Adult Education Educator Evaluation


Adult Education Educator Evaluation and Support Plan

Based on the 2012 statutory changes pursuant to Section 10-151b of the Connecticut General Statures, local educational agencies in Connecticut have transitioned to educator evaluation and support plans that align with Connecticut's Guidelines for Educator Evaluation (the System for Educator Evaluation and Development (SEED)). Given the unique settings and structures of adult education programs, the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC) agreed that the requirements of the SEED model of educator evaluation did not necessarily apply to adult educators. The plan for Evaluation and Support of Adult Educators was approved as an optional evaluative instrument for adult education programs in Connecticut.

The material in this plan was created by Education Connection for the Bureau of Health/Nutrition, Family Services and Adult Education in collaboration with staff from the Connecticut State Department of Education. Presentations on implementation and a recorded webinar are available underĀ How To, and the entire plan as well as related rubrics, forms and worksheets can be found under Documents/Forms.