Adult Education Educator Evaluation

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Evaluation Requirements for Adult Education Programs in Connecticut 

All programs were required to have in place a teacheevaluation program consistent with the principles of the Connecticut’s Guidelines for Educator Evaluation by July 1, 2017. Additionally, all programs must have aleast one staff member trained in the Adult Education Evaluation and Support Plan.

Adult education programs may use their district's approved approved evaluation plan (based on SEED), or the Adult Educator Evaluation and Support Plan to evaluate educators. A 'hybrid' plan may be developed which takes components from both the Adult Education Plan and the district plan under the following circumstances in which the evaluation plan is:

  • Approved by the district’s Professional Development and Evaluation Committee;
  • Approved by the district’s Board of Education; and
  • Is submitted in both paper and electronic versions to the Adult Education Bureau of the CSDE with documentation and signatures attesting to the district’s approval of the plan, including minutes of the Board of Education meeting at which the approval was granted.


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