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Governor Lamont Issues Revised Version of Executive Order Extending the Duration of Previously Issued COVID-19 Orders

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today signed an executive order (Executive Order No. 14A) that makes slight revisions to the executive order that he issued on Tuesday (Executive Order No. 14), which extends the duration of nine previously issued COVID-19 related executive orders through February 15, 2022, and revises and narrows two other executive orders.

Executive Order No. 14A is nearly identical to Executive Order No. 14, with two corrections:

  1. It corrects a scrivener error to the date listed in Section 2.
  2. It restores a statutory reference in Section 4(b) that was included in Executive Order No. 11D, which this order narrows and revises in other ways, but was inadvertently omitted from Executive Order No. 14.

**Download: Governor Lamont’s Executive Order No. 14A

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