NOTICE: Coronavirus Guidance for School Districts: Per Governor’s executive order, in-school class cancellations remain in effect until at least April 20, 2020.
Emergency Meal Programs: The State Department of Education is authorizing two distinct categories of COVID-19 Emergency Meal Programs in accordance with federal requirements: 1) COVID-19 Emergency Meal Program Limited to Students Attending School in Specific Districts. School districts on this list are only authorized to serve meals to students attending their schools, and any other child age 18 years or younger residing in the same household; 2) COVID-19 Community-wide Emergency Meal Program for Children. Any child age 18 years or younger can receive meal(s) at any meal service and distribution sites in these towns/cities. They do not have to be a resident or attend school in these towns/cities. Check these links often as more locations continue to be added.

Download the GED Transcript Request Form


Scores earned on the GED® Tests are confidential and cannot be released without the written permission of the examinee.

To receive an official copy of your GED® transcript or have a transcript sent to a college, training provider or employer, please print the form below, complete it, sign it and return to our office.

Transcript Request Form

Transcript Request Form 

There is no fee for this service. All requests are processed within ten (10) business days of receipt of the request.

Note: The Connecticut GED®Office does not issue duplicate diplomas. All individuals seeking verification of a State High School Diploma through passage of the GED® tests receive an Official GED® Transcript. This transcript lists the test scores for each subject, confirms issuance of a State High School Diploma and provides the number of the diploma along with the date on which that diploma was issued. This official transcript is printed on copy-safe paper with a raised seal. Any attempt to fax, copy or scan an official GED® transcript will result in that reproduction being watermarked as an “UNAUTHORIZED COPY”.