About the Collection: K-3 Reading Initiative

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Administration of a reading assessment is mandated for all Connecticut Priority School Districts (PSDs). There are seven assessments that have been approved for use: DIBELS 6th, DIBELS NEXT, NWEA MAP, STAR, AIMSweb, STEEP, EdChekup and iReady. Each is an individual reading assessment designed to assess students’ reading performance in kindergarten through Grade 3. Each assessment provides teachers with information that helps them determine students’ independent reading level and identify what the student needs to learn next. As of September 2009, all Priority School Districts are required to use one of the approve assessments district-wide in Grades 1 – 3 for the state-required assessment and for purposes of ongoing assessment to inform instruction.

Important Dates:
Collection Submission Due Date
Final Revision Date
Freeze Dates
10/25/20 11/1/20 11/1/20
Winter 3/1/21 3/8/21 3/8/21
Spring 6/10/21 6/17/21 6/17/21
Summer 9/30/21 10/7/21 10/7/21
    * Should the Timely and Accurate Due Dates fall on a weekend or holiday, and the district is unable to submit the file on those dates, it is assumed that the data are due to the  CSDE on the business day prior to the listed due date.