Device FAQ

1. What are the specific devices that districts can request under this initiative?
Districts may request either Chromebooks and/or windows laptops. Please see the Chromebook Specifications or the Windows Laptop Specifications for detailed information. 

2. When can we expect to receive these devices?
At the present time, deliveries are expected sometime in October 2020.

3. Can we get the devices any sooner than October?
Unfortunately, no. There is a tremendous worldwide demand for Windows laptops and Chromebooks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The CSDE has selected the configurations for these two devices to balance quality, need, and delivery timeframes.

4. Does the Chromebook include the Google Management Console License fee?
Yes, it is included. 

5. Do the devices include tech support?
Yes, both the Chromebook and the Windows Laptop provide support plans. Please check the respective specifications.

6. Are these devices only for high school students?
No. These devices are designed for all public school students in grades PK-12.

7. Can we order more than what was allocated? Our needs have changed since we responded to the CSDE survey in May.
Districts can request more than the quantities allocated per email from CSDE to the Superintendent on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. However, please know that the CSDE will be prioritizing for high-need districts and those who expressed needs in the survey. We will try to accommodate all requests but cannot guarantee fulfillment of quantities requested over and above the allocated amounts.

8. Who owns the devices?
Once the devices are delivered, the district owns the devices.