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Secretary Merrill Statement on the President's Press Conference

On Friday, I was told by the leadership of the Department of Homeland Security that the threat of further Russian attacks on our election infrastructure was ongoing and very real. On Monday, I watched President Trump stand next to the dictator who attacked our elections and make a mockery of our security and intelligence community, the best available evidence about the 2016 elections, and the very integrity of our American democracy. We are less safe today because of his actions.

There is no longer any doubt that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, including an unsuccessful attempt to directly tamper with Connecticut’s servers, and will continue to attack our elections. The threat remains very real and Connecticut, through our Election Cybersecurity Task Force and many hard-working, committed people on the federal, state, and town level, is committed to making sure our elections always remain free and fair.

Although the White House seems committed to ignoring the perfidy of Russian election interference, we cannot and will not ignore this imminent threat to the trust that the people of Connecticut have in our election process. I want every Connecticut voter to know that I and my office, and all of the dedicated local election officials in Connecticut, will continue to defend our democracy, and will work tirelessly every day between now and November 6 to ensure the safety and integrity of Connecticut’s elections from foreign attack or interference. 
- Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill
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