Municipal Parcel Files


Connecticut's Regional Councils of Governments (COGs) collect digital parcel files and standardized property assessment data (CAMA) from each of their member municipalities by May 1st annually, pursuant to Section 7-100l of the Connecticut General Statutes. Through the voluntary cooperation of the COGs, OPM obtains copies of these datasets and makes them available for public download.

Data received from the COGs are compressed into .zip files by planning region and can be downloaded via the links below.  OPM does not modify any of the parcel data files received from the COGs.  The spatial accuracy and completeness of the data can vary by COG and by municipality.  It is expected that municipal parcel files conform to Level 1 or higher of the Cadastral Data Standard.

For the most recent parcel and assessment data, contact the COG or municipality directly.

Guidance for municipalities and COGs to comply with CGS Sec. 7-100l is available.

Download the latest version of the CAMA Standard Report:  OPM 7-100L Version 6 (.xlsx)

2022 Parcels and CAMA Dataset

2022 Connecticut Town Parcels and CAMA Tables

2021 Digital Parcel Files by Planning Region

Capitol Region - Parcels
Capitol Region - CAMA

Lower Connecticut River Valley - Parcels
Lower Connecticut River Valley - CAMA

Metropolitan - Parcels
Metropolitan - CAMA

Naugatuck Valley - Parcels
Naugatuck Valley - CAMA

Northeastern Connecticut - Parcels
Northeastern Connecticut - CAMA

Northwest Hills - Parcels
Northwest Hills - CAMA

South Central Connecticut - Parcels
South Central Connecticut - CAMA

Southeastern Connecticut - Parcels
Southeastern Connecticut - CAMA

Western Connecticut - Parcels
Western Connecticut - CAMA

2020 Digital Parcel Files by Region (CAMA Unavailable)

Capitol Region

Lower Connecticut River Valley

Metropolitan Region

Naugatuck Valley

Northeastern Connecticut

Northwest Hills

South Central Connecticut

Southeastern Connecticut

Western Connecticut