Meet the Governor's 5G Council

We needed a strong dedicated team to carry the 5G fast-track bill to the finish line. 

But the work didn't end there. These mission-focused leaders are paving the way to a brighter Connecticut that's more empowered, more resourceful, more connected.


* The 5G Council was created through the passage of House Bill No. 7152 in an effort to deploy a streamlined process for the build-out of a statewide 5G wireless network.
* The Council has been tasked with adopting guidelines for wireless carriers seeking to build on state owned property, concerning the safe placement of personal wireless service facilities and small wireless facilities, the protection of open space land when reviewing for use of state real properties and extensions of time for a determination by the council.
* Additionally, the Council seeks to publish a comprehensive policy guidance and application, which will provide direction for all cities and towns receiving wireless network development requests.


Your 5G Council:

Laura Cruickshank
Associate Vice President, Master Planner and Chief Architect
University Planning Design & Construction

Paul Hinsch
Policy Director of Asset Management 
Office of Policy and Management, State of CT

Doug Moore
Director of Management Service
Department of Administrative Services
Bureau of Property and Facilities Management

Graham Stevens
Director of Constituent Affairs and Land Management
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Richard W. Andreski
Bureau Chief
Bureau of Public Transportation

Armen Beermann
Facilities Associate
Connecticut State Colleges & Universities

Nick Simmons
Manager of Strategic Initiatives
Office of the Governor

Putting the "connect" back in "Connecticut"


Want to see how the team is helping to deliver 5G capability across the state? Check out our meeting minutes.

October 25, 2019

November 16, 2019

January 10, 2020