Greetings! The Connecticut State Board of Education has undertaken a months-long process of developing it's 2023-2028 Five-Year Plan. After several months of meetings and retreats, engagement with thousands of stakeholders through surveys and focus groups, input by Connecticut State Department of Education staff and leadership, the latest draft, which includes goals, action items and outcomes, has been developed. Please use the link below to access the latest draft of the plan. We welcome your review and comments using the fillable form . Draft Comprehensive Plan 2023-2028

Title IX Coordinators


Resources for Title IX / Equity Coordinators

Designation of responsible employee. Each recipient shall designate at least one employee to coordinate its efforts to comply with and carry out its responsibilities under this part, including any investigation of any complaint communicated to such recipient alleging its noncompliance with this part or alleging any actions which would be prohibited by this part. The recipient shall notify all its students and employees of the name, office address and telephone number of the employee or employees appointed pursuant to this paragraph.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972

Basic Checklist for Title IX ComplianceThe Basic Checklist for Title IX Compliance was prepared to assist schools in meeting the minimum requirements of the Title IX Regulations. It is not an exhaustive checklist and therefore should not be used as a substitute for careful reading of the regulation itself.

ED607 – Title IX Coordinator Survey – Each June 1, the ED607 is sent via a Circular Letter by the Commissioner of Education to Superintendents of Schools, Executive Directors of State-Approved Nonpublic Special Education Programs, Executive Directors of Regional Educational Service Centers (RESC) and the State Education Resource Center (SERC). The ED607 is one of the required forms on the Data Acquisition Plan and is due each year by September 1. The form asks districts to report the name and contact information for Title IX Coordinators on an annual basis. To complete the ED607, districts must enter and CERTIFY data on the SDE Secure Application Webpage, a special website used by school districts to complete state reports. This web site is for use by Connecticut School Districts only. Each school district has a unique user name and password which can usually be obtained from your school district business manager. Once the website is accessed look for the:  ED-607 Title IX Coordinator Survey.

Title IX Coordinator and Investigations Training

Directory of Connecticut Title IX Coordinators

Alphabetical Order by District (Updated January 2019)
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Key Resources

The following can be used as posters and given out to students, faculty, staff and parents. Schools should fill in Title IX Coordinators and insert their nondiscrimination statement.


The United States Department of Education Office for Civil Rights publishes:

The United States Department of Justice publishes:

Other Publications:


Ensuring Access to Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students