Greetings! The Connecticut State Board of Education has undertaken a months-long process of developing it's 2023-2028 Five-Year Plan. After several months of meetings and retreats, engagement with thousands of stakeholders through surveys and focus groups, input by Connecticut State Department of Education staff and leadership, the latest draft, which includes goals, action items and outcomes, has been developed. Please use the link below to access the latest draft of the plan. We welcome your review and comments using the fillable form . Draft Comprehensive Plan 2023-2028

Diversifying the Educator Workforce

Diversity Training: A Guide for Hiring and Recruiting Diverse Educators

This 80-minute training module is designed to help school leaders in hiring professionals, identify implicit bias in the hiring and selection process, and to help create a plan for recruiting and retaining educators of color. Recent legislation passed by the General Assembly required that the diversity training module be provided to all school district personnel responsible for hiring teachers in order to examine the pervasive role that implicit bias plays in discriminatory hiring practices and in the disproportionate distribution of teachers of color in the educator workforce. 

Video Contents and Agenda

  1. Welcome from CSDE Chief Talent Officer Dr. Shuana Tucker
  2. Introduction
    1. Quiz 1: True or False: Myths and Misconceptions About Teacher Diversity
  3. Core Dispositions
  4. Equity and Systemic Racism 
  5. Why Educator Diversity Matters
  6. Core Tensions
    1. Quiz 2: Core Tensions
  7. Implicit Bias and Bias-Based Beliefs
    1. Activity: Reflect on Bias-Based Beliefs
  8. Responding to Microaggressions
  9. CSDE Resources for Creating and Sustaining Educator Diversity Efforts
  10. Closing

As always, CSDE is here to support your efforts to create an increasingly diverse educator workforce. Connecticut law requires all school districts to create an Increasing Educator Diversity Plan. You can find more information about creating a plan on the CSDE’s website, including: