NOTICE: Coronavirus Guidance for School Districts: Per Governor’s executive order, in-school class cancellations remain in effect through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

Emergency Meal Programs: The State Department of Education is authorizing two distinct categories of COVID-19 Emergency Meal Programs in accordance with federal requirements: 1) COVID-19 Emergency Meal Program Limited to Students Attending School in Specific Districts. School districts on this list are only authorized to serve meals to students attending their schools, and any other child age 18 years or younger residing in the same household; 2) COVID-19 Community-wide Emergency Meal Program for Children. Any child age 18 years or younger can receive meal(s) at any meal service and distribution sites in these towns/cities. They do not have to be a resident or attend school in these towns/cities. Check these links often as more locations continue to be added.

Respond to School Choice Placements and Waitlists


 Hartford regional school choice logo.


 Respond is the third step to school choice.

What should you do next after receiving a notification from RSCO? 

RSCO will send messages about school choice placements and waitlist notifications to your valid email address, telephone number and, in some cases, to your mobile phone through text messaging. After receiving a notification we want to hear from you about your interest in accepting or declining a placement offer or remaining on the waitlist.


Step 1: Go online to to find the link to the RSCO response page.

RSCO respond to placements and waitlists. 


Step 2: Select “See Placements and Waitlist” on the RSCO “Respond Here” page.

RSCO response page to see school choice placements and waitlists.

Step 3: Log into your RSCO application account through the response page with the email and password used to create your application.


RSCO log in-response


Step 4: Let us know if you would like to accept placements or remain on waitlists. 


Respond to see the status of RSCO school choice placements and waitlists by going to the RSCO response page.


Follow these easy steps to respond: 

  • View your placement or waitlist status for each child;
  • Select "Accept" or "Decline" for each placement offer and “Remain” or “Remove” for waitlists;
  • Be sure to respond by the deadline date indicated in your notification.


If you accept a placement offer, you are required to register your child at the school to keep the placement. 


1. Wait to hear from the school directly for instructions on how to register the student at the placement school after accepting the placement opportunity. You will be contacted by the school with instructions on how to register.

2. Notify your current school and district (if applicable) of your decision to accept the RSCO school placement opportunity.


If you choose to remain on waitlists:

RSCO will continue to place students throughout the spring and summer as seats become available through October 1, 2020.  We will keep your application on the waitlist unless you specifically tell us to remove it through the Response page. 

Your Response Confirmation

Keep a record of your response!  After you respond to placements and waitlists, go to the email account used to create your application to find your RSCO confirmation message and a record of your responses in a pdf format.

Questions about Placements and Waitlist?


We are here to help you! If you have additional questions or need help responding, please contact the RSCO Parent Information Center by e-mail