Lexile Tools and Resources The Lexile® Hub
The Hub is a site that is free to all Connecticut educators and provides access to all of the Lexile tools that support student learning in reading. A description of the available tools can be found below.  To access the Hub and its resources, use Google Chrome to visit hub.lexile.com.

Lexile Find a Book - Quick Start Guide
Search among over half a million books using the Find a Book browser that:
Offers previews of challenging words and their definitions for each book.
Identifies the Lexile level and vocabulary by chapter for over 1,600 popular books.
Creates and manages personal book lists that can be shared.
Searches by a student’s Lexile measure or range, grade level, or interests.

Lexile Analyzer - Quick Start Guide
Paste or type in text of 1,000 words or less to discover:
The Lexile range for the text.
Early Reading Indicator information for texts 650L and below.
Lists of similar books.
Challenging words highlighted in the text along with their definitions, parts of speech, example sentences.
Toggle to Spanish to paste or type text in Spanish and get a Lexile range.

Lexile Word Lists - Quick Start Guide
Create your own customized lists of consequential words from a collection of 40 million words based on general and academic domain K-12 vocabulary. Lists can be downloaded and printed. 

Lexile Career Database Quick Start Guide

Identify the Lexile level associated with the reading demands of a particular career in this new tool.

Lexile Measures Manager Quick Start Guide
Determine a student's optimal reading measure when two assessments have resulted in significantly differing Lexile measures.

Additional Resources

An Introduction to the Lexile Framework for Reading - This video explains the two types of Lexile measures—for  students and for texts—and then provides examples of how they might be used by teachers. There is a brief overview of the free tools and research-based resources for utilizing Lexile measures that are available on the Hub.

researchIT-CT - Connecticut students, parents, and educators have access to researchIT-CT. This database contains an abundance of online books, newspapers, and magazine articles to match students’ Lexile ranges.

Summer Reading - Improve reading during the summer months. Use Find a Book to build custom lists for readers at all ability levels, and then locate your selections at your local public library.

More information about the Lexile Framework can be found at Lexile.com