vice Pres., vacancy; Rec. Secy., Jane Nash; Treas., John Serra. Website: E-mail: 
ROWAYTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 106, 06853-0106. Pres., Wendell W. Livingston; Vice Pres., Lesley S. Korzennik and Ashley Sheen; Rec. Secy., vacancy; Bookkeeper, Pat Poremba. Website: E-mail:
ROXBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 212, 06783-0212. Pres., Janis Steers; Vice Pres., Lisa Roush; Secy./Treas., William Petruno.
SALEM HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Mailing Address: 270 Hartford Rd., 06420. Pres., Elbert Burr; Vice Pres., Edward Chmielewski; Secy., Pamela Munro; Treas., Donald Urbanik; Curator, Elaine Sloan; Building and Grounds, Bob Neddo; Membership, vacancy; Museum Dir., William Shultz.
SALISBURY ASSOCIATION. P.O. Box 553, 06068-0553. Pres., Donald Ross; Vice Pres., Tom Key; Secy., Kathy Mera; Treas., Diane Murphy. The Salisbury Association has a land trust, an historical society and community events committee for the town of Salisbury. Website: E-mail:  
SCOTLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 35, 06264-0035. Pres., David Naumec; Vice Pres., Kevin P. Ring, Sr.; Secy., Kevin Ring, Sr.; Treas., Jolene Bowers; Dirs., Henry Bowers, Russ Perry, Karen Stevens. Website:
SEYMOUR HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 59 West St., P.O. Box 433, 06483-0433. Pres., Paul Sussman; Vice Pres., Frank Haines; Cor. Secy., Elsie Valesky; Rec. Secy., Loreen Coe; Treas., Carmelita Potash. Website: E-mail:
SHARON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 511, 06069-0511. Pres., Brent Colley; Vice Pres., Maureen Dore; Secy., Stephanie Plunkett; Exec. Dir., Jennifer Owens. Website: E-mail:
SHELDON'S HORSE, THE SECOND CONTINENTAL LIGHT DRAGOONS. See Colchester, Sheldon's Horse, The Second Continental Light Dragoons.
SHELTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 70 Ripton Rd., P.O. Box 2155, 06484-2155. Tel., (203) 925-1803. Open for tours by appointment. Programs for schools. Admission charged. Pres., Martin Coughlin; Vice Pres., Carolyn Ivanoff; Secy., Joyce Donnelly; Treas., Susan Mauriello; Exec. Dir., Tracey Tate. Website: E-mail:
(SIMSBURY) THE ACORN CLUB. 9 Springbrook Ln., 06070. Pres., Leslie Starr; Secy., Richard Malley; Treas., Brenda Miller; Editor, Jay Gitlin.
SIMSBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 800 Hopmeadow St., P.O. Box 2, 06070-0002. Tel., (860) 658-2500. Pres., Joe Buda; Vice Pres., vacancy; Secy., Tony Braz; Treas., Hugh Sinclair. Website: E-mail: 
THE SOMERS HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 652, 06071-0652. Pres./Museum Dir., Carole R. Pyne; Vice Pres., Clark Pease; Rec. Secy., Donna Hanks; Treas., Marybeth Marquardt; Curator, Corey Haynes.
SOUTH WINDSOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Pleasant Valley School House, 771 Ellington Rd., P.O. Box 216, 06074-0216. Tel., (860) 291-9958. Pres., Brian Rivard; Vice Pres., Eric Rivard; Cor. Secy., Jean Howat; Rec. Secy., Maureen Born; Treas., Gerald Dalpe; Dirs., Gretchen Bickford, Celi Decker, Marilyn Dxen. Website: E-mail:
SOUTHBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 624 South Britain Rd., 06488. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 124, 06488. Tel., (203) 405-3124. Pres., James Flaherty; Vice Pres., vacancy; Secy., Melinda Elliott; Treas., William Wilhelms. Website: E-mail:
SOUTHINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 239 Main St., 06489-0726. Pres., Carl T. Hotkowski; Vice Pres., Phillip Wooding; Secy., Alexis Izzo; Treas., Walter Grover; Town Council Liaison, Victoria Triano. Website:
SPRAGUE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 162, Baltic 06330-0038. Tel., (860) 822-6867. Pres., Pamela Matthews; Secy., Colette Hoffman; Treas., Judith Synnett. Website: E-mail:
STAFFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 5 Spring St., Stafford Springs 06076-1504. Tel., (860) 684-7978. Pres., David Bartlett; Vice Pres., Rebecca Kraussmann; Secy., Audra Smith; Treas., Jean Bartlett. E-mail: Facebook:
(STAMFORD) CONNECTICUT ANCESTRY SOCIETY, INC. Formerly known as the Stamford Genealogical Society, Inc., founded 1954. P.O. Box 249, 06904-0249. Pres., vacancy; Vice Pres., vacancy; Secy., Barbara Dempsey; Treas., Susan Murphy; Member Records, Judith Goss; Editor, CT Ancestry/Past Pres., Nora Galvin, CG; Genealogist, Frederick C. Hart, Jr., CG, FASG. Website: E-mail:
STAMFORD HISTORY CENTER. 1508 High Ridge Rd., 06903-4107. Tel., (203) 329-1183. Chm., Marshall Millsap; 1st Vice Chm., Vincent Murace; 2nd Vice Chm., Andrew Dzamba; Cor. Secy., Richard Lewis; Rec. Secy., Sebastian Kulesza; Treas., William Eynon; Exec. Dir., Thomas Zoubek, Ph.D. Website: E-mail:
STONINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 103, 06378-0103. Tel., (860) 535-8445. Pres., Michael E. Schefers; Vice Pres., Kirby Williams; Treas., Richard Cole; Secy., Wynne Delmhorst; Dir., Aimee Newell; Dev. Dir., Josh Adams. Website:
(STONINGTON) INDIAN AND COLONIAL RESEARCH CENTER, INC. 39 Main St., Rte. 27, P.O. Box 525, Old Mystic 06372-0525. Tel., (860) 536-9771. Chm./Exec. Dir., vacancy; Vice Chm., vacancy; Treas., Robert Mohr; Rec. Secy., Sharon Maynard; Bd. of Dirs., George Crouse, Toby Glaza, Paul Grant-Costa, Cora Grunwald, Sharon Maynard, Robert Mohr, Chris Rose. ICRC is open 10:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Tues. and Thurs. Please check our website for updates and notices. Website: E-mail:
THE STRATFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. The Captain David Judson House and the Catharine B. Mitchell Museum, 967 Academy Hill, P.O. Box 382, 06615-0382. Tel., (203) 378-0630. Pres., Gail Liscio; Vice Pres., Carolyn Shannon; Cor. Secy., Amanda Debias; Rec. Secy., Kevin Moore; Treas., Shirley Clevenger; Curator, Sandra Rutkowski. Open early Jun.-Oct., Noon-4:00 P.M. Last admittance is at 3:00 P.M. (Wednesday by appointment). Admission charged. Office hours: 9:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M., Mon.-Fri. Appointments needed to do research on Tuesday and Thursday. Website: E-mail:
SUFFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. King House Museum, 232 South Main St., P.O. Box 893, 06078-0893. Pres., Arthur Sikes, Jr.; Vice Pres., Jackie Hemond; Secy., Jan Peake; Treas., Rick Seaman; Curator/Historian, Lester Smith. Website: E-mail: 
THOMASTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Town Hall, 158 Main St., 6th Flr., 06787. Pres./Treas., Thomas Duffany; Vice Pres., Margaret Duffany Stager; Secy., Barbara Krol; Curator, Joseph Wassong. 
THOMPSON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 47, 06277-0047. Tel., (860) 923-3776. Pres., Joseph Iamartino; Vice Pres./Secy., Mark Snay; Treas., Susan Vincent. Website: E-mail:
(TOLLAND) FRENCH-CANADIAN GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF CONNECTICUT, INC. 53 Tolland Green (Old County Courthouse) 06084. Mailing address: P.O. Box 928, 06084-0928. Tel., (860) 872-2597. Acting Pres., Susan Griffiths; Acting Vice Pres., Susan A. Griffiths; Secy., Frances Nadeau; Acting Treas., Ronald Blanchette; Library Dir./Membership, Germaine Hoffman; CML Editor, Maryanne LeGrow, Ph.D.; CML Assoc. Editor, vacancy. Website: E-mail:
TOLLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 52 Tolland Green, 06084. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 107, 06084. Tel., (860) 870-9599. Pres., Kathleen Bach; Vice Pres., Celeste Senechal; Secy., Kate Farrish; Treas., Katie Fratoni. Website: E-mail:
THE TORRINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Hotchkiss-Fyler House Museum and Torrington history Museum, 192 Main St., 06790. Tel., (860) 482-8260. Pres., John E. Janco; Vice Pres., Bruce T. Fox; Secy., Marc Trivella; Treas., Dwight Keeney; Asst. Dir./Curator, Gail Kruppa; Exec. Dir., Mark McEachern. Website: E-mail:
THE TOTOKET HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. See North Branford, The Totoket Historical Society, Inc.
