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Notary Public Information.

You can also request a Notary Public Manual and an Application for Appointment as a Notary Public by telephone at (860) 509-6002 (Automated Attendant) or by mail by writing to:

Connecticut Secretary of the State's Office
Attention: LEAD/Notary Public Area
PO Box 150470
Hartford CT 06115-0470

Legislation, Public and Special Acts

Search the Connecticut General Assembly Website for information on Bills and Public and Special Acts at

Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies

State agency regulations are available through the Connecticut eRegulations System

Copies of original state agency regulations on file with the Secretary of the State are available for purchase for $20.00 per filing for plain copies, and $35.00 per filing for certified copies.  Written requests for copies should be submitted to the Legislation and Elections Administration Division, Office of the Secretary of the State, PO Box 150470, Hartford CT 06115-0470

Secretary of the State Regulations

Click on a Secretary of the State regulation title below to open a PDF file containing the regulation text.


Section Numbers


Description of Organization

3-77-1 through 3-77-24

State Register and Manual

3-90-1 to 3-90-2

Address Confidentiality Program

54-240a-1 to 54-240a-12


Expedited Services

3-99a-1 to 3-99a-25

Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code

42a-9-1 to 42a-9-6


Spanish Translators


Registrars of Voters – Canvass by Mail and Canvass by Telephone

9-32-1 to 9-32-9

Notice of Removal and Transfer on Registry List

9-35-1 to 9-35-2

Restoration to Registry List


Emergency Contingency Model Plan for Elections

9-174a-1 to 9-174a-34

Standards for Approval of Direct Recording Electronic Voting Machines

9-241-1 to 9-241-46

Standards for Approval of Marksense and Punchcard Voting Machines

9-242-1 to 9-242-39

Marksense Voting Tabulator

9-242a-1 to 9-242a-28




Regular Meeting Notices

Each public agency is responsible for filing with the Secretary of the State and posting on such public agency’s Internet web site, the schedule of regular meetings. There is no requirement for the Secretary of the State to post meeting notices. The schedule of regular meetings for the year should be directed to the Legislative and Elections Administration Division, preferably to the LEAD email: In the alternative, a hard copy can be delivered or mailed to LEAD Division, Secretary of the State, 30 Trinity Street, PO Box 150470 Hartford CT 06115-0470, or faxed to 860-509-6127, but given the directive from the legislature, P.A. 11-150, which requires each agency to issue recommendations for consolidating and eliminating paper and duplicative reports, we are requesting that notices be delivered electronically if possible.

Regular Agendas

Both the public agency and the Secretary of the State do have a responsibility to electronically post the agenda for regular meetings of every public agency. We would prefer that the agenda be in electronic form directed to

Special Meetings

Each public agency is responsible for filing with the Secretary of the State and posting on its web site any special meeting notices. Again, we are requesting that the special meeting notices be in electronic form, directed to The special meeting notices are also physically posted in our offices (usually on the bulletin board located on the 3rd floor of 30 Trinity Street).

Regular Minutes

Regular meeting minutes are not filed with the Secretary of the State. The minutes are to be made available and posted on the public agency’s website. Exception to this requirement can be found in C.G.S. §1-210.