Teaching the Holocaust and Genocide

Speakers bureau and museum trip

Connecticut Holocaust Survivor Speaker's Bureau

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Looking for a Holocaust survivor to speak at your school or organization? 

Contact Kimberly Ballaro, Holocaust Education Resource and Outreach (HERO) Center


Voices of Hope's mission is to foster a culture of courage and social action against hate, bigotry, intolerance and indifference. The Holocaust Survivor Speaker's Bureau is a program offered at no charge and is available to school, businesses and other organizations. Speakers, curriculum materials, books, films, posters and field trip options are available through Voice of Hope in hopes to engage the community with commemorative opportunities to connect and educate all generations to never forget.

For Holocaust related events and stories, visit www.ctvoiceofhope.org.

Hartford Remembers the Holocaust Exhibit Tour

The Hartford Remembers the Holocaust exhibit at the Museum of Jewish Civilization at the Greenberg Center at the university of Hartford, introduces visitors to the history of the Holocaust through the experience of Holocaust survivors who settled in out community. 

We invite students, teacher, and the community to remember the pasts of those in our community. Our mission is to combat anti-Semitism, racism and prejudice in the work, implemented by our education tours that include themes such as:

  • Remembrance
  • Responses to persecution
  • Resistance
  • Identiy
  • Refugee experiences

Admission is free and travel subsidies may be issued upon request.

We recommend allotting two hours for a class trip to view the exhibit and hear testimony from a Hartford-area Holocaust survivor during the trip.

To schedule a trip for your class this school year, contact Kimberly Ballaro at the Holocaust Education Resource and Outreach (HERO) Center at herocenter@ctvoicesofhope.org.

For questions about the museum, contact Dr. Avinoam Patt, director of the museum, at patt@hartford.edu.

For professional development on the Holocaust in your school or district 

If you want to establish professional development opportunities on the Holocaust in your school, contact Alan Marcus from the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut at Storrs (alan.marcus@uconn.edu). Professor Marcus is a curriculum consultant and leads professional development sessions in the areas of Holocaust education, teaching the Holocaust with film, and Holocaust museums.