THE TRUMBULL HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 1856 Huntington Tpke., P.O. Box 312, 06611. Tel., (203) 377-6620. Pres., Jennifer Winschel; Vice Pres., Debra Silber; Rec. Secy., Karen Costantini; Treas., Brian LaVoie; Bd. of Dirs., Kevin Drake, Judith Edwards, Heidi Gamma, Bunnie Hovan, Mallory Huron, Samantha Klain, Lois Levine, Ileana Scerbo, Dianne Trautmann; Past Pres., Samantha Klain. Administrator/Coord., Taylor Carey. Website:
UNION HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Mailing Address: 1163 Buckley Hwy., Stafford Springs 06076. Pres., Jeannine M. Upson; Vice Pres., Carol A. Mancini; Secy., Lee A. Fitzgerald; Treas., Betty J. Bragdon.
VERNON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 734 Hartford Tpke., Rte. 30, 06066. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2055, 06066-2055. Tel., (860) 875-4326. Pres., Tara Remillard; Vice Pres., Jacqui Roraback; Secy., Gloria Miller; Treas., Robert Hurd; Museum Dir., Jean Luddy; Asst. Dir., James Ashe. Website: E-mail:
THE VOLUNTOWN HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Tel., (860) 564-8310. Pres., Jennifer Panko; Vice Pres., Karen Britt; Secys., Cheryl Sadowski, Beth Taylor; Treas., Julie Soto.
THE WALLINGFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Samuel Parsons House, 180 So. Main St., P.O. Box 73, 06492-0073. Pres., Raymond A. Chappell; Rec. Secy., Patricia A. Chappell; Treas., Noma G. Beaumont.
WATERFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. P.O. Box 117, 06385-0117. Pres., Kristen Widham; Vice Pres., Michele Pedro; Rec. Secy., Deborah Walters; Treas., MaryAnn Richard. Website:
WATERTOWN HISTORY MUSEUM. 401 Main St., P.O. Box 853, 06795. Tel., (860) 274-1050. Pres., Linda Merriman; Vice Pres., Jan J. Guidess; Secy.,Elizabeth Rebers; Treas., Kendra Scapeccia; Curator, Diane Ciba. Website: E-mail: The museum was organized in 1945 and is now located in a Victorian residence near the Watertown Green. The mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, and share artifacts and stories related to Watertown and Oakville. There are changing exhibits and a research library with photographs, documents, and genealogical materials available to the public. 
(WEST HARTFORD) JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF GREATER HARTFORD. 333 Bloomfield Ave., 06117. Tel., (860) 727-6171. Pres., Lance Goldberg; Secy., Rebecca Selig; Treas., Steven Kleinman; Exec. Dir., Estelle Kafer. Website: E-mail:
(WEST HARTFORD) NOAH WEBSTER HOUSE & WEST HARTFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 227 So. Main St., 06107-3430. Tel., (860) 521-5362. Chm., Ted Newton; Vice Chm., Douglas Knight; Secy., Tessa W. O'Sullivan; Treas., Paul Soler; Vice Treas., Alexander Lee; Exec. Dir., Jennifer DiCola Matos. Website: E-mail:
WEST HAVEN HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 686 Savin Ave., 06516-4901. Tel., (203) 932-0088. Pres., Dr. Jon E. Purmont; Vice Pres., Susan Walker; Cor. Secy., Lois Diorio; Treas., Saundra McCauley; Trustees, William Barr, William Welch, Elaine Willman. Website:
WESTBROOK HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 1196 Boston Post Rd., 06498. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 148, 06498-0148. Tel., (860) 399-7473. Pres./Historian, Catherine Neidlinger Doane; Vice Pres., Nile Barrett; Rec. Secy., Marcy Fuller; Treas., Darlene Jones. E-mail:
WESTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 104 Weston Rd., P.O. Box 1092, 06883-1092. Pres., Pam Kersey; Treas., Mark Crowley; Secy., Kathy Failla; Exec. Dir., Samantha Kulish-Fargione. Website: E-mail:
WESTPORT MUSEUM OF HISTORY AND CULTURE. 25 Avery Pl., 06880. Tel., (203) 222-1424. Chm., Sara Krasne; Immediate Past Chm., Robert W. Mitchell; Acting Secy., Michaela MacColl; Treas., Dannell Lyne; Exec. Dir., Ramin Ganeshram. Website: E-mail:
