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CSDE Training Program: Complying with Healthy Food Certification

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The CSDE's Complying with Healthy Food Certification training program is a series of recorded modules that provide guidance on how to meet the requirements for Healthy Food Certification (HFC) under Section 10-215f of the Connecticut General Statutes and the related state and federal laws for competitive foods in schools.

Target audience: This training program is intended for the district’s designated HFC contact person and individuals who coordinate sales of competitive foods to students on school premises. Examples include school food service staff and coordinators of food and beverage sales such as fundraiser coordinators, school store operators, vending machine operators, teachers and other school staff, athletic directors, and leaders of student organizations and parent groups.

Knowledge check and score: After viewing each module, participants will complete a brief knowledge check that will display a score after all questions are complete. Participants may print their knowledge check score to document participation in these training modules.

Accessing the videos: The training module videos are housed in Qualtrics. To view the videos, click on the module, then enter the required contact information (name and title, email, school/district, city/town, and state).

Module Resources

Module 1: Introduction to Training and HFC  (length: 24:14)

Introduces the training modules, provides an overview of HFC and the Connecticut Nutrition Standards (CNS), and highlights key resources for more information.

Module 2: HFC Requirements  (length: 54:05)

Reviews the HFC requirements including when the CNS applies to different sources of food sales and the exemption criteria for noncompliant foods, and includes a quiz about when the CNS applies to different sources of foods available in schools.

Before beginning this module, download and print the Module 2 worksheet.

Module 3: Connecticut Nutrition Standards (CNS)  (length: 1:03:48)

Reviews the Connecticut Nutrition Standards for the six food categories including the CNS general nutrition standards, nutrient standards, and prohibited ingredients, and includes knowledge checks about the CNS entree definition and the food group general standard.

Before beginning this module, download and print the Module 3 worksheets.

Module 4: Evaluating Foods for CNS Compliance  (length: 23:54)

Explains how to evaluate foods for compliance with the CNS, including commercial products and foods made from scratch.

Module 5: Laws for Foods and Beverages in HFC Schools (length: 1:02:02)

Reviews the federal and state laws that apply to foods and beverages in HFC schools, including the USDA’s Smart Snacks beverage standards, the state beverage statute, the state statute requiring nutritious and low-fat foods, and the state competitive foods regulations.

Before beginning this module, download and print the Module 5 worksheet.

Module 6: Fundraisers  (length: 1:09:47 )

Addresses the requirements for foods and beverages sold from fundraisers, provides guidance on how different types of fundraisers can comply with these requirements, and includes a knowledge check about allowable fundraisers.

Before beginning this module, download and print the Module 6 worksheet.

HFC Resources

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