Healthcare Pricing Work Group

The Healthcare Pricing Work Group will focus on identifying viable strategies for Connecticut, including performance based pricing, value based pricing, indication based pricing.


Meeting Summary: 12/4/2017
Meeting Material:   Value Based Pricing Recommendations
Meeting Agenda:    12/4/2017


Meeting Agenda:      11/7/2017 Agenda
Meeting Material:     Ideas For Drug Cost Control Proposals
                                  Draft Recommendations


Meeting Agenda:       10/31/2017 Agenda
Meeting Material:      CVS Health PowerPoint

Meeting Agenda:       10/6/2017 Agenda
Meeting Summary:    10/6/2017
Meeting Material:     Work Group Recommendations Draft 
                                   Harvard Pilgrim Contract Presentation

Meeting Summary:    9/25/2017

Meeting Agenda:        9/15/17 Agenda
Meeting Summary:     9/15/17 Final
Meeting Material:      Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

Meeting Agenda:         8/9/17 Agenda
Meeting Summary:      8/9/2017 Draft
Meeting Material:        Demystifying the Options for Value-Based Drug Pricing   
                                        Work Group Charge Draft

Meeting Agenda :      7/19/2017 Agenda
Meeting Summary:    7/19/2017 Draft
Meeting Material:      Work Group Charge Draft

Members of the Work Group are:

Josh Wojcik - Chair

Ellen Andrews                          Rod Bremby                           Kurt Barwis                          Marghie Giuliano

Anne Foley                               Steve Pearson - ICER            Angelo DeFazio                    Faina Dookh

Bob Clark - CT Office of the Attorney General