THE WETHERSFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 150 Main St., 06109. Tel., (860) 529-7656. Pres., Elaine St. Onge; Vice Pres., Beverly J. Lucas; Secy., Dorene B. Ciarcia; Treas., Michael Mendoza; Dir., Amy Northrop Wittorff. Website: E-mail:
WILLINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 214, 06279-0214. Pres., Robert Shabot; Vice Pres., Mark Masinda; Secy., Paul Schur; Treas., Sue Schur; Town Historian, Mark Palmer; Town Asst. Historian, Paul Weigold. Website: Facebook:
WILTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 224 Danbury Rd., Rte. 7, 06897. Tel., (203) 762-7257. Chm., Bd. of Trustees, Janet Foster. Open 10:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Tues.-Sat., and Noon-4:00 P.M., Sun. during the "Great Trains Holiday Exhibit." Website: E-mail:
WINCHESTER HISTORICAL SOCIETY. 225 Prospect St., P.O. Box 206, Winsted 06098-0206. Pres./Curator, Milly Hudak; Vice Pres., Glenn Winn; Secy., Janice Roy; Treas., Susan BelleIsle. E-mail:
WINDHAM HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 105, Willimantic 06226-0105. Tel., (860) 456-2316, (860) 456-1666. Pres., Robert Horrocks; Vice Pres., Anita Sebestyn; Secy., vacancy; Treas., vacancy; Bd. of Dirs., Raymond Axelrod, Ronald Black, Ernie Eldridge, Gary Fetzer, Robert Horrocks, Jean Lambert, Michael Orenstein. Website: E-mail:
(WINDSOR) HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF WINDSOR CONN., INC. 96 Palisado Ave., Rte. 159, 06095-2526. Tel., (860) 688-3813; FAX, (860) 687-1633. Pres., Agnes Pier; Secy., Elizabeth Burke; Treas., Mark Walker; Exec. Dir., Christine Ermenc. Open 11:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Wed.-Sat.; closed Sun., Mon., and major holidays. Admission: free to learning center, store, and Windsor history exhibits; for library visits and 11:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. historic house tours: $8.00 adults; $6.00 seniors and students; children under 12 and Society members, free. Website: E-mail:
(WINDSOR LOCKS) CONNECTICUT AERONAUTICAL HISTORICAL ASSOC., INC. (New England Air Museum) Bradley International Airport, 36 Perimeter Rd., 06096. Pres., Scott E. Ashton; Vice Pres., Stephen R. Perez; Secy., Ted de Groot; Treas., Michael J. Morneau; Exec. Dir., Deborah Reed. Website:
WINDSOR LOCKS HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Noden-Reed Museum and Park, 58 West St., 06096. Pres., Ann Marie Claffey (860) 623-1264; Vice Pres., Katie Claffey; Secy., Mary Lou Rosadini; Membership Secy., Laura Gagnon; Treas./Asst. Curator, Rob Pearce; Curator, Mickey Danyluk. Open last Sunday of the month 1:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M. and for special events or by appointment. Excluding holiday weekends. See for calendar and information.
WINTONBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. See Bloomfield, Wintonbury Historical Society.
WOLCOTT HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 6410, 06716-6410. Tel., (203) 879-9818. Pres., Florence Goodman; Vice Pres., Stacy Perrone-Petta; Secy., Kathy Cordone; Treas., Debre DuBois; Curator, Carl Hotkowski; Bd. of Dirs., John Curley, Roberta Leonard, Marylou Miele, Rose Monteleone, Alex Nole, Curt Wood; Webmaster, Stan Horzepa. Website: E-mail:
(WOODBRIDGE) AMITY AND WOODBRIDGE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Located at the Thomas Darling House, 1907 Litchfield Tpke., 06525. Pres., Dr. Alexia Belperron; Vice Pres., Dr. Mary Dean; Cor. Secy., Phyllis Federico; Rec. Secy., Martha German; Treas., Barbara Baldwin. Website:
(WOODBURY) THE OLD WOODBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. P.O. Box 705, 06798. Pres., Ruth T. Melchiori; Vice Pres., Joseph Mangini; Secy., Jamie Monckton; Treas., Mary Tyrrell.
WOODSTOCK HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. 523 Rte. 169, P.O. Box 65, 06281-0065. Pres., Gail White; Vice Pres., Judy Hosmer; Secy., Christine French; Treas., Patricia Simoni. Website: E-mail: