Program for International Student Assessment - PISA


In 2012, the Connecticut State Department of Education allocated resources to administer the Program for International Assessment (PISA) to a representative sample of Connecticut’s 15-year-old public school students. PISA is the largest international study of student performance with more than 60 countries participating, representing about 90 percent of the world’s economy. The assessment is unique in that it focuses extensively on the application of knowledge and skills in reading, mathematics, science, and problem-solving in real-world contexts. The PISA 2012 release was the first time that any U.S. state gained access to information about its students within this particular international context. 


CSDE Press Release Announcing PISA 2012 Results, December 3, 2013

PISA 2012 Results for Connecticut

PISA 2012 Results Presentation for the CT State Board of Education, December 4, 2013