If you are having trouble paying your utility bill, ask your utility if you are eligible for hardship status. If you are not eligible for hardship status, ask about enrolling in a COVID-19 payment plan.  PURA COVID actions. Effective March 18, 2020, PURA is no longer requiring paper copies of documents filed electronically through the Web Filing System.   Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing with PURA

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer that is committed to complying with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please contact Barbara Viadella or Cenit Mirabal, DEEP Office of Diversity and Equity at (860) 418-5910 or deep.accommodations@ct.gov if you are requesting a communication aid or service, have limited proficiency in English, need some other type of accommodation, or if you wish to file an ADA or Title VI discrimination complaint. In order to facilitate efforts to provide an accommodation, please request all accommodations as soon as possible following notice of any agency hearing, meeting, program or event. PAPER COPIES: Effective as of March 18, 2020, PURA is no longer requiring paper copies of documents filed electronically through the Web Filing System. PURA will still accept paper filings if a filer is unable to file electronically, and PURA reserves the right to require paper copies of certain filings.

CONFIDENTIAL MATERIALS: No confidential materials are to be filed publicly through the Web Filing System. Until otherwise directed by the Authority, all confidential material must be submitted electronically by email to Jeff.Gaudiosi@ct.gov. The email's subject line shall state in all capital letters "CONFIDENTIAL MATERIAL - NOT FOR PUBLIC DISCLOSURE." Each page of any electronic confidential information shall also contain a header "CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR PUBLIC DISCLOSURE." The associated motion for a protective order shall be filed publicly.

BONDS AND LETTERS OF CREDIT: To submit an original bond or letter of credit to the Authority, contact the Executive Secretary at Jeff.Gaudiosi@ct.gov to arrange for delivery of the bond or letter. An electronic version or scan of the bond or letter of credit should be filed electronically using the Web Filing System.
NOTARIZATION: Documents may be notarized remotely pursuant to Governor Lamont's Executive Order Nos. 7k and 7zz

When filing a comment in a docket with PURA please include all of the following: Docket Number, your name, your home address. DO NOT include any account numbers, phone numbers, other personally identifiable information or inappropriate language. Comments filed in PURA proceedings become public record and will be posted in the public PURA docket database and available for public viewing.  By submitting comments to PURA, you agree that the entirety of your comment will become part of the public record in the corresponding docket.  Comments may be filed electronically through the Web Filing System or emailed to Pura.ExecutiveSecretary@ct.gov

REGISTRATION - You must first register to use the Web-Filing Account Management system to submit an electronic filing to PURA.  

LOG-IN to access the PURA Web Filing System.
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·        For account or login assistance, please contact the DEEP HelpDesk at 860-424-3882 or Deep.Helpdesk.Footprints@ct.gov  

·        For document filing assistance, please contact the PURA Executive Secretary at 860-827-2836 or PURA.ExecutiveSecretary@ct.gov

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Content last modified November 2020