Respond to RSCO Notifications

RSCO notifies families of placement offers and waitlist notification by e-mail, phone, and text messages through October 1, 2020. Make sure to follow the instructions and dates provided in these notifications!

Respond to a Placement OfferSchool Registration Information

Next Steps Follow the links for what comes next after you apply to a school choice program or school and receive news on your application from RSCO

Contact Us! We are here to help you! Although COVID-19 raises challenges for all of us, the RSCO Office staff is available to help you at or 860-713-6990.

Received a RSCO Placement Offer

Respond by the deadline date indicated in your notification to Accept or Decline a placement offer

  • Log into your RSCO application account using the same email and password you used to submit your RSCO application       
  • View your placement for each child
  • Select "Accept" or "Decline" for each placement offer
  • If a family does not respond by the deadline date, the placement is automatically treated as a decline. 

Received a RSCO Waitlist Notification

Families do not need to respond to the waitlist notification.  We will keep your child on the waitlist and notify you if a placement becomes available.  We continue to placements through the end of September.  If your child does not receive a placement, we encourage you to apply to a RSCO School Choice program for the 2021-2022 school year starting on November 2, 2020.

Accepted a RSCO Placement Offer Once you accept an offer, follow these next steps to make sure to retain your seat

  • Notify your existing district that you are attending a RSCO school choice school. 
  • Register your child with your RSCO school choice school or district

School Registration Information

The new school year is coming soon and there are important additional steps you must take in order to enroll your student in the school or program in which you received a placement offer. In order to keep a student’s placement offer, parents/guardians must register their child with the school or program. Find your student’s new school or program from the list and either email or call the school to register your child or to get help on getting started.

Magnet Student

Technical High Schools

Open Choice

Registering at your Open Choice school is a two step process. For assistance with your registration contact  e-mail or (860) 250-0583 or (860) 692-8732