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Wealth Measures/State Support Percentages


I. Overview
One of the measures of wealth used in some education funding formulas, and other state aid formulas as well, is the Adjusted Equalized Net Grand List per Capita (AENGLC) pursuant to Section 10-261(a)(5) of the Connecticut General Statutes. Within the State Department of Education, AENGLC, more specifically AENGLC rank, is used in determining the state support percentages for reimbursement under adult education, school construction and health services.

AENGLC is defined as a combination of property tax base per person and income per person. Property tax base is used because it is the form of wealth taxed by Connecticut's towns. Per Capita Income (PCI) is used because the income from which taxes are paid has an important effect on town taxing capacity. ENGL is the Equalized Net Grand List which represents the value of taxable real and personal property (net grand list) at 100 percent fair market value.

ENGL = Equalized Net Grand List (CT Office of Policy and Management)
PCI = Per Capita Income (U.S. Bureau of the Census)
HPCI = Highest Town PCI
POP = Total Population (U.S. Bureau of the Census)

The determination of AENGLC is computed as follows:


The latest state reimbursement percentages are available at

II. Data Element Source Year(s) Used in AENGLC
 Data Element Year
AENGLC 1997-1998   1993  1989  1994
AENGLC 1998-1999  1994  1989  1994
AENGLC 1999-2000  1995  1989  1996
AENGLC 2000-2001  1996  1989  1996
AENGLC 2001-2002  1997  1989  1998
AENGLC 2002-2003  1998  1989  1999
AENGLC 2003-2004  1999  1989  2000
AENGLC 2004-2005  2000  1999  2000
AENGLC 2005-2006  2001  1999  2002
AENGLC 2006-2007  2002  1999  2003
AENGLC 2007-2008  2003  1999  2004
AENGLC 2008-2009  2004  1999  2005
AENGLC 2009-2010  2005  1999  2006
AENGLC 2010-2011  2006  1999  2007
AENGLC 2011-2012  2007  1999  2008
AENGLC 2012-2013  2008  2009  2009
AENGLC 2013-2014  2009  2010  2010
AENGLC 2014-2015  2010  2011  2011
AENGLC 2015-2016  2011  2012  2012
AENGLC 2016-2017  2012  2013  2013
AENGLC 2017-2018  2013  2014  2014