Certificates of Legal Existence (Good Standing)


A certificate of Legal Existence (called a Certificate of Good Standing in some states) verifies that a business entity is registered with our office and is up-to-date with the filing obligations of the Secretary of the State.  It is often required by banks and other financial institutions in conjunction with closings and other financial transactions.  


A certificate of legal existence is not a required part of the business formation (startup) process.  ATTORNEY GENERAL TONG, SECRETARY OF STATE MERRILL ISSUE ALERT REGARDING ILLEGITIMATE BUSINESS MAILING.  If you have any questions about certificates of legal existence, please email our office at crd@ct.gov or call (860) 509-6003.  


Please choose from one of the following three options:



Obtain a Certificate of Legal Existence Online

Not available for Religious and Specially-Chartered Entities.


Verify a Certificate of Legal Existence You Already Have

Certificates are good for 90 days.


Submit a request for our office to issue a Certificate of Legal Existence

Please complete this form and mail or fax it to our office. It may take us up to five business days to process this request.