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PURA ezFile System


Welcome to:

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The ezFile system provides an intuitive platform for registered users to submit documents, track cases, receive notifications, and search for information online, among other things. Guest users are also able to electronically submit public comments in matters or dockets as well as lodge complaints.


EZ-File Training Session 1 - Logging In, Registration and User Profile:




EZ-File Training Session 2 - Creating a Subscriber Agreement:

NOTE: For PURA ezFilers that create subscriber agreements, the current language contained in the e-filing Subscriber Agreement screen regarding signatory authority of electronic filings submitted to PURA is in the process of being refined. PURA subscribers will not be deemed as the final signatory authority of documents that are submitted electronically. PURA will recognize and accept signatures contained within electronically submitted documents as the binding, legal signatures of the documents.



EZ-File Training Session 3 - Making a New Matter Filing:

An active e-filing account is required in order to make a new matter filing. Follow these steps to learn how to select a matter type, attach relevant documents, and to review the filing.



EZ-File Training Session 4 - Interrogatories and Late-Filed Exhibits:




Assistance with E-Filing:







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