State Mandates
(Enacted During 2019 and Previous Years)


In accordance with Section 2-32c of the General Statutes of Connecticut, within 90 days of any regular or special session of the General Assembly, the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR) is required to submit a report to legislative leadership that lists each state mandate passed during that session.

Within five days of receiving the ACIR report, the leadership must submit the report to the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) and refer each state mandate to the committee of the General assembly having cognizance over the subject matter of the mandate. OPM must provide notice of the report to the chief elected official of each municipality within the state.

State Mandate Definition

Connecticut General Statutes, Sec. 2-32b(a)(2). "State mandate" means any state initiated constitutional, statutory or executive action that requires a local government to establish, expand or modify its activities in such a way as to necessitate additional expenditures from local revenues, excluding any order issued by a state court and any legislation necessary to comply with a federal mandate.

Note: The statutes also include designations of seven categories of mandates which have the effect of further defining the term "state mandate".

Click Here to Download the Most Recent Report:

State Mandates on Municipalities, 2019 (PDF, 209 KB)

Previous Years' Reports:

2018 (PDF, 184 KB)

2017 (PDF, 200 KB)

2016 (PDF, 231 KB) 

2015 (PDF, 223 KB)

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2012 (PDF, 199 KB)

2011 (PDF, 257 kb)

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