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Secretary Merrill calls for Federal Elections Funding and Announces Digital Citizenship Campaign

(HARTFORD, CT) This morning, Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill joined US Senator Richard Blumenthal in calling for action on election reform legislation currently pending in the United States Congress. Merrill emphasized the need for funding from Congress to update and bolster Connecticut's election systems.

Merrill underscored that Connecticut's use of paper ballots, its decentralized voting structure, and use of tabulators which do not connect to the internet are vital safeguards that protect Connecticut votes. She said the Russian attack in 2016 was intended to sow division and mistrust of the voting process in the United States - which is why she is launching a public education campaign aimed at teaching voters about how to spot misinformation, how to identify fake accounts and bots on social media, and how to find critical information about election day from trusted sources.

"In Connecticut, our elections are secure." Merrill said. "And with funding from Congress to improve our security measures, along with efforts to educate the public about elections misinformation online, I am confident Connecticut will continue to set the highest standards for elections integrity."

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