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Grading - Mastery-Based Learning

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Progress and Proficiency: Redesigning Grading for Competency Education (by Chris Sturgis, January 2014)

Progress and Proficiency was written to help education leaders think through how to design grading policies that communicate academic performance to students and parents. As more schools and districts begin to develop competency-based pathways that allow students to progress based on demonstrated mastery of content knowledge and skills rather than just time spent in a classroom, it is imperative that they rethink their grading systems around competency. More resources on competency-based grading can be found on the link below.

Progress and Proficiency: Redesigning Grading for Competency Education


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Assessing, Scoring, and Reporting – Guidelines for the LUSD Community

NESSC Briefing No. 12—What is Mastery-Based Grading?

District and School Policy Checklist for Implementing Mastery-Based System and Graduation Requirements

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