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Common Sense Education

Best Summer Learning Games - This list of the best summer learning games has titles that are just as engrossing as other at-home games but come with the bonus of being teacher-approved. These games have what makes games great (player agency, just-one-more-turn gameplay, and challenging scenarios) plus learning outcomes seamlessly blended into the experiences. 

12 Free Learning Apps and Websites for Kids at Home this Summer - Help guide students' online time this summer by sharing a few well-chosen, high-quality apps and websites with parents and caregivers. Families can download or bookmark these on kids' devices to ensure any screen time kids do have is time well spent. 

The apps and websites listed here offer a nice mix of absorbing gameplay and first-rate learning -- sure to please kids and adults alike. Plus, they're all free!

Offline and Off-Screen Activities for Minds-On Learning - Take learning offline with activities that engage kids in a variety of ways. 

Holiday Resources to Promote Connection and Inclusion - Go beyond the basic with opportunities for SEL and deeper understanding.  

Scholastic Learn at Home

Why? Scholastic Learn at Home provides active learning journeys through August 30th designed to reinforce and sustain educational opportunities for students 

When? Now through August 30, 2020 

How? Visit Learn at Home to explore each learning journey 

Outcomes Students will be engaged in extended summer learning activities to support their curiosities, passions, strengths and needs and return to school ready to learn.  

Summer Credit Accumulation with Apex Learning