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The Learning Edge: Supporting Student Success in a Competency-Based Learning Environment by Shubilla and Sturgis, December 2012

The Learning Edge cover

The Learning Edge: Supporting Student Success in a Competency-Based Learning Environment delves into the fourth element of the definition of competency education: Students receive timely, differentiated support based on their individual learning needs. Understanding how to structure supports is important because learning in a competency-based environment means that students and adults are often on the edge of their comfort zone and competence — the learning edge. In this paper you will learn how innovators are designing school culture, embedding supports and organizing resources to ensure students are progressing and on pace. You can find more resources in the link below. [Read more]

Elements of Effective Instruction Framework


Competency-Based Pathways Wiki

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Chris Sturgis- Meeting Students Where They Are: Academic Domains (Part 2)

Curriculum Model for Mastery-Based Learning by Caroline Messenger, Naugatuck Public Schools

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NESSC Briefing No. 7—What Are Real-World Learning Experiences?

Proficiency-Based Learning: A Systemic Approach. Planning for Re-teaching

Foundational Principles for High School Redesign – Rigourous & Relevant Curriculum

Jobs for the Future Deeper Learning Series

iNACOL Mean What You Say


Make Learning Personal – The What, Who, WOW, Where, and Why by Barbara Bray & Kathleen McClaskey

Make Learning Personal Cover

Personalized learning empowers learners to take control of their own learning. This resource draws on Universal Design for Learning principles to create a powerful shift in classroom dynamics by developing self-directed, self-motivated learners. [Read more/purchase]


With support from the Northeast College and Career Readiness Research Alliance, REL Northeast & Islands researchers worked with educators and students across the region to design a survey to understand students’ experiences with key elements of competency-based learning and their understanding of districts' CBL policies.