Adult Education Program Monitoring


Program Monitoring

Adult Education providers are expected to be in compliance with all State and Federal regulations. In order to effectively inform programs, the Adult Education Unit holds Policy Forums in September, January and May each year. The purpose is to inform Adult Education Directors and other key personnel on policy or procedural changes and provide updates regarding State and Federal regulations and requirements. Prior to each Forum, an Operations Memorandum (OpMemo) is sent to all Adult Education Directors detailing the information that will be presented. At the conclusion of each Policy Forum, a copy of the presentation and the OpMemos are posted on the web.

Program Compliance and Quality Review (PCQR)

The Adult Education Program Compliance and Quality Review (PCQR) is a comprehensive on-site monitoring process. In addition to ensuring compliance with state and federal requirements, the monitoring process also focuses on program quality and improvement.
The criteria for selecting districts for review involves a process that combines the analysis of adult education data via the Connecticut Adult Reporting System (CARS) and the Department’s focus on program performance and quality. The selection process also accounts for the size of the program and the date of the last official site visit by the Department.

Program Improvement Project (PIP) Self-Review/Monitoring Report for Federal Grants

The Department requires all recipients of federal adult education grants, funded through the Workforce Innovation and Improvement Act (WIOA), Title II, Adult Education and Family Literacy Act, to complete a Program Improvement Project (PIP) Self-Review/Monitoring Report.  In addition to ensuring compliance with federal legislation, the PIP Self-Review Monitoring Report gives recipients an opportunity to: reflect on successes of the project; highlight any challenges or obstacles and; identify specific actions being taken to attain project goals and objectives for the year. The Department's review of this self-review/monitoring report may result in an on-site visit to the program.