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The Connecticut State Department of Education’s Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) offers a variety of exciting school choice opportunities for student success. RSCO is the centralized resource in the Greater Hartford Region for information on how to explore and apply to a variety of high-quality and personalized Pre-K through Grade 12 learning opportunities in diverse settings that focus on preparing students for college and careers.  Use the *guides below to start your exploration into school choice in the greater Hartford region.



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*Due to production schedules information included in the RSCO guides may change or be updated.


Pre-K, Elementary, Middle and High School Opportunities

Hartford Region Open Choice

Hartford residents may apply to attend a public school in a school district located outside of Hartford. Suburban residents may apply to attend a public school located in Hartford. Seats are available from Pre-K age 4 through grade 12. Applicants may choose up to five (5) school districts and rank them in order of preference.


Interdistrict Magnet Schools

Magnet Schools are unique programs that focus on specific themes, such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), visual and performing arts, International Baccalaureate (IB), and Montessori. Available for prekindergarten age 3 through grade 12, Hartford and non-Hartford residents apply to attend magnet schools within the Greater Hartford area. Applicants may choose up to five (5) schools and rank them in order of preference.   


Preschool Tuition Information for RESC Operated Magnet Schools. 
  • Families with an income at or below 75% of the State Median Income (SMI) will not be required to pay tuition.


Additional High School Opportunities for Students Entering Grade 9

Connecticut Technical Education and Career System (CTECS)

Students entering grade 9 may apply to the Hartford Regional technical high schools, A.I. Prince, E.C. Goodwin, and Howell Cheney, which are operated by the CTECS. The technical high schools prepare students to be career and college ready. Students earn a high school diploma, certificate in their field of study and career credentials such as state licensure and industry-recognized certifications. Opportunities are available for college credit, athletics, electives, and work experience. Applicants apply to all three (3) technical high schools as a region and rank them in order of preference.


Agricultural Science and Technology Education Schools (ASTE)

The ASTE schools prepare students for college and careers in the fields of animal science, aquaculture, biotechnology, food science, environmental science, plant science, marine technology, agricultural mechanics technology, and agriculture business as part of their high school program. Similar to interdistrict magnet schools, several of these programs provide opportunities for students to receive college credit in high school. The ASTE schools are an option for students entering grade 9. Applicants do not apply through the RSCO application process. A separate ASTE application is available at https:// portal.ct.gov/sde-ASTE-apply.


School Choice Laws & Regulations

  School Choice Transportation
  • A regional transportation system serves the Greater Hartford school choice programs
  • Various transportation options, including traditional school bus transport, vans, public bus passes, and parent stipends (if eligible).


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