Evaluation Training


Teacher Evaluation: Foundational Skills for Evaluators of Teachers

(Previously entitled Teacher Evaluation 5-day Training)
Audience: New evaluators of teachers/service providers [5 full-days, in-person]
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The newly revised CSDE Foundational Skills for Evaluators of Teachers training is designed to concentrate on the evaluator’s capacity to observe and analyze teacher performance and practice inherent in the CT Common Core of Teaching (CCT) and to provide supportive, high quality feedback to teachers. The primary focus of this training is on written feedback that focuses on areas of strengths and areas of growth explicitly connected to the rubric and observable classroom practices/evidence.

The training is designed to link written feedback to verbal feedback and coaching strategies. This supports not only the evaluator’s ability to organize written feedback but consider how this feedback creates a platform for formal conferences that are instructionally focused, dialogic, and student-centered.

Training includes both formative reviews of practice along with a final demonstration of proficiency. Participants take part in two formal video-based observations during the five-day training. Participants will receive feedback about their own practice that will help to codify key skills and prepare them to connect teacher practice to student learning.

RESC Alliance Foundational Skills for Evaluators of Teachers
May 21, 22 & 29 8:30-3:30

Administrator Evaluation: Foundational Skills for Evaluators of Administrators

Audience: New evaluators of administrators [2 full-days, in-person]
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Participants in this 2-day workshop will examine the leader evaluation and support process and become acquainted with their role as evaluators of educational leaders through a case study simulation. In this training administrators will have the opportunity to understand and interact with the newly-revised CT Leader Evaluation and Support Rubric 2015.

At the moment there are no scheduled training sessions for administrator evaluation. If you require training please contact CAS directly.