About the Application: PPR Narratives

The Profile and Performance Report (PPR) Narratives are collected from all public school districts and are designed to collect information about school district policies and activities in the following areas:
  • Efforts to reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation;
  • The equitable allocation of district resources between district schools, and
  • School district improvement plans and parental outreach activities.

These narratives are collected at the district level only.

A link to complete the Narratives will be emailed to the Superintendent/Director as well as those identified as a PPR Narratives District Contact Person in late May.

***NEW*** Profile and Performance Report (PPR) Narratives: District Contact Person
To ensure timely collection of complete data, we are asking that all districts specify a contact person for PPR Narratives through the Contacts Manager application. Please see the Contacts Manager Writer role report for the person(s) in your district who can specify this person. Note that more than one person can be specified as the district’s contact for PPR Narratives. 

Important Dates:
Collection   Open Date Submission Due Date
Final Revision Date
 Freeze Dates
 2020-2021 Now Open *EXTENDED* August 2, 2021 *EXTENDED*  August 4, 2021  *EXTENDED* August 6, 2021
    * Should the Timely and Accurate Due Dates fall on a weekend or holiday, and the district is unable to submit the file on those dates, it is assumed that the data are due to the CSDE on the business day prior to the listed due date.