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Below are links to email that was sent to all ED166 Contacts. Go to the District Profile screen in the ED166 application to update the contact information for your LEA.

  • 11/6/18 - Email to all LEA's on collection timelines,  SIF, survey, training needs, and suggestions.


General Information:

  • 2017-2018 Record Layout:  This document defines all fields collected and all codes used in the collection.  (updated 4/24/18)
    • Change Log: This document lists any updates made to the record layout during the collection year.
  • Printable Form: This form is provided only as a tool for LEA's to record data. All incidents must be submitted to CSDE electronically.  
  • Reporting Arrests: This document provides guidance on reporting arrests. 
  • Arrest Comparison Instructions: Information on the School-Based Arrest verification screen.
Coding Information:
Data Cleaning Report Information:
Phase II Information:

Below is all of the documentation needed to complete Phase II.  Follow the checklist and use the accompanying material as needed to complete the process.

District Submitted Documentation: 

Please note that CSDE does not endorse any student information system (SIS). Instructions, FAQ's and tips on this site pertaining to various SIS's have been submitted by districts and have not been checked by CSDE for accuracy. If you are interested in submitting an item pertaining to your districts SIS please contact Keryn Felder. Please ensure that submitted material does not contain sensitive information and/or violate the terms of your SIS user agreement.

  • ITN Import into PowerSchool: This document provides guidance on importing the Incident Tracking Numbers into PowerSchool. Submitted by the Groton Public School District.
Discipline Digest: The ED166  Newsletter
Additional Information About All CSDE Data Collections:
  • Visit the CSDE Data Collections page for information about all data collections, the Commissioner’s letter, the Agency Data Acquisition Plan, Timely and Accurate Information, Summary of Timely/Accurate Due Dates, certifying data, logging in, and passwords/usernames.