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Governor Lamont and President Maric Announce Partnership To Develop a Strategic Vision for the Future of UConn Health

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont and University of Connecticut President Radenka Maric today announced that the state is working to engage the services of a healthcare investment consulting firm to assist in the development of a strategic vision for the future of UConn Health’s clinical operations. Over the coming months, the consulting firm will work collaboratively with all parties to assess the healthcare marketplace in Connecticut and identify potential opportunities to build on the successes at UConn Health, including its clinical, research, academic, and public service missions.

Governor Lamont’s goal is to seek strategic and collaborative healthcare ideas and innovative strategies to help ensure UConn Health’s future vitality and financial sustainability. Recognizing the pivotal role that UConn Health, a center of excellence for health care services, plays in the state, the governor wants to encourage a rigorous evaluation of all options that will help UConn Health thrive, continue to provide the highest quality care, educate the next generation of Connecticut’s healthcare providers, maintain their important role in the healthcare safety net, and advance cutting-edge research and innovation, while also achieving greater fiscal independence over the long term.

“UConn Health is one of the leading medical centers in the northeast, and the research and developments being performed there are transforming modern healthcare,” Governor Lamont said. “The formation of this strategic vision will help this institution successfully thrive and lead in this field for another generation.”

“I am proud of the dramatic strides UConn Health has made over the past several years to grow revenues and improve our fiscal outlook,” President Maric said. “We are confident we can meet the state’s objective to operate with increasing efficiency while continuing to successfully carry out our core missions. We will work cooperatively to inform the consultant’s work, and we are always open to ways to enhance and grow the enterprise while also ensuring long-term fiscal sustainability. Our leadership team is extraordinary and our workforce second to none.”

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